Friday, February 15, 2013

Letter to Mom and Dad Week 3

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Part 2


So throughout the week, I always just keep a bullet point list of things that I need to remember to write you about. I just didn’t feel like writing about most of them in my e-mail this morning.

Last week within less than 2 days I broke two different necklaces and lost an earring. It was just an off day and everything was all weird. Haha, luckily I fixed one necklace, but still haven’t found the earring and I’m pretty sure the long pearl necklace just can’t be fixed. L It was one of my favorites I’ve had it forever.

Hm, before I forget: I totally forgot to pay tithing on my last paycheck before I left and it’s been bugging me ever since. I think it’s only like 3 bucks or something, but is there any way you can get that from my account and pay that for me or something?

I’m trying to think of what you’d like to hear about. I don’t think I’ve told you much about my companion. Here’s a little background: She was born in Virginia and lived there until she was like 12. Then she moved to Idaho (Rexburg). Her dad got called to be the mission president in Long Beach California. Then they moved back to Rexburg where she graduated in 2011. She went to BYU-I for like three semesters. She has an identical twin sister who got her call on the same day, entered the MYC on the same day and they’re flying out on the same day, except that she’s going to Korea. I can tell them apart though! J Anyway, my companion really likes to read books and play video games and watch Lord of the Rings. Sound a lot like me . . .? Yeah, didn’t think soJ haha.

So many people are getting sick here, it is scary. That’s the worst thing ever to happen at the MTC because you have to miss out on valuable class time and your comp has to sit out with you too and there’s just no where comfortable to get better. One of the sisters in the other district, Rindlisbacker Nover got food poisoning one night and was just out in the hallway on the couch with a trash can. Most f other girls couldn’t/can’t handle other people throwing up, so they all just went to bed. Luckily it doesn’t bother me, so I sat up with her and her comp for a long time while she got it all out of her system. The next day, my grammar and all my language skills just went right out the window since I was functioning on such little sleep. That was a rough lesson. Then that day one of our new ZLs got food poisoning and has to miss out on the devotional. Rindlisbaker Nover and Elder Austin have both been sick twice since they’ve been here, so maybe they just have weak stomachs. Either way, I will now always be wary of the chicken.

Speaking of the devotional, President Schwitzer came and spoke at the MTC! I made a beeline to the stand after the meeting ended and hugged Sister Schwitzer, I don’t think Pres. Schwitzer recognized me. Oh well, he was a good speaker though!

You should ask Kortnie (Petersen) is she remembers Natalie Fronk from H.S. IDK if Kortnie reads my blog, but Sister Fronk is our new coordinating sister and we figure d out the connection and she just kept talking about how nice Kortnie is and how she’s known her for so long and misses seeing her.

One thing I love about the Hungarian hymnbook is that it has the song "Come Thou Fount" in it, so naturally our district sings it all the time. We also sang it before a fireside once and everyone cheered when they announced it. It was so powerful to hear sung by so many enthusiastic missionaries.

That’s all I can think of to tell you for now. I’m excited to meet the new baby Fins, they should be here by now! I’m probably going to take a nap for a little while before dinner and class. Thanks for the letters and packages; hopefully I answered all of your questions.


Butterfield Nover

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