Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 26: Horse Kolbász

September 30, 2013


Sorry, I didn't send a mass email last week! We kind of ran out of time, but I sent most of you individual emails anyway, so hopeful that was good enough! I can't really even think of that much to tell you all. I know I said I'd tell more about trying the horse. That seems like so long ago, since it was last transfer and I've already been in this transfer for like a month. Anyway, they have this stuff here called kolbász, which is pretty much just like…sausage, I guess. But they have ló (horse) kolbász and different kinds of meat in it. So the elders bought a stick of the horse kolbász and cut it up and we all tried it and took some pictures. It really didn't taste that much different than the other normal kind.

As for the work, we're trying to get it going more here. It's hard sometimes when I feel like I'm not really sure what to do or what the right thing to do is. I feel like I'm still so young in the mission, I can't believe that it's already been over 8 months! It's weird to have so much time behind me, yet there's still so much time in front of me. I'm trying to figure out how to really love each moment of my mission, rather than just feel like I'm enduring through it, just pushing to the end. I don't want to look back and think about all the time I spent just wishing that I was doing other things or at home where so many things seem to be happening and changing there. That's just what I've been working on lately, because I want to be able to enjoy this time while I have it, instead of wasting it all, selfishly thinking about all the other easier things I could be doing. I know that all of the struggles we experience here will be to our benefit in the long run; it's just hard to keep that perspective when we're going through them.

I just wanted to thanks to you all for writing me so consistently and being supportive! (: I'm trying to figure how I'm going to get things to you all for Christmas, because mail and packages usually tend to get lost if you send them too close to the season. I'm thinking I might just send some smaller things in little envelopes and bring things home with me when I come in... 9 months. Weird. It'll be a little late for Christmas, but... maybe it'll be a combination of birthdays and Christmas? haha I'm working on it. Also, people used to ask how long it takes for things to get here, the packages have gotten here within like 2 or three weeks and I got a letter last week from exactly a week before. So, mail takes about a week, packages about 2 or 3!

Hm… other than that--We haven't done too much RCLA stuff this week and most of our investigators have been flaking out on us. So, ya know, the normal missionary cycle here. But, we are trying to do a lot with the ward and things and build those relationships. They've struggled a lot in the past with missionaries and things that happened that shouldn't have. So, that's always rough, but luckily I don't think they have been any time recent, it just has a long-lasting effects that we all have to pay for later, unfortunately. We're starting up a class though to help teach and train members, like 5 at a time, how to be member missionaries, help us out in our program, and a couple kids as like a mission prep since they're at mission age. It sounds like a great idea, but stressful at the same time, because I don't know how to train other people to do things that I haven't quite even figured out. Oh well. It'll be good!

I love you all! I hope you have a great week and listen to conference! I'm so excited for it!!! That's kind of what we're focusing on this week with everyone we're teaching: prophets and Conference. Watch it!

Sister Butterfield

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