Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Peace Out 'Mericuh - Week 8


How's it going? I can't believe I'll be in Hungary in less than a week! In exactly 5 days I'll be just about to leave the MTC! We got our travel plans last Thursday! We leave the MTC Monday morning at 11:30 am, so nice! We fly through Texas and then through London and then we get to Hungary at like 5:30pm on Tuesday! Wee! haha We're excited!

Oh! I forgot to thank you last week for the calendar! Or maybe I did, I just don't remember. But thanks so much!!! I love it! It's awesome to have so many pictures! It was Katie Housley that helped you, right? Thanks! How did you pick the people whose birthdays you put?

Also, thanks for the medicine and all the packages this week! Cheating the system... haha you knew I couldn't open letters, so you sent them in packages instead... hahaha. Oh and thanks for that Ensign for next month! I don't know if you noticed, but there's an article in it about a Hungarian man! My district found it and everyone thought that's why you sent it, but they loved it!

So, just so everyone knows, if you're planning on sending me a package do it like today so that I get it, Also, tomorrow's probably the last day to send dearelders, cause if you send it tomorrow night, hopefully they'll print it out for me Friday night. But I don't get dearelders on Saturdays and I leave Monday morning, so I won't get them then either.

Anywho, it's been a really good consecration week! The first half wasn't too hard at all speaking Hungarian, but once we hit Sunday and had to speak it in church and with our leaders, it was hard to get back into it. We haven't done as well as we should have the past couple days. Unfortunately I'm still sick though. I tried to stop taking medicine on Sunday night to see if I was any better. It was alright, but I woke up on yesterday morning and felt even worse than before. I had hardly been able to sleep that night with my cough and everything. The elders in my district gave me a blessing and I took a bunch of medicine in the morning. Then during gym time after lunch yesterday I just put on a sweatshirt and bball shorts, dragged an exercise matt to the corner of the fitness room and slept while my comp worked out. Hahaha then we came back and I got into bed and slept through our prep time and half of our portal study. It was much needed. Brother Grossen had told me in the morning that I could leave class to go sleep, but I didn't want to miss any class time/make my comp miss any, so I just used my gym time. Haha oh well. So far I seem to be doing better; I haven't taken any medicine since yesterday morning. We'll see! I just really don't want to be sick when I get to Hungary.

It's weird this week. Everything we do is "a last." Our last time at the Temple for 18 months, our last devotional and fireside at the MTC, our last p-day at the MTC or District devotional review, our last etc. etc. All of the (papa) Fins, Estonians, and Albanians left on Monday and Tuesday, so our zone has kind of cleared out. The only two districts here, besides us, are two baby Fin districts. (Our two kicsi Huns are in one of those districts). So, we're pretty much ready to leave, because it just seems like everyone else we were friends with are gone. We didn't get to know the baby Fins too well because they are mostly elders and they’re super quiet and they got here a few weeks after us anyway. It's exciting but so scary at the same time. We're leaving "the incubator" as the speaker at devotional last night called it. Haha accurate description. I really just love how nice people here are though. Somehow I sat next to the same elders on Sun during fireside and again on Tues during Devotional, which is super weird and never happens unless you're in the same zone and came together. There are just so many missionaries here and that was a weird coincidence. But they're just the perfect example of why I love missionaries here. One of the Elders is from California and was so nice. Then, on Tuesday I sat next to his comp and he's from Australia and he was just so nice; asking about my life and just, idk, awesome. And then he introduced me to some other people he had met, another girl from Australia and they just totally treated me like I was one of them and were giving me all this Australian candy to try and telling me about bands there. Haha, it's hard to explain, maybe just because I don't really feel completely American. But okay, this doesn't make any sense and I'm rambling. But, I decided I really like Australians, haha, anyway. How are things there?

I don't think I can tell you how excited I am that Zach comes in to the MTC today!! I mean I'm sad that he's not going to be sent to Brazil, because he was so excited about that, but I can’t wait to see him! I have told my whole district about him cause I'll just have random moments during study time or meals where I'm like I GET TO SEE ZACH THIS WEEK! haha I'll probably be stalking during meal times (AKA, sit facing the door and watching everyone who comes in) haha. AND, I get to see Tasia!! Weee! Haha okay, I’m excited. I love seeing people I know and meeting people that know people that I know. hahaha Okay, my time's about up. Next time you all hear from me, I'll be across the world. Weird. Oh, everyone should send me an email because I can officially email friends!!!!

Peace out 'Mericuh!
Sok szeretettel,
Butterfield nover

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