Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 52: Day 433: This City is...on Fire!

March 31, 2014


How is everyone doing?! Hopefully things are as good on that side of the world as over here! Life is incredible in this city! I feel like this last week flew by, yet sooo much happened, I can't even remember. Let's just say we had 8 programs in one day, plus 4 hours of studies and somehow we still had time to come home and have my sick comp take a short nap (because I made her). haha Everything just works out perfectly every day and we shove in program after program. In my last city, we were lucky if we had a program a day and we did like 25 hours a finding a week or something crazy. Here, this last week we did 28 hours of teaching (plus two to active members, that don't count in our numbers)... and still managed to fit in 11 hours of finding, 4 hours of studies a day, meetings with the missionaries to plan our lesson for Sunday, and…not very many lunch or dinner hours... we usually eat on the go, and I love it! Life is so busy! We currently have 12 progressing investigators, 4 of which we're preparing for baptism, and 7 other investigators that we're trying to help progress. Members and investigators just come to church like it's no big deal and members come to our programs all the time. I feel like I have been here for ages because I have already gotten to know so many people and run all around the city and back 501 times. This city is literally on fire. (I mean, I guess not literally, or that'd be a bad thing). I couldn't have chosen a better place to die, hoping that I stay here until I go.

What else is new? mm... Well, we were both sick this week. haha Mine not as serious, just a cold. We actually are heading up to Budapest for a doctor's appointment for my comp. We don't really know what's wrong yet. But, she's been sick and in pain for the last two weeks, so I made her call the nurse and let's just say it's been a busy week of phone calls and conversations and trying to rest while literally running to catch buses and villamos's every day and not having time to take meal breaks. But, hopefully we get it all figured out today. Plus, at Sport Nap on Saturday, we had a little accident and there is definitely something wrong with her big toe. There is a bruise that wraps all the way around her toe and it's swollen. One day she had to wear one pink croc on it, because her foot wouldn't fit into her shoe, and we got lots of funny looks. (: She's a champ and just insists on pushing through the work. She's great. I'm loving the greenie fire.

Because of the health issues and the sun, we weren't really sleeping very well…so, we decided to fix it... hahah we took my blanket off my bed and closed it into our windows and taped it to the sill, to make a makeshift blind... it works pretty well! haha I forgot to take picture of it for you all. Next week!

We also taught the combined lesson in church yesterday, since it was the 5th Sunday. We taught about missionary work and members helping and stuff, not that they even have a problem with it here. haha I think it went well, but we needed a lot more time, so we had to cut out a lot of stuff.

This city is super cool and pretty and international. I've actually been thinking a lot about possibly coming back here sometime for school or something. I mean, maybe not, but it's one of the best schools in Hungary and is world-ranked for their medical programs and stuff. One of the members here was trying to convince me into coming back and taking their psychology program. I don't think I'm smart enough, but I love the branch YSA and the city and there are so many international people on the streets here. It feels like home. (: Maybe I'll just marry someone here in Szeged... ;) I talked to Sister Kovács on the phone the other night and she's convinced that I will marry a Hungarian. She has a couple specific people in mind since we served together and she also served here and knows a lot of people here in Szeged. hmm. Awkward. Who knows.

I wish I had more time to tell you more, but we have to run to catch a train. We'll be on trains for 5 hours today. haha joy. But I love you all and hope you have/had a great week. Happy Birthday Mom and Nolan! Hopefully we'll have a couple minutes to email today after the doctor to let everyone know what's up, but probably not... If not... until next week!

Sister Megan Butterfield

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