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Megan's Letter- Week 1

Megan's Letter - Week 1

HI!!!!! I was going to start this in Hungarian, but I'm too lazy to change it to the Hungarian keyboard right now and figure out which keys do which letter... Oh well.

I hope you are all doing well! It's sooo overwhelming how many letters I have gotten this week! Thank you all so much! I'm planning on answering them all individually, but this week has been so hectic that I haven't had any time to yet. I wish I could thank all of your individually in this email, but I don't have that much time! But, I really want to say thanks to Spencer Stojic (I hope I spelled that right) and Amy Whitesides for your letters! We didn't get any dearelders the day we came in, but they gave them to us the next day. I also didn't let myself read Mom and Katie ellett's letters on the first couple nights, because I knew I couldn't handle it. But, I did read Spencer's and it was exactly what I needed! Everything you said in it is so true! Dad, you said you included a poem in one of your letters, but there was no poem... haha. mm.. CAMBRI! I am soooo happy for you!!!! Expect a letter from me! Katie Ellett, thanks for the pictures!! That's exactly what I wanted and I miss you so much! Mom, I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with everything. Just be glad you still have the Lord and Nathan and Dad! I hope everything's going well with Jenny and Scott and getting ready to move! Katie Housley, I'm going to answer to your letter too, but a good Scripture I've read at least 3 or 4 times this week is Moroni 7. I also shared it in one of my lessons.

That reminds me... The MTC... This is SOO tough! like i knew it would be hard, but holy cow. It's great too though, it slowly gets better. On the first Friday after we got here, we taught our first lesson to an investigator, Zsofi, in complete Hungarian.... AWFUL. That lesson was absolutely awful. I have never felt so awkward or incompetent in my life. But, luckily, the lesson on the next day was much better and then the lesson we taught her yesterday was great! We got her to pray for us in the second lesson, and yesterday we got her to commit to pray about the Book of Mormon, read Moroni 7 and even be baptized!!!

It's awesome to see so many people I know here, but its super weird, kind of like a BYU/Davis High reunion. I'll just list some pople that I've seen, Elders: Purdy (who left this week and said Tahitian is MUCH harder to learn than French was, he had to learn both in the MTC), Sisk, Billings, Clements, Stafford, Guilisane, etc. Also, I have seen Kaysen twice, once on the first day and then on our Sunday temple walk! so we got a picture together at the temple. OH!!! Gary and Sylvia, thank you SO much for the package!!!! That was so great! There were enough cookies to share with a lot of people and there's a letter in the mail on its way to you!

Nathan, you're right, Kath Pendleton is really cool! I ran into her and told her who i was and she immediately embraced me and just cared so much! I've seen her since then and she's awesome, just making sure everything is going well. We keep trying to get a picture together to send you, but we always forget our cameras.

I saw Ryan Smith in the cafeteria last week! That was super weird since I havent seen him since like elementary, but it was cool to catch up and talk about people we know and Russia and everything! I love the MTC and cafeteria in the sense that it's like the opposite of HS. Everyone is soo friendly and talks in lines and asks all these questions about you. It's really necessary to reach out to others because everyone is struggling.

That reminds me... I haven't allowed myself to break down or cry yet and be negative. I've said "I can do this" more times than ever before in my life and had to literally talk myself out of bed a couple times... but finally I broke down yesterday. SUPER embarrassing. We had just gone to devotional and heard Elder and Sister Clayton speak (AWESOME, especially sis. Clayton's) and then we went back with our two little districts and talked about them and I couldnt help it but i started tearing up and the next thing i knew i just had tears streaming down my face and they wouldn't stop. I was just sitting there thinking, i really want a hug. i just want someone to hug me really tight. (it's super hard not to hug elders btw and people that I know, i just love hugs. also there's a no handshake rule for the flu stuff goign around) but anyway, the meeting ended and i stood up to get a tissue. The next thing I knew, Broadhead nover (kelsee) was beside me just talking to me and just hugged me. It was literally an answer to my prayer. We hadn't talked much before that, but now we've talked a bunch.

I'm not going to lie, it is pretty hard with elders and sisters so close in age. I've had to say a couple prayers to keep me in line. it's also a little hard to decide what's appropriate and what's crossing the line. The two elders in my district are awesome! And i absolutely looooove our 3 zone leaders. They're all so different but I get along with all of them so well! But yeah, kepin in line is tough. One of the ZL's that I get along best with the other day was so sweet. we were walking outside and we noticed it was snowing and he turned aorund and was like Butterfield nover! You're not wearing a jacket?! And i was just like nem, nem baj (no, its no problem). and he was just like do you want my jacket!? i dont want you to be cold! and it was just soo sweet taht he was that thoughtful. but i was just like, no its really okay, and then it got awkward because one of his companions turned around and was like mm, i don't think that's allowed... so ha. that was funny. but i keep wanting to thank him for that.

OH! shout out to EMILY for getting her call to France (with JB too, right?!), Shay to Texas and Sarah to Indiana! Thats sooo awesome! I'm excited for all of you! There's sooo much growth on your mission@ even in just one week. It's interesting because they don't like you to say that you're "overwhelming" but it's okay to be "stretched" hahaha.

Yes, dad, Rindlisbacher nover is in the other district. So there are actually 3 hungarian districts, the two that came in the same week (the Kicsi's or smalls) and the osi (ancients). Yes, mom I've met sister Caldwell out here, she's roommates with the three osi noverek (sisters). She's actually 21 though. One of our osi has been having me help her practice her Spanish. So that's cool, I speak Spanish to her and as much hungarian as possible with the other osi. Fresh Nover in the other kicsi district's mom send us all cool socks, it was cool! and I got my skirt in the mail the other day, its super dark navy though. Oh well.

I asked all the noverek in my room/district if they had package requests and this was the general consensus: hard mints to suck on, hard candies, Reese's. haha. I only have 4 min left before the comp kicks me off, so i'll have to hand write the rest of my letter and you can type it when you get it on Friday... But no, church is not three hours, i'll explain that later and nem, we don't have FHE. In our branch we have Hungarians, Fins, Albanians and estonians.

oh and nem, my comp actually doesn't have FB, so no stalking I guess haha.

Mom, i'm glad your migraines aren't happening as much and I also know its because I'm out here. Elder Clayton talked about blessings and how no blessings are being withhelf from us while we're out here or from our families. I know that's so true and that's the first thing i thought of when he said that!

Igen, I'm always so tired but it still takes me time to fall asleep. Things are getting better though.

Dad, thanks for your letters! I did get them all, and it sounds like yuor MTC experience with your comp is kinda like mine, but no worries, I'm working on it and i pray every night for it! I'm trying so hard to stay strong for mom and all of you at home and my comp and district and i feel liek that's why i just broke down under all the pressure last night.

Anyway, keep your heads up! and remember to read and pray!

I love you all!
Butterfield Nover

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