Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 12: 5 Month Mark

June, 24, 2013


Well..... hm I don't really feel like writing a mass email today, because.. well... I don't really like complaining or being negative, but I feel like that's all I have for this week, so I apologize in advance... So, this week. man. its been a tough one, definitely the worst out here so far, unfortunately. meh. For starters, I got super sick and lost my voice, so one the first day when we had a bunch of programs, I could barely talk to introduce myself to people and my voice qould just squeak and crack and hurt. Also, I slept a lot, I never haven taken naps out here before, but I was kind of forced to. haha. Also, I'm not exagerrating when i say that i have literally never been so hot in my entire life. Luckily the temperatures are supposed to drop this week, or I dont think that I would survive. I might die this summer. Other than that, Its mostly just been a week of wanting to come home for a variety of reasons...Here's just a little piece of my mind that I sent to someone, please excuse the extreme drama in it. haha: 
"I just wanna come home and be a normal person and not have to be friends with people who hate me or try to break my way into all the mission cliques... bleh.. as for the new situation... well, my comps were both comps last transfer and are like bffs and im just the awkward third wheel trying to understand all the inside jokes and pluy they had a super cool district last transfer apparently and so they just talk alll the time about how they hate transfers and transfers suck and i just sit there like.. yeah.. cool. i feel super welcome. i mean, theyre both super cute and social and every elder loves them, no joke, and wants to talk to them all the time and i dont know anyone in this district or anything and i miss my missionary friends. im all for making more, if they even give me a chance, but at this point everyones caught up in losing their old friends and i just want to go home and be with real friends. bleeeeehh. help me.

its nice to be in the city though, we live literally right across from the mission home which is super weird, but it also means that i can get mail and packages every day... (: and the ward is like an american ward almost, like i dont know where the heck i am right now! and its super hot and i feel like im melting and cant sleep and then im tired all day and i just want to come homeee. merp. help."

but yes, speaking of the ward here, I have no idea where I am. I think I have landed on a foreign planet or something. This is not real life. okay, maybe just not Hungarian life. But its so weird, we just have to sit there and not do anything at all! I didn't even have to introduce myself in sacrament meeting and they had a pianist and a chorister and speakers that went over time and announcements and new callings sustained and what the what! so many normal people were there! I accidentally forgot to wear my name tag... oops. haha but people were super nice and it was great! Also, there are SO many missionaries serving in the city compared to the other cities Ive been in! We have 4 elders, us three sisters, the two APs, the two secretaries, and 3 senior couples, plus President and Sister Smith, but they dont ever really come to our ward. yes, its actually a ward. that supports itself. AND we STOOD for the rest hymn! Who does that?! i mean, okay, besides America... but still.

Also, we had an investigator last week who told us all that we were sinners and should probably all talk to the bishop to see if we're okay because we've all kissed a boy before and according to him its not okay for mormons to kiss or hold hands or date or anything before you get married... yeah, hes a little confused.. and its a long, funny story for another day.. haha that was my first day back in Buda for ya...

Sister Behunin leaves tonight for the first time for splits, so Sister Fresh and I are on our own! It should be interestnig! We have a few programs to teach, but I'm sure itll be fine. We have a party tonight with all the missionaries at a members house, because it was elder Magda, one of the secretaries, birthday yesterday! Apparently she makes good food and she speaks english perfectly, so we're all stoked. haha

Oh and Sister Fresh and I hit our 5 month mark on our mission yesterday! And on wednesday we hit our 3 months in Hungary day!

Also, I live right across the street from the mission home and the branch house where we have most of our programs. so weird! But literally, we jsut step out and walk across the street and there we are! That means that we're in the office all the time (because it has AC and our apartment definitely does not) and we can get our mail and packages every day! Here's my address, just in case anyone needs it... (:

Sister Megan Leigh Butterfield
Hungary Budapest Mission
Hajnóczy József Utca 14

hm. thats all i can think of for now.. I had a bunch of things written down to remind me to talk about, but then I forgot it. So... maybe next week! Sorry again for all the complaining, that's just where I'm at in life right now... But I'm praying for you all. Love you all!

Sister Butterfield

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