Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 64: Day 517: Month 17!!!

June 23, 2014


Happy 17 months... to me! (: This week went by pretty fast, and I'm not too sad about that either! It was kinda crazy with everything going on, so it wasn't too good for our work here... Like I said, we were in Buda last Sunday and Monday, but that meant we had to do emailing and shopping on Tuesday, which took a lot out of our day, and then we were in Buda all day Friday again for Zone Conferences. It was my group's last Zone Conference, so they made us all give our traditional "departing testimonies" and of course, I was first, since my last name starts with a B... There were only 5 sisters from our group at our meeting and Elder Seegmiller (not in our group, cause he's been here for 2 years, obviously) It was just super weird to be talking about my mission as if it's over and to be talking about going home, because I feel like I still have an eternity left. haha Oddly, I will be sleeping in my own bed at home exactly a month from tomorrow. Sometimes it sounds super short and other times it sounds like I still have a lot to go... depends on the day... or the hour... and my mood. haha but lately it sounds super short. I think it started to hit me after we all bore our testimonies and then the conference was over and everyone started running around telling us that they all need pictures with us, because this might be the last time they see us if they don't get transferred and all five of us just stood there in a circle, while it slowly hit/dawned on all of us, and then Sister Smith came over and started crying about us leaving and it was super cute, but just way too hectic of a day and of emotions. Don't worry, I didn't cry though. haha (: It was a pretty good training too, kind of different from our typical trainings, but I liked it. There was a picture of me in President's PowerPoint presentation from the baptism we had last transfer in Szeged... It made Sister Kovács and I laugh that he chose to put that one in there... (: haha oh well, it was a good picture at least! (: Probably my favorite departing testimony was Sister Fower's (my comp who opened Veszprém with me.. so like a year ago), who compared a mission to water skiing and not being able to ever stand up, so you're just getting dragged along, gulping water and feeling like your back is going to break and you're going to drown, but not being able to let go of the rope.... hahahaha. I almost died laughing. She tied it in pretty well, but yeah, that's kind of what a mission feels like a lot of the time.

Anyway...that was probably the most interesting thing of the week…I think this week will probably go by pretty fast too... most of our investigators could only meet on the days last week when we weren't in Duna, so we couldn't meet with most of them. Luckily, we have a pretty good week set out for us. It'll be good, I feel like I haven't really gotten to know many members here, but all the sudden in one week, a lot of them set up to meet with us, so it'll be good. We're going over to the Branch President and Relief Society president's house tomorrow for dinner (same house... they're married. ha.) I'm excited for that one, I hear they have pretty interesting mission stories; he served here in Hungary and she served in the Baltic Sea mission, back when it was pretty dangerous. Plus, they both speak English perfectly. Literally, his accent sounds like he's from America, it's kinda crazy.

That awkward moment in Sacrament Meeting when someone says "amen" as part of a quote, but no one was paying attention, so the whole congregation repeats "amen" after them, but the talk isn't actually over yet... hahaha. Yeah, that definitely happened last Sunday. It was good. I think only one of the elders and I noticed and it was super hard not to laugh out loud. It reminds me of some interesting talks, or testimonies, last transfer too and trying to stay serious. I've noticed on my mission that I'm actually really bad at keeping a straight face... and keeping my own secrets. haha the weird things you learn on a mission...

Meeerrr, I wish there were a temple in Hungary! I miss it. I can't wait to go in 4 Saturdays... Hey! When, I put it like that, it actually doesn't sound so far away! Especially when you take in account that I haven't been to one in like 66 weeks... plus 9 weeks in the MTC... Holy cow. I've been gone for an eternity.

Hey! Random fact! One of the guys that got his mission call on Tuesday here in Duna is going to the Kosak's mission in Berlin! If you happen to talk to President Kosak, let him know that I'm serving in the same city that his newest missionary is coming from! His sister is going to Manchester, which I think is super cool, cause that's where her best friend, Viki from Veszprém, is also going and they only leave like a month apart! I'm super jealous, because they all have temples in their missions that they can go to. Oh well. There are also two guys I know from Kispest waiting for their mission calls. Ah! It's so cool that so many people are going on missions now; it will be super good for Hungary! (: I LOVE HUNGARYYYY. I had that thought go through my mind so many times this week. I literally just love this country and the people in it and I wish I could just stay here after my mission and travel around and…hang out and stuff. (: oh well. one day.

Mm…We have to run home to do weekly planning and stuff... but I will send you some pictures later today... I have so many from conference! Don't worry though, I won't send them all... Read “I Have Given You an Example”, by Richard G. Scott; it was my favorite talk I read this week! I like the part about the importance of trust; I don't think a lot of people realize how big of a part trust plays in people being successful and reaching their potential. I can see how it applies to so many different situations, like me as a missionary having more trust in my investigators to keep their commitments or do things, or as companions trusting each other, or as a mission president trusting their missionaries and how all of those have an effect on the performance of others and how much confidence they have in themselves to do that. Then, of course, you can apply it to normal life, in the circumstances of family members, parents and kids, in work with co-workers, with dating and friends, etc. Anyway, those are just some of my thoughts from Personal study this morning. (:

Love you all! Have a good week and tell me about how everything goes this week and what your plans are for the next couple months, etc. (:

Sister Megan Butterfield
One of our comp goals is to do the splits... hahaha failing massively.
The five of us going home.. throwin' it back to the MTC days...

Sister Kovács! (2 transfers ago) I miss her soo much, it's crazy. I don't think I've laughed as much in my whole laugh as I laughed in our transfer together. So sassy, but I love it. 

Sister Fowers! (5 transfers ago) She's the one that bore her departing testimony about being dragged on water skis. hahaha!

AP Squire!

Sister Sexton! Throwing it back to the MTC again... 17 months ago. crazy.

Elder Cutler! I miss serving with this kid! (: 

The Boys! 

Panni and Kriszti came and visited us after Zone Conference!

Panni and Kriszti came and visited us after Zone Conference!
This is what Duna looks like nowadays. Everything's under construction right where we live... it's super great.

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