Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week 53: Day 441: Transfer Week & General Conference Week!

April  8, 2014


I hope you all got to watch conference! SO good! I don't know why I used to think conference was so long. I'm never ready by the time it ends on the mission! But that also could be since we only get to watch three sessions with the time difference... I can't wait to be able to read the last session and the Priesthood session. Conference couldn't have come at a more perfect time! Last week was great and all; I don't really have any complaints, because life here is the best. I just had the weirdest, unsettled feeling and like my motivation and hope was wavering, but by the end of conference I was re-pumped to continue on. I was going to pick a favorite and let you all know which one it was, but... we all know I can't pick favorites... I really liked Elder Anderson, President Eyring, and Elder Reeve's talks from the Saturday morning session and President Uchtdorf and Elder Stevens talks from.... maybe Sunday morning? Whenever they talked...

Other than that, we had a great week! -Tons of programs and running around and trying to squeeze in studies. We're helping more people prep for baptism and finding some new investigators. Speaking of! I don't know if I ever told you about the American girl we ran into while tabling, but she didn't have her number to give us (she's only here for a semester at the university) so we gave her ours. I guess she was having some problems with her phone, so we never got a call from her, but kept hoping that we would hear back from her. Anyway, I guess the elders were out tabling and she saw them and their tags, so she went to talk to them and had them call us and set a program with us. So, we had that yesterday and ohhh myyy…She's so cool and so cute! She's 20 and we all got along super well and she has a friend who actually got baptized a few years ago, but she doesn't know much about the church, but is interested, so... we're meeting with her again next week and we're so excited about her!!

Funny story of the week, we went on splits this week with the STLs and one of them served here before, so she asked us to look up one of their old investigators and give them a call. We got a hold of the mom and set up to meet Sunday before conference. Anyway, we go over there and her son opens the door (maybe like 12) and all we hear is a lady in the other room scream in Hungarian: "No! Close it! (And as he was closing it I just caught) Mormon girls." So he said "one second" and closed it... we waited a few minutes and so we decided to knock again and he came back and said "uhh... they moved." and I was just like "hm... who moved?" and he said his older sisters name, and we were like "that's okay, we're just here to see your mom." and he was like" yeah... they moved too" (all with this little smile on his face, like he knew that we knew he was lying, but his mom was making him. poor kid, but it was kinda funny to us too). So I was just like "okay, well, let your mom know that we were here if she's ever interested or needs anything." and he was like "uhh…yeah, okay, I’ll let her know.... if she ever comes by, I mean." Hahaha I mean, it was frustrating, but still amusing. Nice try, we're not dumb, or deaf. Hahaha oh well.

Oh yeah! I forgot to say…we got transfer calls this morning and we're all staying here in Szeged. We had gotten some tips through the ZLs that the APs told them on splits, so I actually kind of started freaking out a little this weekend, because I really, really wanted to stay here in Szeged. But…we're all here for the next 6 weeks! Which is good, I love our elders! They're so funny! It's the smallest district I've ever been in, but I love it!

Anyway, we're not finishing our emailing right now, so I'll be back on later, if any of you want to talk! (: Love you all! the church is true! Listen to conference if you didn't already.

Sister Megan Butterfield

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