Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week 5: Of Compliments, Programs, and a Dog Man!

Szia sztok!

I always leave this letter to the end to send because I can never think of what to say and really, I have a hard time even remembering what I did this morning because life is so crazy out here. Here's a little bit of the email I just sent to President Smith, just so you have a little bit of insight on my week:

"Other than that, things are going great out here in Kispest! We have a lot of investigators just starting out that look really promising though! We have been working really hard, through a lot of our meal times to stay on top of things! It seems to be a big change from the first week or two that I was here and everyone seemed to be cancelling on us! Now we almost have too many programs to handle and try to fit in. It's great! I'm interested to see how things go with some of our investigators, especially some of the ones that Sister Watt's has been teaching for a long time, when transfers come."

We have been crazy busy and I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired in my entire life probably. We got Standard again! If only we could have squished in 6 more working hours! Everything else was high enough to be super standard! gah! Haha oh well, we’re working towards it. It was funny because one of our investigators asked me mid-program if I was always so tired? haha I had to laugh at that one. I think sometimes when I’m trying to concentrate so hard, I must look really tired or something. Plus, I'm normally like bouncing off the walls and keeping my energy up, so once you give me a chance to sit down; I just crash with the heat and the break on my back and feet. Haha oh well. I'm trying to work on looking more engaged...

To answer everyone’s questions, in order to get standard, you have to get a certain number of finding hours, working hours, programs with a member present, other programs, referrals/finds contacted, SYL (which is when you speak only Hungarian all day. We went past super standard on that this week!), new investigators, investigators at church and RCLA (Recent converts and less actives) programs in a week. Then, Super Standard is a few numbers higher on all of them. Except you have to get 10 extra working hours to get super standard; which is hard with our extra studies and stuff. Oh well, both of them are pretty rare and you have to stretch a lot to get them.

Hmm… Well... oh! So this week I said the First Vision for the first time in a program! I think it went great! The member that we had present just stared at me too and at the end it went silent and he was just like "wow." I think he was surprised that I had it memorized as a greeny or something? But the program I was in was actually with that guy I told you all about from English class! We’ve been with him a few times! Just once a week, but he’s so chatty and he’s great Haha his English is really good! He’s been meeting some members here and there and we’re planning on inviting him to church when we meet with him on Friday!

Other than that, we put someone on baptism date this week. He is... I don’t even know how to describe him. We're probably not supposed to have favorites as missionaries, so I won’t say that he’s my favorite, but he’s so great! A lot of people get pretty intimidated because they think he’s so intense, but the first word I’d pick to describe him is probably adorable. Seriously. I just can’t even describe how much I love this guy and I’ve only known him for like 2 weeks, if that. He’s had a lot of experiences in his life, which is why some people find him so intense; but there are a lot of things that I can related with him on. Plus, he’s super open and straightforward. On Saturday when we met with him, he had written out this whole thing that he wanted to tell us about and it was so personal. So I thanked him for it and told him a personal story that related and he was just like (in English): “I can already tell, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” We are just so excited for him. And we had a program with him this morning and it was probably the best, most spiritual one on my mission thus far, for every person involved. We're just worried about getting him to stop smoking, but it’s one step at a time!

We tracted into this guy named Zoli this week and he was super interesting. He invited us in for water and a little break while we talked to him. So we went in and sat down and he had all of these dogs that he put away first, and all of these purebred puppy bulldogs. Then, we went into the house and his whole living room was…interesting. Not what we were expecting. He seems like a pretty legit guy, probably in his 30s, and he has all of these like... dog pictures, figurines, paintings, dog info books, huge trophies, little trophies, etc., etc. Apparently he trains dogs and they actually do super well internationally. He showed us the website with his show dogs as well... if you Google something like Black Emerald…Scottish…it should come up like the first website with music in the background, like Scottish music or something. Haha!
Today’s been an interesting day! We had two really great programs this morning, both of whom are on baptismal date. At the end of one of them, the investigator (not the one I already told you about), turned to me and was just like (in Hungarian) “you read really well!” And I just kind of laughed and said thanks and he was like, “really, almost like a Hungarian!” Interesting, because I felt like I butchered the whole thing, but that’s one of the things I’ve been working on, just listening to when people take pauses and things. Then, earlier this morning, this lady told me that I was really csinos (handsome or good looking) and complimented my outfit and said that I just looked really good. What the heck! Hungarians don’t give compliments and it was two in one day! Probably one of the weirdest things on my mission so far, seriously. It’s just not the culture. We try to do it on transportation to start conversations with people and we get such weird looks and reactions sometimes. One time, I complimented a lady on her purse and I think she seriously thought I was going to steal it. She like gripped onto it and was acting so strange. Haha! That’s another challenge/fun thing here..... Trying to find on transportation…People are so quiet here.

Okay, well I'm going to spend some time sending pictures! But I hope you all have a good week and read a conference talk! Take advantage of the fact that you can. I still haven’t read or heard any of it in English and I seriously wish I could!

Also, my P-day next week is on Tuesday, not Monday! So that’s when I’ll be emailing and try to be online so that we can plan a good time to Skype the next week for Mother’s Day! I’m excited! Thanks for all of your support and letters! Love you all!

Butterfield nővér

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