Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 1 in Hungary! My Predictions Came True!!!

Holy Cow. What in the world have I gotten myself into?! This is nuts. you've all heard from President, I arrived in Hungary... just me and my backpack though. yep. They warned us to pack extra outfits in our carryon just in case that happened. I did. But then they made me check my carryon at the gate cause they said it was too big to fit in the overhead. ohhh the irony. I came prepared, and then they took that too. haha. 6 of us lost our bags, i think its funny that they didnt mention that in the email to you all. Because of that and the snowstorm, we didnt have enough time to tour the city like thez normally do, so i havent really seen anything yet. Luckily mz bags arrived the next day, so i only ended up wearing the same outfit for four days straight... no biggie.... yuck. haha Sister Smith lent me some pijamas... silky blue ones from Victoria Secret.... (: hahaha i got a kick out of it. Shes sweet though!

PS, sorry if all my typing is weird, im using a hungarian keyboard and i dont have much time to figure out all the punctuation on it today, plus the y and the z are switched, so sorry about that.

Anywho... I'd like you all to refer back to my letter from... last week i think. and take a guess as to where my trainer is from... you guessed it! AUSTRALIA! haha what are the odds. Okay, now take a second to go back a few more weeks to some pictures i sent in front of the temple... one with Sister Woffinden about how we joked for the whole time we were in the MTC that we'd get called to be companions (in like a year) and find someone to teach in Spanish. That completes our trio. Funny how God works in preparing my mind to be ready for things in my future. I knew I'd be companions with Woffinden nover, I just didnt think itd be the first transfer... We are all greenies in a way. This is Woffinden n. second transfer, she was my osi, and then this is Watts n. 7th transfer. She went from being Junior comp last transfer to being senior AND trainer at the same time. So, this will be an interesting transfer. She doesn't feel comfortable with her hungarian quite yet either and shes had quite a struggle with it, she says, so... (: this will be a transfer of much learning and growing for all three of us. Every single sister in the mission is in a trio right now, theres one without any of us new missionaries and then some with two new ones and 1 trainer and then some like mine. Its funny how all of my predictions were true, Id be put in a trip with some missionaries who are a little less experienced and im in the big city. I almost cried when i figured that out ahaha.

My teachers in the MTC wanted to know where everyone got sent and who theyre trainers were, so if someone could forward this to them, i forgot to bring their emails. Ill try to remember everyone that i can. So I'm in Kispest, which is not so kis (little). our area is HUGE and its right by Pest (Budapest). Falslev n. is in Buda with Kennedy n. and Larsen n (one of my osi), Clawson n. and Montenegro n. are in Pest with Fox n., Sexton n and Broadhead n. are with... Beuhnin or something... somewhere.. haha mm... Fresh and Rupard n. are with Mackay n in Miskoltc (idk how to spell that).. Rindlisbaker is in PECS!!! So jealous. with some people that I dont remember.. haha Messinger is in Debrecen with Perkins and Petersen and Hancey is there as well with Birch elder. Swenson is in Sopron with Walker elder. Fowers is in Duna with some people.. sorrz, im running short on time, i hope i got almost everyone except the elders in the other district.

Well, weve already been yelled at a few times.. and had multiple doors slammed in our faces haha but there have also been some very nice people.. even if they also kindly declined. The work needs a push here in kispest.. weve only had one lesson since i got here, everyone else has dogged us and cancelled. All of our referrals have not come through either.. so we're working hard. its nice that we have a functioning ward here though. we have two people on baptism! so we should have two baptisms next week maybe. Im running super short on time, cause we spent a lot of time cleaning our ghetto apartment today. haha we've decided that its probably the most ghetto one in the mission.. ill have to give you more details on it later..... its big but so many "quirks" haha we're in the ZLs area, so were going sightseeing with them today and to mcdonalds!! haha were exctited!

hm.. Well, I miss you all. and even though I almost called president last thursday and told him to send me him because I couldnt do this, I got through it and I actually have been having some fun' I looove my two companions! we get along so well and zesterdaz we did this thing where we decorated our planners.. apparently everyone here does it? haha but our theme for this one was ties, so we cut up ties and decorated the covers. We have a lot of laughs too.we also have some creepers that live downstairs, they came and knocked on our door today and stayed there for like 2ö mins cause they knew we hadnt left yet and knocked again. Theyve been trying to get us a new aprt for like 3 transfers. kk gotta run' Love zou all!! Happya wee! read the BoM!

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