Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 68: Day 546: An Eventful Last Week! See You In Two Days!!!

July 22, 2014


Well... this is super weird... It's been a weird week overall, actually. I didn't think my last week would be very eventful, but I've learned on my mission that life never quite goes the way we plan for it... haha! I'll probably keep this pretty short, since I'll be home in like two days and then I can't talk to everyone myself, but I'll give you a run down on my week...

Tuesday... I pretty much thought I was going to die. Haha! Here I was, feeling sorry for poor little Carter (my nephew) who's sick at home with Katie and thinking about how throwing up multiple times doesn't sound fun, especially in this heat........ Yeah. Starting about lunch time I started feeling not so great, but I refused to stay home, because I didn't really think it was that bad and I only had one more week left as a missionary... not the best idea. We decided against tracting, in case I actually did throw up and then there wouldn't be anywhere for me to go, so we streeted down to a main road where we would be taking our bus in a while for a program and English Class. By the time we made it there, I was shaking so badly that I thought I was going to pass out, so we just stopped at the bus stop and waited for it to pass. Any time I moved, I literally thought I was going to pass out. Finally, the bus came and I stood up to get on... not a good idea. Ha. The nearest thing around me was grass.... Let's just say, I have never thrown up in front of that many people in my whole life... on a busy street, beside a stopped bus full of people... But then at least I felt better, and we had a program in 20 minutes with someone new and so the elders came and picked us up (since we had obviously missed the bus...). Made it through that program, but by the end I was feeling not so great again, so I laid in another room/threw up again while Sister Schnoor taught English Class and then the elders drove us home again. We went into the shop right by our apartment to buy some Sprite and Sister Schnoor was asking me about something right as I was buying my Sprite and I was just like Sister Schnoor... I'm going to throw up. So she just was like GO! And she said the lady was super surprised to see her standing there in my place when she turned around to give me my change... hahahaha. Anyway, it was a long night and I literally couldn't even keep liquid down. The next day I was planning on going back out to work, but I couldn't stay standing for longer than about 5 minutes without nearly passing out, so that day was not the most effective, unfortunately... But hey, at least I got it all out of my system before I have to get on an airplane! haha I'm still not really sure what it was, but I think I ate something bad... The mission nurse said it could just be a little bug... all the Hungarians are telling me it was the heat... I don't know about that one... I've never heard of anyone getting THAT sick because of a little sun..... haha!

 The rest of that week was pretty normal... Missionary work and such, working on Memory books like crazy during meal times and at night... It's actually been fun; I have all these random memories from different times in my mission flooding back. My favorite to do was Elder Bennett's from the Christmas/New Year's transfer…and Sister Dinehart's from last transfer...haha we had a lot of good times.

I've remembered again why I never say goodbye to people... It's the worst... mostly just because I feel really awkward, especially when people are crying and I don't know what to say or do. Even worse now as a missionary, because if it's a guy then I can't even really like hug them and it's just overall awkwardness. Funny, because I've left places a lot in my life, but I still can't do goodbyes... just "see-ya-laters" and I'm just not really the crying type, especially not in public. Speaking of... a guy in the branch was taking the transfer super hard and crying at church on Sunday and then he went up to Sister Schnoor and was just like "Why isn't Sister Butterfield crying?! Isn't she sad?!" Hahaha. But really, I am more sad than I am happy, it just still hasn't really hit me. I think I'll just be sitting at home lost in the sauce and still not really realize that I'm not in Hungary anymore and that this part in my life (my mission) is actually over...

Yesterday was interesting. Somehow we had double booked our evening programs, because one family invited us over, but said Tuesday would probably be good too, but we settled on Monday, but then another family invited us over for the same time and that was the only time they could, so we told them we'd reschedule the first one. But, when I called to reschedule, they said it had to be that time and that we HAVE to come, so then we called the other ones back... and it was a long, confusing process, but basically both family's refused to let us cancel or reschedule for another day and then both live super far away, so it was just a really hectic time, but it was really fun. (:

Then... we got transfer calls today and they're taking sisters out of like 5 different cities and replacing a couple of them with elders, because almost all the sister are in trios now... So... we're actually getting white-washed out by two elders... which makes our job a lot harder, because now we won't fit in the car with all of our luggage and the elders.. and we have to leave our apartment super clean and ready for them... and I still have a memory book to finish, but I think I'll just have to do that one at home or something... and Sister Schnoor's doing what I did in my second transfer! (: She's going to Debrecen! (: I'm excited for her, but she'll also be in a trio with an older sister and a new greenie.... so pretty much how we all were when I was a greenie... it should be interesting for all of them.

Basically, I'm just all up in the clouds right now and I can't figure out if I'm happy or sad or if this is reality or where I am right now... I'm excited for tomorrow, because by then all the packing and goodbyes will be out of the way and we just kind of have a free day.. We got an email from President telling us about the plan for the day. We'll go up in the morning and I get my new comp for the day... Sister Broadhead! And we're free until 2, because the two of us have interviews from 2-2:50 and then he told us we are free until 5:30 "to say good-bye to members/investigators/missionaries/etc." so... that's what we'll be doing. Then at 6ish we have dinner and everything after that is still a mystery... We just know that from that point on, we won't be able to be contacted, because we'll have a group dinner, testimony meet and "other activities," I think just sight-seeing and stuff. Then we'll go have a giant sleepover at the mission home and we leave for the airport early the next morning, because our flight leaves at like 8 am... and then.... I'll see some of you!! Crazy...

To quote a great missionary, "And we have suffered all manner of afflictions, and all this, that perhaps we might be the means of saving some soul; and we supposed that our joy would be full if perhaps we could be the means of saving some. We can look forth and see the fruits of our labors; and are they few? I say unto you, Nay, they are many...Now have we not reason to rejoice? Yea, I say unto you, there never were men that had so great reason to rejoice as we...blessed be the name of my God, who has been mindful of us, wanderers in a strange land." -Ammon. I wouldn't trade this last year and a half and the chance to serve God for anything. I can't believe that so much time has already gone by, but my whole life has changed because of it. God knows us so well and he's always watching out for us, knowing what we need most to help us grow, whether it be blessings, or trials, or new experiences and journeys. I'm just moving on to my next one now and hopefully I'll love it just as much as this one. (: It's hard to explain the thoughts of a dying missionary, apprehension and worry and excitement and sadness and happiness and reminiscing, but not really FEAR because I know that because of Christ it'll all somehow be okay in the end and I'll be happy, no matter how it works out, because God's plan is perfect for me and I'll just keep running along, trying to do my part.

Well, that's enough of my rambling. I will talk to you all in a few days. I'll probably spend my plane ride trying to come up with my homecoming talk for Sunday because uh.... I haven't even had time to start. Oops. Love you all and see you on the flip side!

Sister Megan Butterfield

Our branch mission leader and his family! I like them a lot. (:

Flora! (the one leaving on her mission in October to England!) She told me on Sunday that she thinks there's someone specific here (in Hungary, not Duna) she thinks I should marry.. then we can hang out again when she comes back from her mission. Hahaha. She said she's been thinking about it all for awhile and wanted to tell me her idea earlier, but she waited until my last Sunday when I'm "almost not a missionary" anymore. Hahaha she's my favorite.

Fati! My last time teaching her in YWs. :(

Viki! She lived in Buda when I was serving there last year, but now she leaves here in Duna, so it was nice to always have a familiar face at church. (:

One of our investigators and her mom at one of the programs last night! (: She's my favorite and SO funny. I die whenever we meet with her. She's really pushing for me to move back to Hungary... (her son is the one that predicted our futures/husbands and everything)

Another member family here and their nieces! I like them too. (:

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