Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week 5: Of Compliments, Programs, and a Dog Man!

Szia sztok!

I always leave this letter to the end to send because I can never think of what to say and really, I have a hard time even remembering what I did this morning because life is so crazy out here. Here's a little bit of the email I just sent to President Smith, just so you have a little bit of insight on my week:

"Other than that, things are going great out here in Kispest! We have a lot of investigators just starting out that look really promising though! We have been working really hard, through a lot of our meal times to stay on top of things! It seems to be a big change from the first week or two that I was here and everyone seemed to be cancelling on us! Now we almost have too many programs to handle and try to fit in. It's great! I'm interested to see how things go with some of our investigators, especially some of the ones that Sister Watt's has been teaching for a long time, when transfers come."

We have been crazy busy and I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired in my entire life probably. We got Standard again! If only we could have squished in 6 more working hours! Everything else was high enough to be super standard! gah! Haha oh well, we’re working towards it. It was funny because one of our investigators asked me mid-program if I was always so tired? haha I had to laugh at that one. I think sometimes when I’m trying to concentrate so hard, I must look really tired or something. Plus, I'm normally like bouncing off the walls and keeping my energy up, so once you give me a chance to sit down; I just crash with the heat and the break on my back and feet. Haha oh well. I'm trying to work on looking more engaged...

To answer everyone’s questions, in order to get standard, you have to get a certain number of finding hours, working hours, programs with a member present, other programs, referrals/finds contacted, SYL (which is when you speak only Hungarian all day. We went past super standard on that this week!), new investigators, investigators at church and RCLA (Recent converts and less actives) programs in a week. Then, Super Standard is a few numbers higher on all of them. Except you have to get 10 extra working hours to get super standard; which is hard with our extra studies and stuff. Oh well, both of them are pretty rare and you have to stretch a lot to get them.

Hmm… Well... oh! So this week I said the First Vision for the first time in a program! I think it went great! The member that we had present just stared at me too and at the end it went silent and he was just like "wow." I think he was surprised that I had it memorized as a greeny or something? But the program I was in was actually with that guy I told you all about from English class! We’ve been with him a few times! Just once a week, but he’s so chatty and he’s great Haha his English is really good! He’s been meeting some members here and there and we’re planning on inviting him to church when we meet with him on Friday!

Other than that, we put someone on baptism date this week. He is... I don’t even know how to describe him. We're probably not supposed to have favorites as missionaries, so I won’t say that he’s my favorite, but he’s so great! A lot of people get pretty intimidated because they think he’s so intense, but the first word I’d pick to describe him is probably adorable. Seriously. I just can’t even describe how much I love this guy and I’ve only known him for like 2 weeks, if that. He’s had a lot of experiences in his life, which is why some people find him so intense; but there are a lot of things that I can related with him on. Plus, he’s super open and straightforward. On Saturday when we met with him, he had written out this whole thing that he wanted to tell us about and it was so personal. So I thanked him for it and told him a personal story that related and he was just like (in English): “I can already tell, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” We are just so excited for him. And we had a program with him this morning and it was probably the best, most spiritual one on my mission thus far, for every person involved. We're just worried about getting him to stop smoking, but it’s one step at a time!

We tracted into this guy named Zoli this week and he was super interesting. He invited us in for water and a little break while we talked to him. So we went in and sat down and he had all of these dogs that he put away first, and all of these purebred puppy bulldogs. Then, we went into the house and his whole living room was…interesting. Not what we were expecting. He seems like a pretty legit guy, probably in his 30s, and he has all of these like... dog pictures, figurines, paintings, dog info books, huge trophies, little trophies, etc., etc. Apparently he trains dogs and they actually do super well internationally. He showed us the website with his show dogs as well... if you Google something like Black Emerald…Scottish…it should come up like the first website with music in the background, like Scottish music or something. Haha!
Today’s been an interesting day! We had two really great programs this morning, both of whom are on baptismal date. At the end of one of them, the investigator (not the one I already told you about), turned to me and was just like (in Hungarian) “you read really well!” And I just kind of laughed and said thanks and he was like, “really, almost like a Hungarian!” Interesting, because I felt like I butchered the whole thing, but that’s one of the things I’ve been working on, just listening to when people take pauses and things. Then, earlier this morning, this lady told me that I was really csinos (handsome or good looking) and complimented my outfit and said that I just looked really good. What the heck! Hungarians don’t give compliments and it was two in one day! Probably one of the weirdest things on my mission so far, seriously. It’s just not the culture. We try to do it on transportation to start conversations with people and we get such weird looks and reactions sometimes. One time, I complimented a lady on her purse and I think she seriously thought I was going to steal it. She like gripped onto it and was acting so strange. Haha! That’s another challenge/fun thing here..... Trying to find on transportation…People are so quiet here.

Okay, well I'm going to spend some time sending pictures! But I hope you all have a good week and read a conference talk! Take advantage of the fact that you can. I still haven’t read or heard any of it in English and I seriously wish I could!

Also, my P-day next week is on Tuesday, not Monday! So that’s when I’ll be emailing and try to be online so that we can plan a good time to Skype the next week for Mother’s Day! I’m excited! Thanks for all of your support and letters! Love you all!

Butterfield nővér

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 4: Warm Weather = Awkward Missionary Moments!

22 April 2013


Everything’s good this week! To answer some questions; we don’t usually do 7 hours straight...it’s more normal to do 5 or 6, depending on how long we spend on transportation to get to the area we’re tracting, but luckily we’ve been getting more programs so we have breaks between tracting…we got standard this week!! Which is actually so hard--only three companionships in the whole mission got it this week and one companionship got super standard--so we we’re working our butts (is tails more mission appropriate? haha) off.

Hm…so…I have like an hour left on my computer…so I guess I can write a lot. Meh, I just don’t even know where to start. haha I’m so exhausted, but it’s so great, I don’t really know how to describe it…Well... never told you about my first Sunday here.. haha church here starts at 10 am, so we left at like 9:30 (our church is about a 10-15 min walk from the apartment) and we wanted to be there early. As we were walking out of the apartment, we got a call from our zone leaders, "uuh…so...are you in church right now?" Apparently, it was daylight savings and no one had thought to tell any of the missionaries...hahaha so....we missed my first Sacrament meeting. Great first impression to make, everyone in the ward had a good laugh about it. That meant that Woffinden n. and I didn’t have to stand up and introduce ourselves in front of everyone that week. They said something about us doing it in two weeks, since conference was the next, but then luckily no one remembered…so I never did it.... (:

Also, haha random fact: I haven't ever cried in Hungary. Pretty good accomplishment, if I do say so myself! haha. Also, the other day, my companions were both just like "ugh! You haven’t had your greenie moment yet! Mit csoda! Why haven’t you done anything yet!?" haha…apparently I haven’t done anything really dumb or idiotic yet hahaha, I’d say that’s a good thing too.

Hmm… I’m trying to think of good things to tell you all about, there have been so many crazy things happen. The whole mission life is just one big, crazy, awkward moment…haha in all honesty. I'll send some more pictures in a second, if I can borrow someone’s card reader…hm...oh, it’s gotten really hot lately. It went from huge coat weather to no jacket at all in like 2 days, which also means that the hilarious tracting moments have begun! Haha! They make life so much better and sooo much more awkward. No one here really believes in wearing clothes when they’re home. The only thing I don’t get is when they open their doors naked or in tighty whiteys and are SURPRISED to find three girls standing there, when obviously they knew someone rang their doorbell AND they have a peephole to look through. That’s the only thing I don’t get. Haha! We get little surprised noises and then they’ll just hide halfway behind the door. haha. It’s always fun to try to get through the rest of what you’re trying to say once you realize what they are, or aren’t, wearing, especially if they’re around our age…yeah. It’s an interesting, frequent occurrence. Oh, and the old men in speedos has also commenced. Haha! They’ll take they’re garbage out of their entire apartment building in their speedos. haha It’s great and very entertaining to try to keep a straight face around them. haha Also, we make it like a game to see who can get the best reactions from people from saying “good day” to people, because it’s such a foreign concept here.

So, since I have more time, I can tell you a little about my companions! We'll start with my trainer. Sister Watts is from Southern Australia, Adelaide. She's actually the mission nurse and has been out here for like 9 months, plus three in the MTC, she hits her year mark next month! She is 24 and has finished all of her schooling back home, so she’s set! She also cooks super well and is attempting to learn Spanish with us, kind of; Haha…when we actually teach it. She’s been here in Kispest since November. It’s her second area. We've already been told that she'll be leaving us at transfers in two weeks. We're interested to see what happens. There has been some talk around the office of leaving Sister Woffinden and I here alone…HA. That’s not going to happen. Haha! But if we do get a third person, which we most likely will, it’ll be someone younger than sister Watts, like maybe we’ll have me in my second transfer, Woffinden n. in her third and someone in their fourth. That is what it sounds like…so three greenies, pretty much! Yay! Hahaha! Yikes.

Sister Woffinden is from (Pasco?) Washington and was at BYU Idaho before her mission. She was my osi in the MTC and speaks some Spanish! She taught English in Mexico for three months and lived with a Mexican family there. She has like 8 siblings or some crazy number like that, haha! She is funny and we all get along really well! People think we're all crazy. But I guess we are!

A lot of people have been asking about the Elders I refer to as the Zone leaders... we have Elder Peterson, who is from St. George, UT and is dying (finishing his mission) in two weeks, sadly. He's hilarious and we all have a fun time making fun of him and his American-ness. Then his companion is Elder Kreiberg, who is from Denmark and speaks English fluently and is super good at Hungarian. He is not used to serving around sisters, so it took him a little while to get used to it and some pretty funny/awkward moments and things that were said, haha it’s all great though. We all get along well, so we have spent most of our P-days sightseeing and goofing off and we see them all the time throughout the week, since we both have a lot of programs at the Branch house and we have meetings and whatnot. The Zone leaders always serve in this city, so it’ll be interesting to see who replaces Elder Peterson when he goes home.

Alrighty…well, I don’t have much else that I can think to say, but thanks for writing me so much every week! You’re all great and I hope that you all have a good week! Read the Book of Mormon! It’s crazy how much I have learned from it since I left on my mission; if I had just taken enough time every day to get as deep and spend as much time as I do now… It’s also cool to see how much better my life and my mission go when I turn to the Lord and say, you know what, I can’t do any of this alone, please help me out. Everything works out how it’s supposed to. Sometimes we don’t realize how hard times are for the best when they’re happening and other times its really obvious like if one thing hadn’t fallen through, we wouldn’t have been in the right place for something else even better to happen. Learning to rely on the Lord makes life so much better! Sometimes when I'm in charge of teaching specific programs and leading them, I freak out and stress and stress, even when I don’t know what exactly I’m stressed out about, because logically I know that I have two comps to back me up and give me words or help when I need them, and I haven’t even ever needed that yet, so I don’t know what I stress out about. But it isn’t until I step back and tell myself that it’s not about me, I’m not here for me and the program isn’t for me and I should stop being so selfish and thinking about myself, then it all becomes do-able. It’s hard, soo hard, to remember sometimes. But if anyone’s looking for ways to be more happy, those are my two biggest pieces of advice: learn to rely on God and on Christ's Atonement and find ways to serve others and put them first!

I love you all! Szeretlek titeket!
Butterfield nővér

Monday, April 15, 2013

Week Three: Two Baptisms!

15 April 15, 2013

Hey! I’m super, super short on time today, since we had greeny training, so I can’t write a ton. But things are going well here in Hungary. We had two baptisms on Saturday, which was soo stressful but turned out so well! I've never felt that way before while watching a baptism! It was awesome! Unfortunately, they showed up late to church on Sunday, so they didn't get confirmed... next week... Hungary seems to be kind of similar to South America in that sense... everyone’s late... here they can’t seem to get out of bed until noon… Ever. haha!

It sounds like there are a lot of changes coming up in our mission, so the next couple months and transfers will be really interesting. We've pretty much been assured that our trainer will be leaving us this transfer and there has been some talk of leaving Sis Woffinden and I here alone... or adding someone just one transfer older than both of us.. Yikes... haha were trying not to think about it. Hopefully we have more programs this week, since we have been doing SO much finding lately. Some days we tract for 7 hours straight.... soo long, especially when its door after door slammed in your face... so... yeah. At least we have a lot planned for the week at this point! We have an FHE (Family Home Evening) tonight that Woffinden nover and I are leading to our RS counselor and her nonmember husband... hopefully that goes well!

Sorry this is so short! I promise more next week and pictures… even though I think I lost my card reader... oops... Love you all!!

PS: These are answers to some questions from her Mom:

Nenis are the old ladies and bacsis are the old men.

You have permission to put companion names and the Elders names on my blog. It’s the ZLs (Zone Leaders) that I've been talking about; they are the missionaries in our area.

... I haven’t heard any conference in English yet…and yeah, it is interesting how many people are reading my blog that I keep finding out about.

Yeah, it’s more a problem of recipes and not having them or knowing how much of what ingredient to buy every week that’s my problem... plus the awful kitchen that we have… haha.

I did hear about Campbell! So cool! Especially for Jenny. Did we do a lot with their family or what?

It is crazy… I've been out for over 80 days... I think Katie Ellet is keeping count, cause in her last letter she said something about only 470 left last week.. hahaha interesting. But they’ll fly by.

There seem to be a lot of changes in the mission especially among the sisters and how soon we’ll be going senior with other people from our MTC (missionary training center) group, that’ll be interesting. I’m nowhere near ready language wise, but it doesn't stress me out. I know that whatever happens is supposed to happen and it’s because the Lord trusts us and knows what we can handle and what he'll help us with.

Feel free to include parts of this in the weekly letter, if you’d like, since it was so short. I’ll try to go explain the pictures! I love you Mom!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 2: A New Investigator!

8 April 2013

Yo, yo, yo! How's it going on that half of the world? On this side of the world, things are AWESOME. I mean, besides the fact that most of my lessons have cancelled on me in the past two weeks and I can hardly understand anything that anyone says to me (somehow I think I understood more my first week here than this week), Everything else is pretty great! We just had a great day! We got our working hours in already this morning and then went sightseeing on a river boat with our two elders, who are the coolest people ever, just btw, and just messed around and now were writing emails before we go grocery shopping and just have some time at our apartment. Luckily we already did all of our studies and cleaned the apartment as well. It’s a nice feeling to have so much time to take care of things. One of our working hours this morning was spent teaching a program to this guy from English class. So, my first week here, I met him in my class (the intermediate level) and he was super cool. Apparently he teaches English/tutors people, so he could have been in the profi class, but he wanted to see what people in Hungary struggle with when learning English and apply it to his students. From the night I met him, I set my goal to get a program with him. I gave him our phone number on a pass along card as he left and all week after that I was just like I need a program with him. So, after the next English class (this last Thursday) I went over and talked to him and we set one up with him. He’s so legit! Our lesson this morning was so great! Half of it was in English, helping him with things and the other half we had planned to talk about the Book of Mormon. It didn’t actually end up going that way in terms of our gospel half. It was soo great though. He had so many questions and you could tell that he was listening to everything we told him. When we finished, he told us the same time every Monday morning works for him! So we have a new investigator! woohoo!

So, it seems like I’ve gotten a lot of the same questions, so I am going to copy-paste a few things that I’ve sent to other people in emails this week:
"Hungary is better, it was never bad, it’s just the thought of doing things like talking to people in Hungary or teaching a lesson to Hungarians who speak so fast that sometimes makes me really sick to think about, but that’s gotten better and tracting doors and apartments is definitely a lot easier now. You just get used to the constant really awkward moments haha. I’m excited to see what the smaller cities are like, but my area right now is called Kispest, even though were in lots of little areas in Pest, only one of them is actually called Kispest. I LOVE that there are three of us! It’s the greatest thing ever! I think it'll be weird going back to just two people. But we definitely seem more intimidating when there are three of us. We're thinking that they might open like one or two more areas this transfer, but probably not too many because our training program is 12 weeks, which is two transfers. We're interested to see which of us get swapped around with new trainers and what happens. Eventually they will have to open new areas though. It’s crazy to think that a lot of us will probably go co-senior in a couple transfers. Too scary to think about, so we try not to. haha"

"Yeah, I’ve gotten all of my luggage back! And my companionship is working out great! I love them both so much! Being a trio is GREAT! I can’t imagine just being two after this, haha, everything’s so much easier and funny with three. It especially helps with the language, because we are all far from perfect, but we can bounce ideas off of two people and everyone tries to figure it out together. We don’t eat with members very often; we haven’t since I’ve been here either. I guess when they do feed the missionaries it’s a huge deal, so it ends up being at least a two hour affair. So, I think most missionaries try not to, since were only supposed to stay for an hour max. Plus, people live super humbly here and I don’t think they invite missionaries over often anyway. We make dinner every night as a companionship, or every other night and eat the leftovers the next night (mostly sister watts cooks though, I just do the cleaning hahaha and Sister Woffinden does some of both) We have a good team work system down. How comfortable am I with Hungarian? Ha. That’s a good question. Not very; it depends on the day. My first week I felt pretty comfortable, this week, not so much. I’m working on it though. I have taught a few more lessons, but we counted last Thursday and 8 out of our 10 planned lessons since I had gotten to Hungary had dogged. But we taught a few more last weekend. We're hoping this weekend turns out much better in that sense, but were staying positive and working hard!"

"I can’t really think I need help with anything, haha maybe the language, or guidance to how to improve in the language haha, that’s what I’ve been praying for personally, I just don’t even know where to start. It’s okay with the apartment, we only see the guys sometimes and they don’t ever do anything. I doubt that well get a new apartment though. It would just be nice cause of all the quirks in it, but I can’t complain when I see how everyone here lives. It’s so humbling!"

Hm, other than that... OH yeah! We have two baptisms this weekend!! A father and son! They wanted us all to give talks, but luckily there are not that many talks given at baptisms... plus, I don’t really speak Hungarian... haha so Woffinden nover and I got away with just giving prayers!

Another answer to a question I’ve been getting, I can currently get mail like 2 or 3 times a week, so feel free to send things! Even later, I should be able to get it more than just at transfers, hopefully.

Like I said, I love my companions! We get along so well! Even though works been falling through a lot for us lately and they just increased the number of working hours we should be getting every week, even with our extra hour of studies every morning, we still manage to have a lot of fun and laugh a LOT. I think it’s funny; they both make comments about how outgoing I am, because I say hi to so many people on the streets, even when I get crazy looks back sometimes. haha I think it’s funny, because it just seems natural to me to say hi to people, but other than that I feel so unsocial in Hungary because I can’t think of anything to say and i just feel super awkward. Anyway, one thing that you have to get used to, being a missionary, is the million weird, weird stares and looks you get from people. It’s so great! haha it makes my day every time and I can’t even help but turn around and laugh to myself or to my companions once the person is going. The néni's and bacsi's are soo cute here, even if sometimes they’re really grumpy. A lot of them like to tell us how cute we are, even if theyre not interested in hearing anything about the gospel. Also, we think it’s funny when we get answers like "Im a faithful atheist" what?! hahah

So, the works hard and were pushing ourselves, but we enjoy our time anyway, especially when we work with the elders. There’s just something about meeting up with other missionaries that’s so great and feels like home; finally people that we can talk to! haha I think I’m running short on time, but i hope all is going well for you all! I love and miss you all!

Sok szeretettel,
Butterfield nővér

Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 1 in Hungary! My Predictions Came True!!!

Holy Cow. What in the world have I gotten myself into?! This is nuts.

Well...as you've all heard from President, I arrived in Hungary... just me and my backpack though. yep. They warned us to pack extra outfits in our carryon just in case that happened. I did. But then they made me check my carryon at the gate cause they said it was too big to fit in the overhead. ohhh the irony. I came prepared, and then they took that too. haha. 6 of us lost our bags, i think its funny that they didnt mention that in the email to you all. Because of that and the snowstorm, we didnt have enough time to tour the city like thez normally do, so i havent really seen anything yet. Luckily mz bags arrived the next day, so i only ended up wearing the same outfit for four days straight... no biggie.... yuck. haha Sister Smith lent me some pijamas... silky blue ones from Victoria Secret.... (: hahaha i got a kick out of it. Shes sweet though!

PS, sorry if all my typing is weird, im using a hungarian keyboard and i dont have much time to figure out all the punctuation on it today, plus the y and the z are switched, so sorry about that.

Anywho... I'd like you all to refer back to my letter from... last week i think. and take a guess as to where my trainer is from... you guessed it! AUSTRALIA! haha what are the odds. Okay, now take a second to go back a few more weeks to some pictures i sent in front of the temple... one with Sister Woffinden about how we joked for the whole time we were in the MTC that we'd get called to be companions (in like a year) and find someone to teach in Spanish. That completes our trio. Funny how God works in preparing my mind to be ready for things in my future. I knew I'd be companions with Woffinden nover, I just didnt think itd be the first transfer... We are all greenies in a way. This is Woffinden n. second transfer, she was my osi, and then this is Watts n. 7th transfer. She went from being Junior comp last transfer to being senior AND trainer at the same time. So, this will be an interesting transfer. She doesn't feel comfortable with her hungarian quite yet either and shes had quite a struggle with it, she says, so... (: this will be a transfer of much learning and growing for all three of us. Every single sister in the mission is in a trio right now, theres one without any of us new missionaries and then some with two new ones and 1 trainer and then some like mine. Its funny how all of my predictions were true, Id be put in a trip with some missionaries who are a little less experienced and im in the big city. I almost cried when i figured that out ahaha.

My teachers in the MTC wanted to know where everyone got sent and who theyre trainers were, so if someone could forward this to them, i forgot to bring their emails. Ill try to remember everyone that i can. So I'm in Kispest, which is not so kis (little). our area is HUGE and its right by Pest (Budapest). Falslev n. is in Buda with Kennedy n. and Larsen n (one of my osi), Clawson n. and Montenegro n. are in Pest with Fox n., Sexton n and Broadhead n. are with... Beuhnin or something... somewhere.. haha mm... Fresh and Rupard n. are with Mackay n in Miskoltc (idk how to spell that).. Rindlisbaker is in PECS!!! So jealous. with some people that I dont remember.. haha Messinger is in Debrecen with Perkins and Petersen and Hancey is there as well with Birch elder. Swenson is in Sopron with Walker elder. Fowers is in Duna with some people.. sorrz, im running short on time, i hope i got almost everyone except the elders in the other district.

Well, weve already been yelled at a few times.. and had multiple doors slammed in our faces haha but there have also been some very nice people.. even if they also kindly declined. The work needs a push here in kispest.. weve only had one lesson since i got here, everyone else has dogged us and cancelled. All of our referrals have not come through either.. so we're working hard. its nice that we have a functioning ward here though. we have two people on baptism! so we should have two baptisms next week maybe. Im running super short on time, cause we spent a lot of time cleaning our ghetto apartment today. haha we've decided that its probably the most ghetto one in the mission.. ill have to give you more details on it later..... its big but so many "quirks" haha we're in the ZLs area, so were going sightseeing with them today and to mcdonalds!! haha were exctited!

hm.. Well, I miss you all. and even though I almost called president last thursday and told him to send me him because I couldnt do this, I got through it and I actually have been having some fun' I looove my two companions! we get along so well and zesterdaz we did this thing where we decorated our planners.. apparently everyone here does it? haha but our theme for this one was ties, so we cut up ties and decorated the covers. We have a lot of laughs too.we also have some creepers that live downstairs, they came and knocked on our door today and stayed there for like 2ö mins cause they knew we hadnt left yet and knocked again. Theyve been trying to get us a new aprt for like 3 transfers. kk gotta run' Love zou all!! Happya wee! read the BoM!

Letter From the Mission President


March 27, 2013

Dear Missionary Family:

This e-mail is to advise you that your missionary has arrived safely in the Hungary Budapest Mission. We are excited for the safe arrival of each of the missionaries! Here is a group photograph taken of the missionaries at the Budapest Airport.

I conducted brief interviews and welcomed the missionaries to the Mission. We had dinner and the missionaries then went to bed.

Today, the missionaries were taken to have photographs taken for residency permits. While they were out, the missionaries contacted individuals on the street, inviting them to receive the message of the restored Gospel. The missionaries then returned to the office for some instruction regarding mission rules and financial matters.

Following the brief training, companionship and city assignments were made. The missionaries departed (with their new companions) to their assigned cities.

We have asked the missionaries to e-mail their family on Preparation Day (Monday). You should expect to hear from your missionary then.

We know that you will be excited to share your missionary’s experiences with others. We would caution you regarding posting of personal, sensitive, private information on the Internet. In a recent letter from the Missionary Department, it states:

Protecting the privacy of those whom the missionaries are teaching is a matter of courtesy, respect, and security. We live in a time when anything posted on the Internet can become widely available to people beyond the originally intended audience. . . When missionaries write home, they should not share sensitive information that might be used to identify people they are teaching or members they are working with.

Your missionary is excited to “invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ, and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.”

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of your missionary – and on behalf of the missionaries in the Hungary Budapest Mission. We are excited to have your missionary with us. The work is moving forward in Hungary. Your missionary will be a vital part of our efforts here. Thank you for sending your missionary to us.

Best personal regards,