Sunday, May 4, 2014

Week 56: Day 461: Hair Fiasco, Testimony Building Experiences

April 28, 2014


Uh... Don't be mad, but... I may or may not have dyed my hair this week. Oops. Haha. Don't worry, only part of it, and part of that we bleached back to its normal color because it came out a little too extreme than we expected. It's kind of a long story... There's this YSA here who opened a little hair salon here and offered to cut our hair, cause I haven't gotten it cut since Perkins cut it on splits in like September. Anywho, we gave her free range to do what she wanted as long as it wasn't too extreme. Sister D's hair was about the length of mine and wanted to try it short, so she got a super short A-line. I told her I had always wanted to try brown hair but never had, so she wanted to try this style of like part of my bangs˛/front hairs dark brown and the rest blonde. Yeah... we figured out that my hair is super weird and it kind of went like blackish greyish blue or something? But the bangs came out really well. So, the next day, we went back and she bleached the one side back to its normal color, but even that took like three or four coats of bleach, so she said my hair is super stubborn and thick. Hahaha! Anyway, it looks good now, so no worries. Plus, my bangs will have grown out by the time I come home, so it'll be fine.

Also, just a warning, the stupid shift key is broken and doesn't really work, hence the terrible typing today. Other than that little fiasco, our week was really good. Our work is still going strong and we're working on adding more people to our pool. Next Sunday we have a baptism! Speaking of, we get to Skype next Sunday! We have Stake Conference that morning and then that afternoon we'll have the baptism and then we'll head over to the branch president's house to Skype. I'm guessing it'll be sometime between 6-8pm here which is like 10am-12 pm there. He said that there will probably be two computers that we can use and just Skype at the same time, but he's working it out. We'll have an hour to Skype. So…if anyone gets on by the time I email tonight, let me know what time you have church and if 10 or 11 would be better for you?

Hm…this week we had a good time. Yesterday one of the members invited us over for a palacsinta (pancakes... aka crepes) party with some of the girls in the YSA and our investigator who's getting baptized and it was a blast. We couldn't stay for long, cause we had to run to another program. But literally, I'm just in love with this branch and the city. It's so crazy. I've loved the other cities I served in, mostly when I was younger in the mission, like Buda, but this is just like home here. So weird. We also had a branch FHE on Friday and brought like 8 of our investigators. It was a lot of fun to be there with everyone and play games and stuff. I've noticed the craziest things lately. Before my mission I never would have been able to just like pull scriptures and references out of a hat, but twice since I've been here I've had super cool experiences. Both women have been members for quite a while and one had to plan a talk and couldn't remember where in the scriptures a specific scripture was. The other one was planning the spiritual thought for the FHE and was struggling to find a scripture that would go along with it. Both came to me (at different times) in panic mode at the last minute, and asked me to help them. It was just a testimony-strengthener to me, to realize that not only am I closer to the Holy Ghost than before my mission, but probably than almost any other point on my mission. Both times, a scripture popped immediately into my mind. I wasn't sure if it was the right scripture for either of them, but according to both, it was just what they were looking for. I love being able to literally see the Lord working through us as missionaries and feeling like a tool in his hands. I just feel like I've been blessed with so many cool experiences lately, in my missionary work and in my personal life and prayers. Life is just so crazy and it's literally flying by. I don't know if any of you noticed, but less than three months until I get home. Still don't know how I feel about it. I already can't wait to come back to Hungary!

On a side note - Happy Birthday this week, Dad! - and Zach last week!

We have to run again, because we have a pretty busy day, but we'll finish emailing again tonight, i think. So let me know if any of you are online then or just reply before then and I'll try to send pictures of the new hair, but it’s not really that different! (: love you all! Read conference! (:


Sister Megan Butterfield

Someone drew out all of our last names (missionaries in Szeged) Haha!

Having language study with Viki.

She's so cute! She's like my best friend here!

At the hair place! That's how much hair Sister Dinehart cut off in some places. They used it and gave a girl in the branch thicker hair. Hahahah what?

Don't worry, that's not what my hair looks like right now on either side.

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