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Week 65: Day 524: Thoughts on the Temple

June 30, 2014


Wow…for some reason it feels like it's been an eternity since last Monday... It was a long week, probably because I've just been thinking about the temple all week and really just wanted to be there.... haha. I'm super excited to go back to the temple, I've just been thinking about it all week, but especially last night, because I was talking to some missionaries in Szeged (they like to keep me up to date on EVERYTHING going on there since I've left...) and they were talking about how one of the YSA there went through the temple last week for the first time in prep for her mission and how cool it was to see her at church yesterday once she got back from Germany and how she was just like walking on clouds and it just gave me the chills remembering when I first went through and how it's crazy it's been over a year and a half since my first time and then thinking about how much I miss it and how that's really all that my goals in life connect to... I don't really care all that much/have any requirements about how many kids I have, where I raise them, what I name them, where I live (besides preferably not in Utah haha), I'm not stuck on any one major or job that I HAVE to have... I just want a husband I trust and a strong, happy family sealed in the temple. (:

Reading the things Dad wrote me about some of his ancestors was super interesting. Sometimes I forget that side of our family has been in the church for that long that Joseph Smith was the one that taught and baptized him... so crazy to compare that, which was what I always knew as normal life, to what I experience here in Hungary, where it's the coolest thing to meet one of those few people here who have been a member for like 24 years maximum and it blows my mind that a few of them have been members since before I was even born. And then like how much people here appreciate the temple and how much they work to get to it, it's just so different from what you experience in Utah or even South America. I've learned a lot of good lessons from the people here and I love that feeling of devotion that I see in some people here.

One thing I realized this week was how much I have missed doing RCLA work. Obviously, that's not our main focus here as missionaries, but we're still involved in it. I was pretty bummed that I couldn't do much last transfer, because... for example, if I had to say why I thought/felt I was sent to Veszprém or who I was meant to meet there, almost every reason would connect back to members that I met with a lot and helped bring back to church. To me, that was more fulfilling than most of the "missionary" work I did there with investigators. I love that branch. But anyway, I realized this week how much I missed it, because we've started doing more of that here in Duna and I love that part of missionary work!

The week overall has been interesting... maybe rough is a good word? It was just super long and about half way through I realized I'm finally cracking. haha Sister Schnoor has seen a side of me that most people on my mission haven't seen, at least not in such an extreme. All of my strange sounds I make seem to be back haha and I have had more than a few OCD cleaning sprees, because I can't handle just sitting around the apartment at night or during meals... haha so... crazy me is coming out… or maybe just stressed out me... at least she gets entertainment from it... Other than that, it's been good. We've been trying to make everything more fun, to at least enjoy our time. So we've been teaching each other weird tricks haha and we practice dance moves while we tract (don't worry, not while they're watching us through the door...) So in that aspect, we've had more fun this week, or just learned to laugh at our own stupidity and my stress. We had a Greek Night branch party or something this week and had Gyros, so that was pretty fun. I had to teach the Spiritual Message for some reason, but it's all good haha, went well...

Two new pet peeves that I learned I have this week... 1 - construction workers. Our part of the city is all under construction, so every time we come out of our building in the morning or have to go back in for meals, ALL (and I mean all) the construction workers stop there work and just stare, or try to yell things at us. If only I were a greenie again and couldn't understand strange things in Hungarian... I. Hate. It. I don't understand why some guys think that would make a girl feel good? Rather, it just makes me want to wear a giant paper bag over my whole body every time I have to walk past them. We've actually stopped going home all the time for lunch just because it's super annoying and they're doing construction by both our front and back doors now... 2 - When we talk to people and they think that "America" (AKA - the US) is the greatest thing ever. (Or the worst thing ever). okay, maybe it's just stereotypes that I don't like. But seriously, America's really not all that great... Yeah, maybe that's where I was born, but I don't feel like it's any better than any other place... there are still unhappy people there, still murders, robbers, poverty, drugs, and really anything else bad in the world... I'm glad that I didn't live for a long time, just because whenever we're tracting and having conversations with people and they start complaining and asking "it's not like that in America, right? Things like that don't happen in America, right? How much does this cost in America?" I can truthfully say, "I don't know! I actually grew up in SOUTH America and my companion doesn't know either, she's from Canada!" hahaha lately that's done the trick lately...

We were in charge of Sunday School and Young Women's again yesterday, so I actually really enjoyed Sacrament Meeting yesterday, because it was my one chance to sit back and not have to do anything. haha (: My favorite part was the closing hymn... They announced what it was (Families Can Be Together Forever) and several members started complaining about how they weren't familiar with the song, so when we started singing it, not too many members sang along with us. But this little girl we always sit with recognized it from Primary and was just singing along with her cute little, innocent child singing voice and to me it was actually a really powerful moment to hear her singing it and it brought back so many memories of the past and made me think about the future. Then, when it ended, all the members who had complained were just like “Ohhh, that was a pretty song!” Haha it made me smile. (:

I don't really have much else... This week we're going on splits with the sisters in Pest... I was really excited for it, because Sister Clawson and I had planned to go together again and we planned it specifically on the 4th of July, since I'm missing my favorite family holiday at home for a second time... but... there were transfers last week and she got transferred to a new city for her last 4 weeks... so... now I'm not so excited. Haha I'm sure it'll be good either way. They don't know yet who's going with whom. Sister Moffatt is up there, who I don't really know at all and Sister Maxfield... so we'll see... hahah. I think we're having a little 4th of July lunch party with all the elders in Pest though, so that should be fun at least! haha Other than that, it'll just be a regular week, nothing too exciting, unfortunately. Oh! I lied; a member is coming to visit from Veszprém! She's staying with one of her friends from the branch here tonight and then we're going to go visit them tomorrow or something. I'm not really sure what's happening, but I'm excited to see her! I didn't know her super well when I was actually in Veszprém, but we've written every week since then and she's super cute and getting ready for her mission (: Oh, and one of my investigators from Szeged is here again, visiting her family who are members, so we're going over there tonight for a program! (: I just wish I could get visits from everyone before I go home... (: If only all my cities were closer together, then it wouldn't be so hard! haha Then it'd make time go faster too, because recently time has felt deathly long, for some reason.

Hope you all have a good week! I'll send you some pictures really quickly and then we have to run to some programs.

Sister Megan Butterfield

My chain is getting shorter!
In case you were curious what some ten stories look like on the inside...I had no idea she was taking pictures...but this is where we ring to the apartments upstairs and try to get someone to let us in... haha!
A long story...but this tack went all the way into her hand and she made me pull it out...hahaha!
We re-decorated our bulletin board during one of my crazy cleaning sprees, using old signs and pictures other sisters had left and then our own. (: 
A close-up of my half. (:
I finished puzzle number two at the beginning of the week, which is probably why all the cleaning sprees started, since I had nothing else to do.. haha!

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