Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week 10: Quarterly Interview in Buda

10 June 2013


I have something for you all to look up! President Smith's wife frequently updates a website for the mission: hungaryldsmission.org Check it out! If you go back to April, I'm in a couple pictures on there and there are other missionaries in them that I've talked about! (:

Hmm…for this week...it has gone overall a bit better than last week. Mostly I'm just really ready from things to change up a bit and for next transfer, which starts next week! In other words, I'll be online next Tuesday instead of Monday to email! I won't be surprised if I get transferred again, but at the same time, I won't be surprised if I stay just one more (but, that'll probably be the most from what was implied this weekend in my quarterly interview with President). Who knows though! We have 3 new sisters coming in and a bunch of elders…6, I think, and two senior couples! President says that he wants sister missionaries in every city where there are elders a.s.a.p.! So that's really exciting!

We're going on splits starting tonight with two of the three Sister Training Leaders. I'll be with Sister Behunin and Sister Perkins will be with Sister Fox. I'm actually really excited now! I was pretty worried and not looking forward to it last month when they told me about it, but maybe it'll be a fun change for a day and I'll get to know another sister! I am a little bit nervous because I feel like it might play a role in what happens next transfer with me, but hey, what can you do! And either way, it's all done with according to God's will in the end anyway!

Today we spent most of our P-day in Nyíreghaza to get some suits made! Our comp item is going to be these really sick women suits! The elders who serve in Ny. almost all get suits made by this lady and they are super cool and European and the lining on the inside is the Hungarian flag! So we're the first sisters to try it out too, but with pencil skirts! I'm excited to see them!

Also, we have a new bap date this week! It'll be in July and we are soo excited for her! She is beyond ready and well, it’s a long story, but we are stoked! She's (not my favorite, because we're still not supposed to have favorites), but she would be one of mine in Debrecen!

We spent a lot of time with President this weekend! We were in Buda on Friday for interviews and it was soo good to be back! It really felt like I was "home" in Buda as soon as I stepped off the train! It has such a different feeling to it and even though it’s more harsh and busy, I love it now! Also, the river is flooding because of all the rain in Hungary and the surrounding countries! It’s crazy; the water is almost up to parliament! Then, the next day, President and Sister Smith came up and took us missionaries out to dinner at a really good restaurant and then they slept in a hotel and came to our branch and spoke on Sunday! They are so cute!

To answer some frequent questions:

I will try to tell you all more about investigators, it’s just hard because we’re not supposed to release too much confidential information or anything, plus work is kinda slow here. We have a lot of programs, but we haven’t really been getting any new, solid investigators and we're actually in the process of weeding out a lot of people that aren’t really serious about the church just practicing English or being friends with us. It’s pretty hard to do to people, but we just running into a lack of commitment or real interest to make any changes or anything.

We do see the elders a ton. We live right by the branch house, and the elders live quite a few blocks away, but only a couple minutes if they catch the streetcar thing. We table at the branch house a lot with them though and we always end up running into each other in between programs at the branch house and things.

Hope you have a good week! Tell me about the real world! I wish I could be there for Father's day with everyone! Love you all!

Sister Butterfield

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