Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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Week 55: Day 455: Happy Easter!

April 22, 2014


Happy Easter! Sorry we didn't write yesterday. The entire city was shut down for the holiday. Yes, Monday is a holiday too in Hungary. It was a strange P-day since we couldn't email and shop. We played soccer for two hours in the morning with some of our investigators, members and elders. Then we went home to get ready for Easter lunch at a member's house. Our branch president also invited us over for a late Easter lunch, but we already had plans with Géza, so... awkward. Anywho, our lunch was pretty good. There were 4 courses! We went home after that and took a short nap, since we had already done all of our work for the day earlier in the morning, streeting everywhere and stuff. Last night we met up with some of the YSA and the elders at the branch house and played a bunch of card games, like phase 10, Uno and Spoons. It got pretty intense when we taught them spoons, but they asked us if we'd come to their YSA FHE sometime and teach them all how to play it. hahaha Over all, it was a good day. Kind of strange, but good!

We had some cool experiences this week. We had a program with our Brazilian investigator and it went super well. We had a YSA member present, (because he's in his early 20s), and she was perfect! The Spirit was so strong. It was super cool, because we were talking about the Gospel of Christ and there were some words that he didn't understand in English, but they just popped right into my head and so rather than trying to describe the words in circles, I could just be like, repentance... like arrepentimiento! And he was just like ohhh! I know that! And "El Espiritu Santo! It was so nice to be able to teach in English and randomly throw in some Spanish words and be understood!

Lately, I've just been thinking a lot about prayer and the power of prayer. We've had a couple programs in the past few weeks that have been pretty difficult and I just had some really cool experiences with prayer in those, while saying the closing prayer for both. It's such a cool feeling to know when you are being led in your words by the Holy Ghost, even in your prayers. Both were just experiences of really thought-out, semi-hesitant prayers, of feeling the Spirit guide my words in what help I should ask for for our investigators and such.

I've also been thinking a lot about the Priesthood. The Priesthood session in conference was so good! It's also great to be in a position where I know that there are so many worthy Priesthood holders around me, when I need things. This week was pretty tough, not so much work-wise as personally, and there was one day where I just had a really strong impression that I needed to ask one of the elders for a blessing. I wasn't really sure why  I needed one specifically at that point, I mean it was one of those promptings that I'd awkwardly been putting off for a couple weeks, but I finally asked for one. I was just slightly confused as to why on that day I needed one, when I was feeling pretty good. Anyway, I got one and it wasn't any like crazy experience at all, I felt like. However, after a pretty rough morning the day just preceded to get worse and worse and by the time we got home at night I was at a breaking point, of questioning whether I can make it another 3 months and then real life, which is even harder, after that. I had asked my companion to take notes during the blessing and it was nice to be able to come back and just read it over again and see how I had heard what I needed to hear, just many hours early. We've had lots of interesting conversations lately. I made a comment the other day along the lines of "I wouldn't take the last year and a half back because it's changed my entire life, but I would never do it again." which made Sister Dinehart laugh, because she said her dying trainer said almost the exact same thing to her as she was getting ready to go home. haha

We went to institute this week with the YSA and with our investigator and it was really good! I think I like it way better than the one I went to in Utah. I just liked that the class was small and the lesson just made me think. It's super funny, because we taught our investigator the law of chastity a few weeks ago and he was like shocked and we've had some pretty interesting experiences of him bringing it up with members and awkward questions and comments. Anyway, he has this habit now of when he sees a pretty girl or has less appropriate thoughts? he starts chanting "erkölcsi tisztaság, erkölcsi tisztaság" (chastity, chastity) while trying to think of other things. Yeah, so there's a super cute girl in the YSA that he's like in love with and she turned to say something to him and he just started reciting that awkwardly and everyone was just like uhhh…and laughed cause they all know him pretty well by now and that he’s pretty interesting. And then the branch president just turns and looks at me and all he says (all in English) is "good job!" and then he turns to the cute girl and is just like "BAD job!" hahahaha.

I really am just super impressed by this branch. They are so solid and so good! I admire their and the branch president's dedication to always improve and do better. Good is never good enough, but not in a criticizing way. I LOVE being a part of this branch and doing things with them and they are SO helpful. We actually just found out that they're calling us like 10 branch missionaries pretty soon. So we're stoked!

That's all I have time for today! Hopefully makes up for my not so long emails the past few weeks and I sent pictures too! Love you all! Have a good week! Shoot me some emails and I'll answer them on Monday! (:

Sister Megan Butterfield

Meet our cockroach friend. (: Don't worry, he's still alive somewhere. (: 
Our first or second night together, in front of some English phone booth?
At a surprise birthday thing we threw for one of the elders here in our second week here.
Welcome to our weekly plannings.
Splits with Sister Clawson on April 1st! love her! We're stoked to hang out at BYU since we never got to serve around each other since the MTC...
The alphabet in Hungarian... yes, there are 44 letters. this was during one of our language studies with one of the members here. She's literally like my best friend in this country. So cute!
Tabling! We actually saw a lot of success this day, but we couldn't stop laughing. Haha and it was so cold and windy!
The Tisza River here in Szeged! We hear that because of it, Szeged has some of the worst mosquitoes here in the summer and it's the hottest city. Joy! haha
We had Easter lunch at this member's house yesterday! 4 courses! (He's the one with the mustache! He also plays soccer with us every week and is soo good!) The other people are the elders.. his two sons at the end of the couch and one of the elder's investigators on the floor. Super cool kid!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 54: Day: 447 Another Funny Cockroach Story

April 14, 2014


I don't have too much time to email right now... again... because we have to run to a program pretty soon, but we're getting back on to finish at like 5:30 our time, if any of you happen to be online at the same time. I think that's maybe like... 8 your time? I don't know what the time-difference is right now.

Our week was good! Working like crazy out here, but I love our work. I seriously am in love with this branch down here; I feel right at home with them and have made some of my best friends in the country. I'm trying to think of anything super interesting that happened, but there wasn't too much outside of super cool missionary stuff. One of our investigators set a bap date and if all works out, he'll be baptized in two weekends! Yeah! And we're helping a newer investigator prepare for baptism for June 6, along with 3 others on that day. Another super solid one is working towards May 30th. Life is great and these people are so solid and prepared!

Life is so weird, as I get closer to coming home and realizing that I only have one more transfer call. It's like a roller coaster. One day I am super stoked about coming home and then just a few hours later I'm like secretly in panic mode inside of my head. There's a lot that I miss about being a "normal" person and some things that I definitely won't miss about being a missionary, but there's also a lot that I will miss. I really do love it out here. Plus, when I get home, I'm dealing with real life problems, not the Lord's work, that we know will go on, no matter what happens. It's strange to be this old in the mission. I'm not used to being in the older section; I'm just used to our massive group of sisters always being the greenies. haha This morning we went to play soccer with the four elders and an investigator and then we all went home to get ready and do some studies. The Zone Leaders wanted to hang out, so they picked us up (because only the ZLs get cars in our mission...) and we went to check out the Tisza River and buy a new soccer ball at one of the malls here. One of them dies in 5 weeks and then I die the next transfer, so it was super weird to talk about how soon it's all coming. We didn't really realize that it's this close.

Funny story of the week... Last Tuesday night, I was sleeping... when I wake up to this whimpering "Sister Butterfield... Sister Butterfield! Wake up!" So, of course, I sit up in panic like "what?! Did I miss the alarm clock??" But I look down at my watch and see that it's 3:40 am.... haha. So I just look up at my companion and she's like "What does a cockroach look like?? Come with me!" So I follow her to the kitchen, where there is indeed a really big cockroach lying upside down in front of our fridge, stuck on its back. haha So, I just look at it, and was like "yep, that's a cockroach" and kind of laughed and then went and got in bed, because obviously I was exhausted. She just followed me back into our bedroom and was like "How can you go back to sleep knowing that thing is in here!!" hahaha. Easy. I lived with a thousand in Székes, granted this one WAS the size of like 10 of them put together... But yeah, so we go back to sleep and wake up in the morning. It's still there. I just didn't want to hear it crunching, so I was going to let it die of starvation. We go out and work and come back, approximately 12 hours later... still there. So I go to change into my pajamas and come back two minutes later. It was gone. So we have a cockroach that was stuck on its back for like 20 hours and after TWENTY hours, it finally manages to flip itself over and run away. Let's just say, my comp has told this story to everyone we've met up with since, but it's super hilarious. Meh. Cockroaches.

Anywho, I can't really think of much to tell you all. I'm stoked, because I just found out I can finally print out the conference talks that we didn't get to hear and read them! I'll talk to you tonight, maybe, if you're on. Love you all. Have a fantastic week, let me know what's new.

Sister Megan Butterfield

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week 53: Day 441: Transfer Week & General Conference Week!

April  8, 2014


I hope you all got to watch conference! SO good! I don't know why I used to think conference was so long. I'm never ready by the time it ends on the mission! But that also could be since we only get to watch three sessions with the time difference... I can't wait to be able to read the last session and the Priesthood session. Conference couldn't have come at a more perfect time! Last week was great and all; I don't really have any complaints, because life here is the best. I just had the weirdest, unsettled feeling and like my motivation and hope was wavering, but by the end of conference I was re-pumped to continue on. I was going to pick a favorite and let you all know which one it was, but... we all know I can't pick favorites... I really liked Elder Anderson, President Eyring, and Elder Reeve's talks from the Saturday morning session and President Uchtdorf and Elder Stevens talks from.... maybe Sunday morning? Whenever they talked...

Other than that, we had a great week! -Tons of programs and running around and trying to squeeze in studies. We're helping more people prep for baptism and finding some new investigators. Speaking of! I don't know if I ever told you about the American girl we ran into while tabling, but she didn't have her number to give us (she's only here for a semester at the university) so we gave her ours. I guess she was having some problems with her phone, so we never got a call from her, but kept hoping that we would hear back from her. Anyway, I guess the elders were out tabling and she saw them and their tags, so she went to talk to them and had them call us and set a program with us. So, we had that yesterday and ohhh myyy…She's so cool and so cute! She's 20 and we all got along super well and she has a friend who actually got baptized a few years ago, but she doesn't know much about the church, but is interested, so... we're meeting with her again next week and we're so excited about her!!

Funny story of the week, we went on splits this week with the STLs and one of them served here before, so she asked us to look up one of their old investigators and give them a call. We got a hold of the mom and set up to meet Sunday before conference. Anyway, we go over there and her son opens the door (maybe like 12) and all we hear is a lady in the other room scream in Hungarian: "No! Close it! (And as he was closing it I just caught) Mormon girls." So he said "one second" and closed it... we waited a few minutes and so we decided to knock again and he came back and said "uhh... they moved." and I was just like "hm... who moved?" and he said his older sisters name, and we were like "that's okay, we're just here to see your mom." and he was like" yeah... they moved too" (all with this little smile on his face, like he knew that we knew he was lying, but his mom was making him. poor kid, but it was kinda funny to us too). So I was just like "okay, well, let your mom know that we were here if she's ever interested or needs anything." and he was like "uhh…yeah, okay, I’ll let her know.... if she ever comes by, I mean." Hahaha I mean, it was frustrating, but still amusing. Nice try, we're not dumb, or deaf. Hahaha oh well.

Oh yeah! I forgot to say…we got transfer calls this morning and we're all staying here in Szeged. We had gotten some tips through the ZLs that the APs told them on splits, so I actually kind of started freaking out a little this weekend, because I really, really wanted to stay here in Szeged. But…we're all here for the next 6 weeks! Which is good, I love our elders! They're so funny! It's the smallest district I've ever been in, but I love it!

Anyway, we're not finishing our emailing right now, so I'll be back on later, if any of you want to talk! (: Love you all! the church is true! Listen to conference if you didn't already.

Sister Megan Butterfield

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 52: Day 433: This City is...on Fire!

March 31, 2014


How is everyone doing?! Hopefully things are as good on that side of the world as over here! Life is incredible in this city! I feel like this last week flew by, yet sooo much happened, I can't even remember. Let's just say we had 8 programs in one day, plus 4 hours of studies and somehow we still had time to come home and have my sick comp take a short nap (because I made her). haha Everything just works out perfectly every day and we shove in program after program. In my last city, we were lucky if we had a program a day and we did like 25 hours a finding a week or something crazy. Here, this last week we did 28 hours of teaching (plus two to active members, that don't count in our numbers)... and still managed to fit in 11 hours of finding, 4 hours of studies a day, meetings with the missionaries to plan our lesson for Sunday, and…not very many lunch or dinner hours... we usually eat on the go, and I love it! Life is so busy! We currently have 12 progressing investigators, 4 of which we're preparing for baptism, and 7 other investigators that we're trying to help progress. Members and investigators just come to church like it's no big deal and members come to our programs all the time. I feel like I have been here for ages because I have already gotten to know so many people and run all around the city and back 501 times. This city is literally on fire. (I mean, I guess not literally, or that'd be a bad thing). I couldn't have chosen a better place to die, hoping that I stay here until I go.

What else is new? mm... Well, we were both sick this week. haha Mine not as serious, just a cold. We actually are heading up to Budapest for a doctor's appointment for my comp. We don't really know what's wrong yet. But, she's been sick and in pain for the last two weeks, so I made her call the nurse and let's just say it's been a busy week of phone calls and conversations and trying to rest while literally running to catch buses and villamos's every day and not having time to take meal breaks. But, hopefully we get it all figured out today. Plus, at Sport Nap on Saturday, we had a little accident and there is definitely something wrong with her big toe. There is a bruise that wraps all the way around her toe and it's swollen. One day she had to wear one pink croc on it, because her foot wouldn't fit into her shoe, and we got lots of funny looks. (: She's a champ and just insists on pushing through the work. She's great. I'm loving the greenie fire.

Because of the health issues and the sun, we weren't really sleeping very well…so, we decided to fix it... hahah we took my blanket off my bed and closed it into our windows and taped it to the sill, to make a makeshift blind... it works pretty well! haha I forgot to take picture of it for you all. Next week!

We also taught the combined lesson in church yesterday, since it was the 5th Sunday. We taught about missionary work and members helping and stuff, not that they even have a problem with it here. haha I think it went well, but we needed a lot more time, so we had to cut out a lot of stuff.

This city is super cool and pretty and international. I've actually been thinking a lot about possibly coming back here sometime for school or something. I mean, maybe not, but it's one of the best schools in Hungary and is world-ranked for their medical programs and stuff. One of the members here was trying to convince me into coming back and taking their psychology program. I don't think I'm smart enough, but I love the branch YSA and the city and there are so many international people on the streets here. It feels like home. (: Maybe I'll just marry someone here in Szeged... ;) I talked to Sister Kovács on the phone the other night and she's convinced that I will marry a Hungarian. She has a couple specific people in mind since we served together and she also served here and knows a lot of people here in Szeged. hmm. Awkward. Who knows.

I wish I had more time to tell you more, but we have to run to catch a train. We'll be on trains for 5 hours today. haha joy. But I love you all and hope you have/had a great week. Happy Birthday Mom and Nolan! Hopefully we'll have a couple minutes to email today after the doctor to let everyone know what's up, but probably not... If not... until next week!

Sister Megan Butterfield