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Week 67: Day 538 Almost Home!!!!

July 14, 2014

I have to be honest... I considered not writing a group email, because well... you'll be able to hear everything from me in just over a week. So weird. My chain is getting very short. It's been an interesting week. It's been good, but it has prepared me to go home. haha last week you could probably tell that I wasn't necessarily super excited about coming home.. I'm still sad to leave, but I'm ready leave too. It's a strange feeling to know that I'll be home in 10 days, especially when I look at my to-do list. For some reason, missionaries have this great habit of giving their memory books to dying missionaries RIGHT before they're going home... (memory books are kind of like scrapbooks, but you do entries in missionaries' books if you served with them or around them, etc. with tons of pictures and such) anyway. I have 10 days and still have 5 left to do, plus letters for people and members, not to mention packing and the normal missionary day-to-day life... It's been nice though, because it keeps me super busy and I don't have any time to think about anything.

This week was pretty missionary-like. haha, obviously. some tracting, programs, etc. and we got Cleaning checks out of the way. Hey, guess what! Remember before my mission (and in the MTC) when I stalked people's blog here and decided that there was a city that I reallyyy wanted to serve in and talked about going to it all the time…and then I never went there...? Well! Two weeks before the end of my mission, I finally got to go there! haha I have to be honest, after serving in places like Szeged and Debrecen, it really wasn't all that great, but it made me laugh that I finally got to go there for a Zone Training. So yeah... Friday was spent in good ol' Pécs! I remember when I was a greenie and there was another sister who got to go to Pécs with her trainer and I was super jealous that she got to serve there... but looking back, I'm really glad I went to Kispest and got the trainer that I did. (:

Random comment... I heard Germany KILLED Brazil, 7-1. hahahahaha. That’s all I have to say. So sad. Argentina's still my favorite though. I wish I was coming home in time for that last game!

People don't stop talking about the fact that I'm going home and always ask me how I feel and what my plans are for the future. To which I answer I don't know! And I don't know! haha At least some people are having fun with it all... We went to our branch mission leader’s house and they served us cake, but they asked me to do the honor of cutting the cakes and serving them, "to practice for my wedding." Hahaha I couldn't even be mad, but hey, it went smoothly and they approved of my skills. Then, a few days later we went to another members' house and they served us homemade pizza and stuff and had me serve it too. Then, one of the elders spilled his drink and I just cleaned it all up and served them all, while she watched me. And at the end, she just looked at me and said, "okay, You're ready to be a wife! You can go home" and proceeded to make comments about how I "mother" the elders and people around me... meh… I'm still not ready to be a mom, sorry.

Those types of comments and experiences pretty much describe my life lately, but it's fine, I think it's funny. Other than that, nothing too interesting has happened. It's been raining all week and I ain't complaining! I will take rain over the heat any day for my last week here! I'm working my way through "F" in the Hungarian dictionary this week. I just find words I like or find useful and memorize them. For example, I found the word Fegyelem and it reminded me of something and made me smile, so I memorized it.

I don't have much else for this week, but I'll try to send you a couple pictures. I will see you all next week hopefully and oh, hey, I won't be emailing until Tuesday... but then I'll see you right after that. Love you all! Have a fantastic last week without me! ;) Weird how people start writing me right before I'm about to go home, but... hey, I'm still excited to see all of you!!!

Sister Mgan Butterifeld... the good news, is I obviously can't spell my own name or speak English anymore... *Megan Butterfield

We got caught in the rain... you can see the water running down the street in the background...
There were giant puddles and she thought the way I had to stand to ring and hold the door open was funny... haha!
Our lunch in Pécs! 

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