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Week: 50 Day 420: TRANSFER CALLS! New Pictures Posted!

March 18, 2014


I wish I could send you all videos, because we filmed our transfer call this morning. haha Let's just say... I called it! The APs asked me for my guess before they would tell me, and I was right! Tomorrow morning I am getting on the train and heading to Pest because we're getting transfered. But, instead of heading back here I will be on my way to.... SZEGED (in the very south of Hungary) with Sister Dinehart! She is actually a greenie right now. She's the one that several people told me that I was going to train, because they thought we'd get along. But... obviously I wasn't a trainer this transfer. haha. Anywho, that means I have to finish training her and finish the 12 week program with her. Yikes. It's been almost a year since I did that. I think that I'm going to my dying place! So strange. Home doesn't feel so close anymore now that I know that I still have at least one whole, new adventure ahead of me.
Happy St. Patrick's Day yesterday! I planned to wear green and then... I got dressed and forgot. The bad news is I can no longer wear or use the excuse that I'm wearing green underwear. haha

The conference last week was GREAT! All I have to say, is every morning since then I have been up and out of bed BY 6:25 (That's a miracle within itself. ;) 5 minutes is a long time)! I really enjoyed something that was said by President Smith about the Holy Ghost, that we can't be doing (or not doing) all the little things and still expect the Holy Ghost to be with us all the time. There was a lot that I enjoyed about it and I learned so much, it's hard to just write it in a couple sentences. However, over all, it just changed my determination and motivation again, right when I needed it the most! It was pretty cool, because Elder and Sister Dyches came and sat with Sister Broadhead and me at lunch and we got to talk to them one on one for a while. Sister Dyches is super cute and Elder Dyches goodness literally radiates from his eyes.

We had a great week, probably because of the conference! We had one of the coolest programs of my whole mission on Saturday! We had English class and a little while after it, we had planned a program with a member. There was still a little group of four young adults from English class (who also meet with the Elders and have been having a difficult time progressing) sitting there talking. Right before we went into the other room, I had a strong feeling that I should invite all of them in; I mean, if they're planning on spending their Saturday evening hanging out at the branch house, why not give them something spiritual! (: So, I asked the member what he thought about it, and he said: "Invite them all in!" It kind of surprised us when all four of them actually decided to come in and almost jumped out of their seats. We showed them a church video about missionary work with lots of converts talking about what they felt when they were investigators and first came into contact with the church. We watched the whole video and I wasn't sure how exactly they would take it. At the end, I stood up to turn the off the TV and turn the lights back on. I wish I could have taken a picture of their faces when I turned around to look at them. All four men were just sitting there staring at the TV with their mouths open, not moving, and one of them had tears in his eyes. When we asked what they thought and how they felt, one of them just answered, "Good, happiness, peace, joy." It was one of the best moments of my mission. Then we opened it up to them to ask any questions or concerns that they have. It took a little bit for them to open up, but it was great, because it gave them the chance to be open even in front of their "bros" and bear little pieces of their testimonies to each other. Plus, the member there was able to help so much with answering their questions, because he was baptized about 4 or 5 years ago and told them that he had all their same questions when he met with the missionaries. I can't explain how cool that program was, and all we had planned for was a program with a member to talk about missionary work; instead, we allowed him to actually do missionary work right away!

We had a great last week together. Wow. It all came together and we finally pulled through and got Standard together even on a week where an entire day was spent in Buda. It was a lot of little tender mercies put together. Imagine this! I reached a point this weekend where I decided I actually want to stay here. Even if the work is hard here at the moment, there are sooo many good friends of mine here and so many people that I am going to miss SO much. It's going to be hard to resettle and not see all of these people all the time, but at the same time, I'm ready for a new, fresh start.

We took tons of pictures this week; I'll try to send a lot of them. We decided to photograph what we do on a normal day, everything from waking up, praying, working out, teaching, studying, etc. Also, I send you some pictures of my favorite little girl here. She's SO cute. My two favorite kids in this country are both 7 year old girls, weird? I think so at least. But I just want to squeeze them to death. This one here in Székes is named Napsi (Napsugár), which means Sunshine in English. Random fact, the first movie I watch when I get home might be Remember the Titans because it's still my favorite and I have started quoting it all the time for some reason. SUUUNSHIIINE! Fruit cake! Okay, I'm done.

Anyway, have a good week! And I'll write to you next week from SZEGED!

Sister Megan Butterfield

In a program with a member here last P-Day, Laura! She's planning on coming to BYU next year and I'm stoked. She's so cute!
McDonald's for dinner!

  I feel like this describes us.

Here's one for all the people who speak Hungarian. We laughed.

I was forced to do a photo shoot... during Sport Nap. This is how I felt about it. (I hear there's a picture of it on facebook... hahahaha)

Real Sport Nap. kind of. it started this week, most other people were playing soccer or... reading their scriptures on the sidelines? Welcome to Sport Nap? haha. 
My favorite girl! (sorry, it's kind of blurry...) We went out to see them yesterday!

One of our investigators! (: I love her!

We made a priority jar for some programs! 

This is her!!! The branch President's daughter. Isn't she so cute?! (:

Love these kids! The two girls are the branch president's kids, we teach their step sister. The little boy is the son of another member, we teach his dad! (:

A look into a normal day with us. Hahaha 6:30 am.

8:00am (Personal Study)

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