Monday, April 15, 2013

Week Three: Two Baptisms!

15 April 15, 2013

Hey! I’m super, super short on time today, since we had greeny training, so I can’t write a ton. But things are going well here in Hungary. We had two baptisms on Saturday, which was soo stressful but turned out so well! I've never felt that way before while watching a baptism! It was awesome! Unfortunately, they showed up late to church on Sunday, so they didn't get confirmed... next week... Hungary seems to be kind of similar to South America in that sense... everyone’s late... here they can’t seem to get out of bed until noon… Ever. haha!

It sounds like there are a lot of changes coming up in our mission, so the next couple months and transfers will be really interesting. We've pretty much been assured that our trainer will be leaving us this transfer and there has been some talk of leaving Sis Woffinden and I here alone... or adding someone just one transfer older than both of us.. Yikes... haha were trying not to think about it. Hopefully we have more programs this week, since we have been doing SO much finding lately. Some days we tract for 7 hours straight.... soo long, especially when its door after door slammed in your face... so... yeah. At least we have a lot planned for the week at this point! We have an FHE (Family Home Evening) tonight that Woffinden nover and I are leading to our RS counselor and her nonmember husband... hopefully that goes well!

Sorry this is so short! I promise more next week and pictures… even though I think I lost my card reader... oops... Love you all!!

PS: These are answers to some questions from her Mom:

Nenis are the old ladies and bacsis are the old men.

You have permission to put companion names and the Elders names on my blog. It’s the ZLs (Zone Leaders) that I've been talking about; they are the missionaries in our area.

... I haven’t heard any conference in English yet…and yeah, it is interesting how many people are reading my blog that I keep finding out about.

Yeah, it’s more a problem of recipes and not having them or knowing how much of what ingredient to buy every week that’s my problem... plus the awful kitchen that we have… haha.

I did hear about Campbell! So cool! Especially for Jenny. Did we do a lot with their family or what?

It is crazy… I've been out for over 80 days... I think Katie Ellet is keeping count, cause in her last letter she said something about only 470 left last week.. hahaha interesting. But they’ll fly by.

There seem to be a lot of changes in the mission especially among the sisters and how soon we’ll be going senior with other people from our MTC (missionary training center) group, that’ll be interesting. I’m nowhere near ready language wise, but it doesn't stress me out. I know that whatever happens is supposed to happen and it’s because the Lord trusts us and knows what we can handle and what he'll help us with.

Feel free to include parts of this in the weekly letter, if you’d like, since it was so short. I’ll try to go explain the pictures! I love you Mom!

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