Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 2: A New Investigator!

8 April 2013

Yo, yo, yo! How's it going on that half of the world? On this side of the world, things are AWESOME. I mean, besides the fact that most of my lessons have cancelled on me in the past two weeks and I can hardly understand anything that anyone says to me (somehow I think I understood more my first week here than this week), Everything else is pretty great! We just had a great day! We got our working hours in already this morning and then went sightseeing on a river boat with our two elders, who are the coolest people ever, just btw, and just messed around and now were writing emails before we go grocery shopping and just have some time at our apartment. Luckily we already did all of our studies and cleaned the apartment as well. It’s a nice feeling to have so much time to take care of things. One of our working hours this morning was spent teaching a program to this guy from English class. So, my first week here, I met him in my class (the intermediate level) and he was super cool. Apparently he teaches English/tutors people, so he could have been in the profi class, but he wanted to see what people in Hungary struggle with when learning English and apply it to his students. From the night I met him, I set my goal to get a program with him. I gave him our phone number on a pass along card as he left and all week after that I was just like I need a program with him. So, after the next English class (this last Thursday) I went over and talked to him and we set one up with him. He’s so legit! Our lesson this morning was so great! Half of it was in English, helping him with things and the other half we had planned to talk about the Book of Mormon. It didn’t actually end up going that way in terms of our gospel half. It was soo great though. He had so many questions and you could tell that he was listening to everything we told him. When we finished, he told us the same time every Monday morning works for him! So we have a new investigator! woohoo!

So, it seems like I’ve gotten a lot of the same questions, so I am going to copy-paste a few things that I’ve sent to other people in emails this week:
"Hungary is better, it was never bad, it’s just the thought of doing things like talking to people in Hungary or teaching a lesson to Hungarians who speak so fast that sometimes makes me really sick to think about, but that’s gotten better and tracting doors and apartments is definitely a lot easier now. You just get used to the constant really awkward moments haha. I’m excited to see what the smaller cities are like, but my area right now is called Kispest, even though were in lots of little areas in Pest, only one of them is actually called Kispest. I LOVE that there are three of us! It’s the greatest thing ever! I think it'll be weird going back to just two people. But we definitely seem more intimidating when there are three of us. We're thinking that they might open like one or two more areas this transfer, but probably not too many because our training program is 12 weeks, which is two transfers. We're interested to see which of us get swapped around with new trainers and what happens. Eventually they will have to open new areas though. It’s crazy to think that a lot of us will probably go co-senior in a couple transfers. Too scary to think about, so we try not to. haha"

"Yeah, I’ve gotten all of my luggage back! And my companionship is working out great! I love them both so much! Being a trio is GREAT! I can’t imagine just being two after this, haha, everything’s so much easier and funny with three. It especially helps with the language, because we are all far from perfect, but we can bounce ideas off of two people and everyone tries to figure it out together. We don’t eat with members very often; we haven’t since I’ve been here either. I guess when they do feed the missionaries it’s a huge deal, so it ends up being at least a two hour affair. So, I think most missionaries try not to, since were only supposed to stay for an hour max. Plus, people live super humbly here and I don’t think they invite missionaries over often anyway. We make dinner every night as a companionship, or every other night and eat the leftovers the next night (mostly sister watts cooks though, I just do the cleaning hahaha and Sister Woffinden does some of both) We have a good team work system down. How comfortable am I with Hungarian? Ha. That’s a good question. Not very; it depends on the day. My first week I felt pretty comfortable, this week, not so much. I’m working on it though. I have taught a few more lessons, but we counted last Thursday and 8 out of our 10 planned lessons since I had gotten to Hungary had dogged. But we taught a few more last weekend. We're hoping this weekend turns out much better in that sense, but were staying positive and working hard!"

"I can’t really think I need help with anything, haha maybe the language, or guidance to how to improve in the language haha, that’s what I’ve been praying for personally, I just don’t even know where to start. It’s okay with the apartment, we only see the guys sometimes and they don’t ever do anything. I doubt that well get a new apartment though. It would just be nice cause of all the quirks in it, but I can’t complain when I see how everyone here lives. It’s so humbling!"

Hm, other than that... OH yeah! We have two baptisms this weekend!! A father and son! They wanted us all to give talks, but luckily there are not that many talks given at baptisms... plus, I don’t really speak Hungarian... haha so Woffinden nover and I got away with just giving prayers!

Another answer to a question I’ve been getting, I can currently get mail like 2 or 3 times a week, so feel free to send things! Even later, I should be able to get it more than just at transfers, hopefully.

Like I said, I love my companions! We get along so well! Even though works been falling through a lot for us lately and they just increased the number of working hours we should be getting every week, even with our extra hour of studies every morning, we still manage to have a lot of fun and laugh a LOT. I think it’s funny; they both make comments about how outgoing I am, because I say hi to so many people on the streets, even when I get crazy looks back sometimes. haha I think it’s funny, because it just seems natural to me to say hi to people, but other than that I feel so unsocial in Hungary because I can’t think of anything to say and i just feel super awkward. Anyway, one thing that you have to get used to, being a missionary, is the million weird, weird stares and looks you get from people. It’s so great! haha it makes my day every time and I can’t even help but turn around and laugh to myself or to my companions once the person is going. The néni's and bacsi's are soo cute here, even if sometimes they’re really grumpy. A lot of them like to tell us how cute we are, even if theyre not interested in hearing anything about the gospel. Also, we think it’s funny when we get answers like "Im a faithful atheist" what?! hahah

So, the works hard and were pushing ourselves, but we enjoy our time anyway, especially when we work with the elders. There’s just something about meeting up with other missionaries that’s so great and feels like home; finally people that we can talk to! haha I think I’m running short on time, but i hope all is going well for you all! I love and miss you all!

Sok szeretettel,
Butterfield nővér

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