Friday, September 6, 2013

Let's See Some Pictures!

Some of the beautiful scenery in Hungary...

 Really hot one day! We were just waiting for the bus in superr hot weather. I'm surprised we're not all sweaty and gross in this one! haha

Our district (Veszprém and Székesfehervár). The senior couple left our first week of the transfer though. 

It started raining on us while tracting one day. it keeps going from being pretty cold and rainy to really warm, even this week. 

we were pretty bored...

These are the Judds. I served with the one on the left in Buda last transfer! He goes home in a few weeks, but luckily home is Bountiful, so we have lots of crazy shenanigans planned. The one on the right is also Elder Judd. He was my district leader my greenie transfer, but serving in a different city. He's here in Veszprém this transfer and he's staying here with me next transfer! Hallelujah! Probably two of the craziest kids ever, you can definitely tell that they're cousins when you meet them (yes, one is part Asian and the other one is part Mexican haha). Everyone loves the Judds! 

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