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First Letter from Megan

Letter from Megan (January 23, 2013)

Dear Mom and Dad,

I miss you both already!  Feel free to type this letter up and put it on the blog, if you'd like, because my P-day isn't for a whole week, on next Wednesday.  Well, it's the first night in the MTC and it's been a long day.  I can't believe less than 12 hours ago I was on campus and at IHOP with everyone.  The MTC is going to be a tough adventure, that's for sure . . .  There were multiple times where I sat there thinking to myself:  "What have I gotten myself into!?"  But, luckily the night ended on a high note with some teaching practice in big groups.

Just for some MTC info.- my P-days, like I said, are onWednesdays.  My gym time on Tues, Thurs. and Saturdays is right after lunch. Yuck. But Mon. and Fridays it's right before bed, so we have extra time those nights to get ready.  My district consists of 8 missionaries:  6 sisters and 2 elders.  It's the first time they've ever had 2 Hungarian districts in the MTC, the other one has 5 sistes and 3 elders.  So there are 16 of us overall, 11 sisters and 5 elders!  For those who know these people, Ben Swenson and Amy Clawson are both in my district, but Kelsee Broadhead isn't. : (  all six sisters in my district sleep in the same room, so they've really got us all packed in here.  My companion is Rachel Sexton Nover, feel free to stalk her on Facebook or something. ha ha.  I'll let you know on P-day more about her, but I hope we get along well.  She's somewhat timid so far and surprisingly, I have been quite loud, so it's an interesting combo.  I really hit it off with Sisters Clawson and Sister ______, so far!  I hope we all have a really fun time together.

Also, our sister who helps us, idk what she's called, is going to Finland, but lived in Hungary for awhile and went to the school I played softball at.  She also knows the McCotters, Reyna McGee, Trent Stapley, etc.

Anyway, it's lights out.  I'll let you know ASAP how things are going.  t
The language is going to be super tough, but I'll get it!

Love you all!
                      Butterfield Nover

P.S. I've seen sooo many people!  Kaysen (Elder Butterfield), Phillip Stafford, Blake Billings, Alex Sisk, Sam Watkins (a bajillion times), Steve Forsyth.  I'm probably forgetting people . . . Danny Granados, Randy Low, Lincoln Holt.

P.P.S. I guess at this point you could just say I'm pretty overwhelmed and super exhausted, but everyone at the MTC is SO nice!

So, it's Thursday morning and I'm ready early, so I decided to finish my letter from last night just so that Mom knows I'm ok.  It took me a while to fall asleep, no surprise there, and I woke up several times, but other than that, I slept ok.  It sounds like some of the other sisters did the same or didn't fall asleep at all.  Oh well, it gets better, I'm sure.

Also, there are no hangers in our closets, but I asked the ZL's at our meeting last night when I'd get time to get some and they were surprised our room didn't have any.  They said they have an extra closet full in their room, so they'll bring them over sometime today.  I really like them, they're pretty funny!  Can't remember their names though.  There are three of them.

Hm . . . what else? . . . so, my comp, Sexton Nover is from Rexburg, Idaho and she is almost 20.  She brought me a huge Symphony chocolate bar, so that was super sweet of her!  Two other sisters left at like 6:30, even though we don't have to be to our class until 7 to start personal study.  The other two are almost ready, but Sexton Nover's no where in our room, I should probably go find her.  Don't worry, we're not breaking the rules, we can go to the bathroom/anywhere on our floor in the residence alone.

Thanks for the book, Mom!  I love it!  I haven't brought myself to read your letter or Katie Ellet's yet, because I didn't want to make last night any harder.  Hopefully I'll have time tonight.  Thank you both!

Oh , and Nate, we aren't allowed to get food out of the vending machines after quiet time starts at 10:15!

Love you all!
                      Butterfield Nover

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