Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 11: Good News

June 18, 2013


Boy, do I have news for you all! My instincts were right once again and.... I am being transfered...again!!!!!! I guess I'm just a one-and-doner. But that's okay with me for the time being. However, somehow every transfer call seems to be a hit in the stomach and things always happen that I would NEVER guess. For example... I would have guessed that I could go anywhere in the country except the one place that I'm going and the one place that Ive been raving to everyone about. .... IM GOING BACK TO THE CITY!!! I really really really really cant even tell you exactly how stoked I am and how at peace I was when President Smith called to tell me. It's crazy to realize again and again how much God really does know each of us and what would be the perfect place for us and who the perfect companions on. AND!!!! I am in a trio again!! WOOHOOO! haha. except that its kind of really different. So, Sister Fresh (from the MTC, the other district) is the cutest person ever and we had actually talked about living together back at BYU when we get home or something in forever when all of our friends are married haha. Anyway, she and I are kind of co-senior, but not officially. Officially, we have a senior companion, Sister Behunin, who I also have a funny story with. So, she is one of the three Sister Training Leaders and so she'll be going on splits multiple days in the week and so President was saying that she'll be gone like 4 out of 7 days every week at least plus with other meetings and so most of the time it'll just be Sister Fresh and I most of the time. But its such a good combination for me of being on our own and in charge, but still having someone there to help us sometimes and someone that i can come home to and ask language questions to and stuff. PLUS, Sister Fresh is super cute and motivating AND there are so many missionaries in the Buda ward. Its going to be crazy! All of the office elders, APs, like three senior couples, President, the Buda elders and the three Buda sisters. Buda is just my home and I love being in the city cirlce. This time I won't be Kispest and the ghetto though, Ill actually be in city center!

Anyway, Sister Behunin goes home after next transfer and I actually went on splits with her this week and we were talking about how badly we wish we could be companions and how much it sucks that she's going home so soon because then we wouldnt have the chance to. and...yeah, we're companions now. haha I feel like that keeps happening. So now I'll have been in three cities and have had 6 companions.. in just three transfers! Isnt that crazy!

Hm, I had a bunch of stuff to write to you all about, but I'm honestly still kind of in shock about transfer calls and don't feel like writing it all. Mostly, its SUPER hot here and we just sit in our own sweat.. and maybe everyone elses around us.. all day every day and I feel like I'm melting and dying right now. Also, hungarian food reallyyy does not sit well with me and it tends to make me sick. But, it tastes good at least (:

Over all, this week was really good! Except Sunday, that was a low point for reasons that really shouldn't be important. But, just things that I found out about going on back at home with some people and yeah, I have refound my motivation to want to be out here and stay out here. It is really sad though, because The last couple transfers I have become really good friends with some missionaries and they're all really old in the mission and have died, are dying tomorrow or dying really soon. That's one reallyyy hard part, but it's okay. There are so many good missionaries in this mission and I really love it!

I hope you all have a GREAT week! And I'll be writing to you all next week from Buda! Love you all!
Sister Butterfield

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