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Week 61: Day: 496 A Really Weird Week! Highlight -- 6 Programs In One Day!

June 2, 2014

Hey, hey!

What's good over on that side of the world? It's weird, the closer I get to the day I'll be back there, the more confused I am about how I feel about it. I'm stoked for some things, obviously, like my privacy and seeing/being able to talk to everyone whenever I feel like, but I do not want to leave Hungary at all. It's like a roller coaster every day of not being able to make up my mind. The week went by pretty fast, but sometimes the days are brutally long, but they're really good at the same time... Hopefully, you're starting to understand my confusion by this really confusing explanation. hahaha. For example:

Tuesday we had an alright day, some funny programs and we were enjoying ourselves, thinking I can do 8 weeks, no big deal… After a pretty unexpected phone call that night, I was just super thrown off and ready to be done again. haha I woke up the next morning in the same mood and all through personal study, was just thinking of ridiculous things and ideas. During comp study, Sister Schnoor and I were just bouncing ridiculous ideas around, like what would happen if I fell down the stairs while tracting and got sent home 8 weeks early, or get hit by a (slow) car and broke my leg. hahaha (Don't worry, we were just kidding. It sounds really dramatic right now, but at the time it was super funny). Anyway, that kind of describes my morning of my mind just jumping to any possible solution... We left the house to begin our day of tracting and what do you know? The three doors that opened all let us in! No doors in between answered and said no. I don't know about anywhere else, but here that never happens. By that time, it was time for lunch and then we had a program with someone else. After our program, we decided to go back and try the rest of that building and almost right away, a fourth person let us in. We had to leave after that for another program. So 6 programs in a day! It was actually a super cool experience for us after a really hard morning of wondering how to make it through the next 8 weeks of tracting and our minds just wandering to the future or the past. That was probably the highlight of our week.

Oh! Weird story... I've been keeping this dream journal since like January, because I've had a lot of strange dreams on my mission, especially last transfer... and I was reading over it one morning and I found the weirdest thing! It was from February 28, so before I even went to Szeged, and it was super short, like two sentences. All it said was "got my transfer call to Duna with someone super young in the mission. Didn't find out that we were whitewashing until we got there and I was really not happy about it." I almost spit out what I was eating. hahaha So weird! I read it to Sister Schnoor and she pretty much freaked out and got the chills. haha. There ya go! She's decided my dreams are prophetical and that they're all going to come true. hahaha

I honestly can't even remember what we did this week; it all just blurs into one thing that feels like it was ages ago. I just remember it was a really weird week... It's super hard to concentrate when you're this close to going home. That was my intent this week, to focus more on my mission and not the future. Either the Lord has a sense of humor or Satan is trying his hardest on me, because literally every morning I'd get up and study the scriptures with the intent of preparing for the day and literally EVERY day, the chapters I came across in the scriptures always had to do with marriage and families. I'm almost done with the New Testament and I swear every other chapter talks about husbands and wives respecting each other, etc. Even what I read in D&C always connected back. It was Fast Sunday yesterday, so I tried to use that for help. Started my fast and we went to a program with this guy from the Area Book. At the beginning we were all just getting to know each other and at the end of my little introduction, he just turns to me and is like: "Szerintem, férjhez kell menned itt Magyarországon!" (Pretty much telling me that he thinks I should get married). Thank you, random stranger, for that input on my life. hahaha Yesterday I'd had enough, so before breaking my fast, I pulled out a Conference Liahona from a couple years ago... bad idea. I opened it randomly to a talk-- All about marriage. Opened to another one? "The Eternal Blessings of Marriage..." Yeah...My companion thinks it's hilarious. haha at least someone's enjoying it. ;) It's just kind of our joke now; she likes telling me about all the people that sheknows that came home from missions and how long it took till they got married or how/where they met them. She wants me to start writing her cousin... haha. We've been trying to figure out, just for fun, what the rules are on getting engaged. Because we heard that if sisters get engaged to while they're on their missions, they get released honorably. Is that true? I mean, I've joked about it with a lot of companions, but no one actually knows if it's for real. haha. That was added to our list, next to fall down the stairs and break your leg. hahaha we sound like crazy people. But yeah, I figured you'd get a kick out of that week of personal study, coming from the girl who was not excited to get married anytime soon and not have kids for a long time after that... and then I served a mission. Huh. I think I've officially gone insane. 16 months is a long time.

I know we had a lot of weird, funny things happen this week, but I can't even remember anymore. My brain is all over the place right now. I love Sister Schnoor though! She's super cute. My first Canadian companion! Oddly, only 4 of my 12 companions have actually been from Utah. haha Speaking of missions, there are two YSA (a brother and sister) in the branch here waiting to get their mission calls! I'm super excited for them! Also excited, because they said some YSA from other cities, like Veszprém, are coming to watch them open their calls and I'm stoked to see some of them! I wish there was Stake Conference or something before I leave so that I can see everyone from around Hungary before I leave. Oh well.

My favorite conference talks I read this week (Don't worry - I chose ones that weren't about marriage to share with you), were "Followers of Christ" by Elder Gonzalez and "Your Four Minutes" by Bishop Stevenson. I thought that one was especially applicable to a mission, but I found it amusing because usually your mission feels like a whole lot longer than 4 minutes... Anyway, read them! Have a good week! I love you all and I'll be seeing you in 7 weeks. Crazy.

Sister Megan Butterfield
The chin link count down till I go home. I promise it wasn't my idea! Elder Seegmiller (our ZL who's dying with me here in Duna) and I both made one as a joke. Haha!

Sister Schnoor and I and her first (not very good) pékség!

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