Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week 6: Day 111: My transfer to Debrecen

13 May 2013


Skyping yesterday almost feels like a dream! Weird! So I kind of explained to family yesterday what Debrecen is like, but no one else has really heard what it’s like. I seriously feel like I'm in a completely different country right now! It's SO different from Kispest. I'm pretty sure I moved from like the most rundown Sisters' apartment to the nicest one in the mission; so that's great for me! Not so great for Sister Messinger who swapped spots with me. haha :/ Also, people here are sooo nice, comparatively. Still not the same as Latins or even Americans, but hey, seems like heaven to me! I think this is the longest time I've gone without being yelled at! :) It makes me appreciate it so much more! Also, the work here is much different! They aren't used to going tracting or knocking on doors or anything. It's mostly just tabling, streeting and programs. Weird! It's a college city, so there are actually a lot of people from other countries because it’s a really good college! There are a lot of medical students and things! Also, everyone here rides bikes and it’s so much prettier out here than the cramped, busy city. Also, the houses here are actually (almost) like houses in the US. There are some really big nice houses here! I've heard that this is the second biggest city in Hungary and that it's the wealthiest area. Who knows if that’s actually true! Not me, because I don't have Google! Haha! No fact checking for me!

My first full day here, I actually got sick. So when we got home this Thursday, my head was killing me and my whole body was shaking and I ended up throwing up a couple times, but I felt much better the next morning! It's cool that it only lasted the short amount of time that we were at our apartment; anyway, it didn’t affect our work at all, which was good! The ward here is actually a branch and is super small (but I think big compared to the rest of the country), but the missionaries are actually a part of the ward here and are needed! Weird! Haha I helped translate a temple recommend interview at church on Sunday! So weird! I’ve never been a part of someone else’s interview with a bishop...

Hmm other than that... tonight Sister Perkins and I are walking through the cemetery with our elders! And my comp is sooo great! We get along really well! She's a cosmetologist. I don’t know how to spell that........ So we're going to the branch house soon, so that she can cut some people’s hair today. Also, I have a sister missionary tan. Yuck. Haha and my feet have really weird tan lines! I'll have more time to write next time, ask questions so I know what to tell you all about! But, this city is a big change. Luckily, Sister Perkins and I are like already best friends and have talked about our entire lives--not quite our entire lives--but almost. She’s great!

Fill me in on the funeral tomorrow and everything you're all up to! I want to hear it all! I can't believe I've been out so long! During next transfer, I'll hit my 6 month mark! orultseg! Craziness!

I hope you all have a really good week!
Love you all,

Butterfield nover

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