Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 54: Day: 447 Another Funny Cockroach Story

April 14, 2014


I don't have too much time to email right now... again... because we have to run to a program pretty soon, but we're getting back on to finish at like 5:30 our time, if any of you happen to be online at the same time. I think that's maybe like... 8 your time? I don't know what the time-difference is right now.

Our week was good! Working like crazy out here, but I love our work. I seriously am in love with this branch down here; I feel right at home with them and have made some of my best friends in the country. I'm trying to think of anything super interesting that happened, but there wasn't too much outside of super cool missionary stuff. One of our investigators set a bap date and if all works out, he'll be baptized in two weekends! Yeah! And we're helping a newer investigator prepare for baptism for June 6, along with 3 others on that day. Another super solid one is working towards May 30th. Life is great and these people are so solid and prepared!

Life is so weird, as I get closer to coming home and realizing that I only have one more transfer call. It's like a roller coaster. One day I am super stoked about coming home and then just a few hours later I'm like secretly in panic mode inside of my head. There's a lot that I miss about being a "normal" person and some things that I definitely won't miss about being a missionary, but there's also a lot that I will miss. I really do love it out here. Plus, when I get home, I'm dealing with real life problems, not the Lord's work, that we know will go on, no matter what happens. It's strange to be this old in the mission. I'm not used to being in the older section; I'm just used to our massive group of sisters always being the greenies. haha This morning we went to play soccer with the four elders and an investigator and then we all went home to get ready and do some studies. The Zone Leaders wanted to hang out, so they picked us up (because only the ZLs get cars in our mission...) and we went to check out the Tisza River and buy a new soccer ball at one of the malls here. One of them dies in 5 weeks and then I die the next transfer, so it was super weird to talk about how soon it's all coming. We didn't really realize that it's this close.

Funny story of the week... Last Tuesday night, I was sleeping... when I wake up to this whimpering "Sister Butterfield... Sister Butterfield! Wake up!" So, of course, I sit up in panic like "what?! Did I miss the alarm clock??" But I look down at my watch and see that it's 3:40 am.... haha. So I just look up at my companion and she's like "What does a cockroach look like?? Come with me!" So I follow her to the kitchen, where there is indeed a really big cockroach lying upside down in front of our fridge, stuck on its back. haha So, I just look at it, and was like "yep, that's a cockroach" and kind of laughed and then went and got in bed, because obviously I was exhausted. She just followed me back into our bedroom and was like "How can you go back to sleep knowing that thing is in here!!" hahaha. Easy. I lived with a thousand in Székes, granted this one WAS the size of like 10 of them put together... But yeah, so we go back to sleep and wake up in the morning. It's still there. I just didn't want to hear it crunching, so I was going to let it die of starvation. We go out and work and come back, approximately 12 hours later... still there. So I go to change into my pajamas and come back two minutes later. It was gone. So we have a cockroach that was stuck on its back for like 20 hours and after TWENTY hours, it finally manages to flip itself over and run away. Let's just say, my comp has told this story to everyone we've met up with since, but it's super hilarious. Meh. Cockroaches.

Anywho, I can't really think of much to tell you all. I'm stoked, because I just found out I can finally print out the conference talks that we didn't get to hear and read them! I'll talk to you tonight, maybe, if you're on. Love you all. Have a fantastic week, let me know what's new.

Sister Megan Butterfield

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