Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 25: 8 month mark!!!

September 23, 2013

It’s been a good week!! I don’t really have time to write an email to everyone today, so maybe you'll just have to take parts from the ones I send you and the rest of the family and put those up, if you want to. We spent awhile this morning cleaning and rearranging our apartment and we still have to go shopping right now, and then we have a couple programs that we have to rush to. But things have been good! We had to teach Sunday School (Gospel Principles) again yesterday, so I was pretty worried about that off and on all last week, but it went pretty well, I think. We taught about fasting! Something else fun for the blog, I tried horse last transfer! I’ll have to tell you more about it later though! Hah or maybe I already did and forgot about it. Oh well. 

The weather is pretty cold and then randomly we'll have a pretty warm day. I got out all my winter stuff! I don’t really have a great jacket for it, so I usually just layer two sweaters, but I do have a black sweater that’s thicker.

I’ll think about good stories and things for next week. I was going to send a bunch of pictures this week too, but I ran out of time and they take a long time. I wish I had more time to email! I’ll make sure to make more time for it next week! 
I thought of a few things that might be nice to have (for my birthday), but they aren’t all necessary, especially if they don’t all fit or won’t send well: salsa, Oreos, maybe a ring or something, Christmas CDs/music on a pen drive (and it doesn’t have to be church Christmas music), chocolate chips!! .. I’ll keep thinking. 

Also! Today is my 8 month mark!! Say happy birthday to Scott and Rory for me! Love you!

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