Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week 51: Day 426: The Work is Crazy Good in Szeged! Tomato Soup, Bread and Peanut Butter for a Week!

March 24, 2014


How's life on that side of the world? Life over here is good, and the missionary work is good... Crazy good, actually. Like wow. I'm still in shock. I have never experienced this in my mission before. My first day here, we had 5 programs and we had 18 programs total, on a transfer week! We were in Pest for an entire day (I'll tell you about that later) and had 0 hours, so one entire day was gone. And then... get this! We had EIGHT people at church and it wasn't even a struggle! Where am I? The Lord's work is moving forward in Szeged, holy cow. I've been out here for over a year and those were both records, I think. It's crazy.

Any who... So yeah, Pest. We transferred and it was a great day. Kinda weird, because there were only 6 sisters at transfers and 2 of them were at the mission home, because one was a trainer and the other was dying. So it was me and Sister Kovács and our two new companions and then a bajillion elders. Every other sister stayed where they were. There are four or five sisters dying in three weeks though, so there should be a massive transfer then; no new sisters are coming in until May, so some cities should be shutting down until though. :/ We got on our train to come home and then something happened with the track and we ended up stuck on a not-moving train for 3 hours, plus like a 3 hour train ride when it finally started moving. But we all got to know each other super well, so it was good. Then, we had all pretty much run out of money since transfers was on the last week of the month and we all used our last money to buy train tickets and couldn't get them reimbursed yet so...let's just say, we literally ate tomato soup with pasta in it and bread and peanut butter for pretty much every meal this week, because we couldn't buy groceries... hahaha. Missionary probs. Definitely never run out of money before and then had my card not work for some reason, even though I know there's still money on it. Yikes. But, it's fine, because it's almost the end of the month. Haha

What else... we have Sport Nap here; nine boys and two girls running after a ball. Yeah. And then we decided to just go play soccer at 7 this morning with the 4 elders and one of their investigators and it started POURING rain. It was super fun though, stepping in puddles left and right and people slipping on the concrete. Haha. It was only slightly sarcastic; it really was fun, just really cold.

This city is SUPER cool. It's great. I still feel like I'm a daze though and have no idea where I am, because it's huge! I feel like it's bigger than Debrecen, but I guess it's not. My body is going all out of whack, probably because of the weather. Haha! One day I get a sunburn, because it's super hot and sunny, and then the next I wake up with a cold and today it's been grey and raining all day. Who knows what's going on? I saw Sister Kennedy and her parents today! They came back to visit and all the missionaries and one of her old investigators all got together at the branch house with them. Super cool. She filled me in on all the missionaries who are at home and which ones have gotten MARRIED since they got home! MARRIED! And dating, but that's normal. Back to the city... It's great and there's a really good university here, so there are young people everywhere and everyone is super rendes, attractive and well-dressed. Plus the branch is SO solid. I'm in heaven. I've never served in a city like this before.

I feel like I had more to tell you all. I'll think about it and let you know. We're coming back to email later this evening, because we have a few programs to run around to. Not sure where exactly we're running to, but I'll just run behind Sister Dinehart. hahaha. Speaking of running. I've already run a few times since I've been here... What?! Before this transfer I had run a total of twice, I think. hahaha This transfer will be a transfer of records, I can feel it already.

Love you all!

Sister Megan Butterfield
Sister Dinehart, Sister Butterfield, Caroline Kennedy

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