Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 63: Day 511: A Day In Buda

June 17, 2014


I feel like I haven't emailed or seen anyone on this email list in ages! Time is super weird... We had a good week, nothing too crazy happened. Mostly the highlight was being in Buda yesterday. Honestly, I wasn't super looking forward to it all, but it was really good to see Sister Fresh. It was super funny, because they had all 6 of us Sisters split up into two rooms in the mission home, four beds in one room and two in the other, and they knew us so well that they planned to just have Sister Fresh and I in the room with two beds and everyone else slept in the other. Hahaha. But it was super nice, we just got to talk about life and training and the future and our apartment at home and all of our plans for next semester and stuff. Pretty much we had the whole day to ourselves, because our greenies had to leave at 7:30 am and they told us not to come pick them up until 2:30 pm. I don't think I've had that much freedom in a long time... We just wandered aimlessly around Buda because we're both exhausted and ready to go home and neither of us could think of anything that we wanted to do that sounded even remotely entertaining. Haha! It was probably super sad to see. We just ended up sitting and talking and then we met up with all the elders in the city for lunch and hung out with them for the rest of the time. We picked up our greenies and then they had some stuff they needed to buy, so we ended up going to the mall while waiting for our train. Bad idea. I still don't like shopping. Once Sister Fresh found what she was looking for, the two of us just ended up sitting on the little couches in the stores and laughing about how we felt like old people because we're tired and our companions still have so much energy to be running around doing things. All I need is to sleep for like 2 days solid and I'm sure I'll be back to normal. Haha!

So...I've been a missionary for almost 17 months and somehow on Sunday I STILL managed to forget my name tag. I still don't understand how that happens. I think I've lost my mind, it's just gone. It's a good thing I haven't had any pre-going-home-breakdowns yet. I've noticed that my brain is doing that weird thing that it always did every time we moved countries, where it just like subconsciously starts to detach itself so that the change isn't all that hard. I don't know if that makes sense, I don't want to go super psychology, so I'll try to explain it... but just like I'm still here in body and I'm still doing everything, I'm just not like emotionally all in it, because my brain knows I'm leaving it in 5 week, so it starts to point out all the things that are bad to convince myself that I won't miss it and that I'm better off in the new situation, in this case - at home. It's super strange, now that I've had enough transfers in such a short amount of time that I have started to recognize things my brain does. Or maybe I'm just crazy? That's also possible.

We had lots of funny conversations with people this week. Haha! We were teaching this lady that we meet with and then we got interrupted, because someone came over to talk to her about something, so she called her 19 year old son into the room to "keep us entertained" while she was talking to the lady...... yeah. It actually ended up being a super good conversation about gospel things by the end, but the beginning was super strange and we were all laughing super hard, because he decided he wanted to "foresee" or predict our future marriages for us..?  (In English, because he's fluent) So he told Sister Schnoor that she would marry a blonde man, typical American, good at every sport, not Mormon etc. etc. and proceeded to describe his characteristics and attributes. Then, he went on to describe mine. According to him, my future husband will be European, a little taller than average, brown hair, athletic, super smart, but not Mormon and super into the whole Eastern point of view on religion and life and stuff... interesting predictions. Haha! He almost had both of us, until he told us that neither of them would be Mormon and that by the time we married them, we wouldn't be Mormon either. Haha! Then he lost us both. ;)

Then, the next day, we met with our investigator on bap date (you know, the crazy old man that wrestled me). We had a super good program and helped him shell his peas at the end while we talked to him about things and we were all laughing super hard about something and then he turned to me and was just like Do you really have to go in July? But you're coming back later right? And I told him, that yeah, I will for sure be back in Hungary sometime, I just don't know when. And then he was like "but when you do, can you just stay here in Hungary?" and I just laughed and was like "I'll think about it..." and then he was like "Well, if you come back, I'll introduce you to some boys and maybe you can convert them." and I was just like "eh…I don't know about that…we'll see, János!" and then he was just like "or, haven't you met anyone here you would consider marrying? like you could find someone in your last city, Szeged, and stay there, but just as long as you come visit me!" and then I pretty much died laughing, but I promised him I would come back and visit him sometime. Definitely, the number one thing I will miss in Hungary are the people. I just love them so much, it's crazy.

Well, I just realized that we have to run to catch our bus…We have English class and then two youth in the branch are opening their mission calls! I had more things to write about, but…maybe next week. I love you all! I hope you have a great week!

Sister Megan Butterfield

My latest project, it helps keep my mind off things, especially since I ran out of all my Sudoku's in Szeged and haven't found any in Duna... ): Mostly, I took the picture for Dad, because it reminded me of him and us all doing puzzles while listening to General Conference and eating junk food. I miss those days. (: 
An exciting day, because the chain link can no longer reach the floor. This week we moved it to hang off something from the ceiling, instead of draping it over the door. Less than 37 days! 

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