Friday, September 6, 2013

Week 22: Finally Staying

September 3, 2013

I'm doing pretty well. I don't know how I'll be doing next week, during next transfer, but this past week was really good. We've had a really hard transfer together, Sister Fowers and I, but I learned so much and in retrospect, I loved it, even if it was sometimes almost unbearable at the time. We were both hoping that we'd stay together, so that we didn't have to readjust to a new change all over again, but that didn't happen... It's always exciting to get a new situation and be at transfer day and stuff; as much as we both love that, we just felt it was ready for us to maybe have a little calmer, settled-down transfer for 10 weeks together. But. Transfer calls came. 

This is going to be an interesting transfer. Plus, it's 10 weeks instead of 6, so thats an ETERNITY. It was a rough morning for us today, to say the least. haha. I felt oddly calm all night and this morning before the call came, so I told Fowers that I thought it was because something was coming for me that I wasn't expecting and that I wasn't going to be too happy about, sothe Lord had to calm me before i got it so that I didn't completely lose it. haha. I was right. Anywhooo, I'm trying to be super positive about it, and I think it's slowly working. So, I'm (finally) staying in a city. Sis Fowers is leaving to Kecskemét and we're both going senior. I was hoping I'd slide through my whole mission co-senior, except for one transfer as a trainer. haha. There are just so many sisters in my group and  almost everyone else in our group is co-senior for this next transfer, so we figure we should be too! haha, I guess it doesn't work that. I wish. I'm not completely ready to go senior, but, hey. I'm doing it anyway. Luckily I'm not super stressed out about that part though. That's the weird thing about missions, we're not ready for most things and there are a lot of things that we don't want to do, but we end up having to do them anyway. Ugh. haha. Maybe I can go back to being co-senior next transfer! ;) Anywayyy, Sister Maxfield is coming here! She's been in Szeged for her whole mission life so far, so Veszprém should be interesting for her, finding 24/7! haha yikes! We have the two "-field"s in the mission serving together. That's weird! I don't know her super well, she was in the MTC during my last three weeks in the MTC, but she mostly hung out with the Fins and her roommates, so I can't really tell you too much about her yet! Next week! I pick her up from Pest tomorrow, so I'm super excited about that! I get to go see everyone at transfer day tomorrow! (: Also, Elder Judd is staying in Veszprém too and he's getting a greenie!!! I'm so stoked to spoil that kid! We have to welcome people into the country and mission life the right way! (: 

Hm.. other than that. Our mission is growing! We're only losing three missionaries this transfer, but 13 are coming in! Three sisters and ten elders! one of the sisters is Hungarian! yay? yikes? haha jk, we're really happy about it, it would just be a hard transfer communication-wise. I've heard she's really cute! She's from Kecskemét, where Sister Fowers is going. There are three people in our mission that graduated from Davis, which is kinda cool! We all have to stick together! ;) There's me, then Elder Godderidge (Stephen) who graduated with me and Elder Haws (Taylor) who graduated the year before us. They're both really cool kids and we were all in the same Zone last transfer and now again this coming transfer, so it's always a fun time. Nate could come here too! ;) by then Haws and I will be gone though, so it'd just be him and Stephen, but it'd still be fun! 

I can't think of too much else. We had a good week! I told everyone that my family decided to go to California without me... haha (: Next year! Yikes! It's flying by. This coming transfer I hit my halfway mark and my birthday! Crazy! I'm almost not a teenager anymore AND half my mission is almost over. I miss things at home, but it hit me this week that I don't really even want to be back there right now. I mean, don't ask me if I feel the same way in a few weeks hahah, but at the moment that's where I'm at! (:

Love you all!
Sister Butterfield

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