Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 2... Check!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


How's it going? So crazy that I'm already on to week three! We have less than 7 left! Hmm.. Idk where to start. So, Mom, so many sisters here brought maxi skirts that go down to their ankles so it makes me sad that we shortened mine. Haha oh well. Also, a ton of people have super skinny jeans. But whatever, obedience is key. You asked for things you can send me? It would be nice to have maybe a bathrobe for the showers here with SO many sisters sharing bathrooms here, it's an overload. I'm interested to see how things go after today, every Wednesday the MTC fills up sooo much and the cafeteria is a nightmare. Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days because it seems like the MTC clears out and everything is faster, even though there are still so many missionaries left. We're getting like 800+ missionaries today! SO cool! You can feel the power as you watch everyone flood into the cafeteria and rooms. It'd also be nice to maybe get some small cash cause the vending machines only take like 1's and 5's, i think! A few safety pins would be nice too... and a pair of headphones cause we can use them in the fitness room to watch Mormon messages. Also a card reader!!! And some post-its. Haha sorry, I have a long list. I think that might be all. Oh, some smaller hair ties for braids! Totally forgot to get any! It would be cool too if you could send me some magazines with some general conference talks in them so that I can read them at night/in personal study/Sundays/the airplane. Haha

Don't worry Nate, you aren't the joke, we just thought it was funny that Mom thought it was necessary to include that in her letter. Haha. It’s little things like that that I like though, they make me laugh. Haha. Also, Nate, I have your sweatshirt that you got for Christmas that didn't fit. I brought it with me and every time I wear it, I think of you! (I wear it as I walk to gym time). Speaking of gym time, I'm actually starting to really like it. I read all of the letters that I get during that time and when I'm concentrating on that, I lose track of time and bike literally miles without noticing and then I feel so re-energized spiritually and physically after that. Nate, you should write me sometime... Katie, Scott and Jenny, thanks for your letters! I'm working on writing back! Mom and Dad, your letters are always so motivational. I just wish I could hug you guys sometimes, but it's okay. I'm not sure about the suitcase Mom... could you try calling the MTC front desk or something and explain it to them? I'll try to get over there sometime today, but if you call them, they can probably just call me down while you're on the phone with them or something. It's the medium suitcase! Thanks for your package btw! I loved it! And we did all of the temple names this week, so feel free to send more! We have a ton of sisters that can help me! Also, one of my Zone leaders asked if there were any guys' names that I wanted him to do. Haha so if you have any guys, feel free to send them, but it'd have to be this week if you have a ton, because the ZL's leave in a week and a half. You could send a couple later on, we just don't have as many guys.

ROOMMATES! I love you guys sooo much. You're packages made me weak, Joy and Katie! Thanks for the letters from all of you, except Sarah! Still haven't heard from her! :( I'm sure she's just super busy with school and RS though, so no worries. Cambri, I think of you a lot when I used the journal you gave me! It makes me miss you! Katie, I haven't started using yours yet, I will when I fill Cambri's and then I'll always think of you! Haha I'll send you all individual letters later today. But seriously thank you soooo much for your packages and thinking of me!

Mom, to answer your many questions about sleep: no, I'm not really sleeping that much better. Definitely better than the first night, but I still wake up sometimes and have some trouble falling asleep some nights, because I don't want to take medicine. Luckily, it's been easy to wake up almost every morning. I just have to talk myself out of bed once I do. Haha

Funny little fact, my district calls me Elder van Pelt... I hope you all catch that reference, I'm sure Nathan does. Haha mostly because every time we go to get the mail, Swenson Elder comes back to hand it out and he's just like "Sister Butterfield, Sister Butterfield...Sister Butterfield... oh, Sister Butterfield..." Hahahaha I feel a little guilty sometimes, but I love the support! If anyone feels like writing someone random, feel free to write my companion or even anyone in my district, but specifically my comp. Her name is Sister Rachael Sexton and all of her info is the same as mine like mailbox and stuff... but really, do it if you want! She'd love it! And I think she needs it!

Anyway, this week has been so much better! Sometimes I feel like I've hit a plateau and I'm not learning as much or as focused or I feel like something is wrong when I'm not stressed... but really I am stressed quite a bit, so I don't know. Haha I have a 30 minute lesson in Hungarian tonight with an investigator, Adam, (our teacher really).And tomorrow we're doing TRC in Hungarian to some RM's :/ eek!

Haha people laugh at my sounds here! Hahaha oh well. I don't mind. That's just who I am. But I only do it with my district really. also! roommates!!! this will hopefully make your day! I have spread turtle!!! Hahahahaha one of my Zone leaders, Ekstrom Elder, knows a little bit about it now and we'll just randomly pull the face to each other and die laughing. We're going to take a picture of us doing it soon so that you can all enjoy it! Also, you should all memorize the word for it in Hungarian, we say it all the time and it just confuses everyone else! It's pronounced like: "teknoshbaika" =teknosbeka. learn it! Hahaha

Dad, this is super random, but do you think you could tell me a little bit of the history behind the book of Proverbs. I don't know much about it, but I really like it! Also, everyone should read Proverbs 3:5-7, 26-27 and Moroni 7! Both are awesome! I can't even tell you how many times I've used or other people have referenced Moroni 7. I seriously think it may be the most used chapter in the whole Book of Mormon, I just never noticed before.

Haha This week I saw my friend Aubrey Hatch working in the cafeteria and we talked for ever and I thought you'd all laugh to know that she had me take a picture of her and another missionary with her iPhone and I seriously just held it super awkwardly in my hand like ahhh! What is this?! And it felt sooo awkward to be holding a phone or technology. Hahah We can't use our iPods in the MTC, just in the field so I haven't even held that recently. Hahaha-Ohhh awkward missionary moments.

Someone remind me when I get home that I need to watch LOTR (Lord of the Rings) and a ton of movies. I seriously don't get what the big deal is about it, I guess I just didn't grow up watching it but everyone quotes it all the time. Also, one night I started quoting "She's the Man" and then all the sudden a million people in the bathroom on our floor were and it was soo fun.

It's still a roller coaster of emotions, but just getting to the High points makes the low points worth it. Sometimes I think I won't make it though, it's tough stuff. But it really does help to hear from you all and to see people from home here. AH! Chelsea (Hermana Zortman) lives like 3 doors down from me and I always run into her in the caf, so its soooo nice that I just have a little piece of BYU from her and we talk all the time!

Hungarian is rough! It's definitely not getting any easier. Funny though, because I now understand English grammar much more; they teach it to us to understand Hungarian grammar which doesn't makes sense! Hahah oh well.

Weird to think that 4 months from yesterday was when my life changed! (The general conference announcement on Oct. 25) and its less than two months until the next one and less until I reach Hungary! So weird! Time flies and it does in the MTC too, even though the days drag on so long.

Mom I thought you'd be pleased to know that we did well with picking out clothes! There hasn't been one day that I haven't gotten a compliment for what I'm wearing! Mostly I just wear the Eccos, because they're cuter and now I think they're comfier than the Danskos. You should see if they have those Eccos in like tan or navy or something!

Well, my time is up! I doubt I'll send any pictures today, I don't have that many. But I will for sure soon, cause I'll take a bunch with the osi and ZL's before they leave!

Remember, just keep swimming! and read those scriptures I gave you! They're so true!

Butterfield Nover

PS - Dad do you know Elder Don R. Clarke? I recognize his name! He came and spoke to us last night for the devotional! He's a funny guy! Okay. I'm really going to go now. Love you all!

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