Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 29: It's Hump Week! Splits in Buda!

October 22, 2013


Sorry I didn't write last week, it was kind of a combination of not having a ton of time and mostly just a lack of good, happy things to write you all about. The past 2 or so weeks have been super rough for a lot of reasons, but...yeah, I'm working through it--or trying at least. Haha Also, sorry I didn't write yesterday either. We have a mini, mid-transfer, transfer this week, since some elders have finished their missions and are going home. We didn't think any sisters would really be affected, but some of them were actually swapped around, I think just in anticipation/preparation for the real transfer in 3 weeks. We'll need some more Sister Training Leaders and stuff, because my trainer goes home at the end of this transfer! :( Two of my best friends in the mission are going home tomorrow, and all of my senior companions will be dead in less than 2 months, along with most of my friends in the mission. Yikes. Mission life. It'll be interesting to see how the rest of my mission plays out. I only have 4 more official transfers, but there will be transfers in the middle of transfers in December too, like the week before Christmas, when Sister Perkins and 2 groups of missionaries leave together. There might be a smaller transfer within the next transfer as well, but we aren't really sure yet. That's kind of far away, like…in March or something? Anyway, there's a lot going on. But at the same time, we don't really have any new sisters coming in any time soon; there were a couple that were supposed to be coming soon (in November and then December) from the MTC, all we've heard is that they aren't, so...we'll see.

Hm...other than that...I was up in Buda last, last week for splits and I was supposed to go with one sister, but I ended up going about half with her and then the other half with Sister Perkins! So that was nice! We got to stay up there later that night for a baptism, but then our train didn't end up coming, so we had to sleep over another night and go home Saturday morning. So that was a long thing! While I was up there, I was able to teach one of my old (but she’s actually young, not literally old, haha) investigators and best friends from Buda a lesson, during which she told me that just by looking at me she could tell that my "battery" is empty...yikes. I guess I have to learn how to fake it better? When I left to catch the train, she kept wishing me happiness and energy. Haha meep. Anyway, she set a bap date that day though and decided to get baptized next week on my birthday!!! (: I'm still waiting for permission to go to that next week, so we'll see. Turns out, she actually has to get handed over to the Kispest missionaries, since she lives in those boundaries, so the baptism will be in my greenie city, which I have never been back to. So, hopefully! It would be cool and a nice birthday present! (: It was hard to go back to the Buda ward and sit with them all during the baptism. It was so nice to see them all, but so hard to remember how great it all is up there. I miss it so much still! It's crazy! plus, I had my two favorite investigators sitting next to me and holding my hand through the whole thing and just talking and everyone was crying and yikes. Haha! It was an emotional weekend. It was nice to finally get back to Veszprem the next day though and kind of back to normal life. But then, two days later, we all had to take a train back up to Buda for interviews! Normally those last 30 mins. max, but yeah... we'll just say mine went over an hour. It was a lot better than last transfer's interview though. It was interesting to hear all the things he said to me, especially about all the timing of me being out here right now and why I'm out here; Just an interesting assortment of things, since I didn't actually say anything to him initially about just wanting to be at home right now. It seems most of the sisters in the mission are having a pretty hard time at the moment. He has a lot on his plate, but he's such a good man! We talked about a lot of things, not necessarily to the extent of finding solutions, but it was a good talk. After that I went to lunch with a bunch of other missionaries who were up there for interviews, before we had to catch our train back. I got to say bye to one of the elders leaving next week, who I served with in Buda! It’s weird that I won't see any of them for 9 more months.

What else... oh! This week we put one of our investigators on bap date! We've been working with her a lot recently. We meet with her 3-4 times a week and focus on one lesson/concept a week, because she had a stroke last year and has a little bit of a harder time remembering, But, she's set to get baptized at the beginning of January, which sounds pretty far away, but its actually like 2 and a half months and it works for her needs. Also, it's her son's (he got baptized earlier this year) birthday the day after, so she wants him to baptize and confirm her for his birthday! (: so cute! If I stay here next transfer, then I'll still be here for her baptism. I probably won't, but that's okay with me, I'm just glad she's progressing towards that! (: I realized this week that all of our investigators that we meet with regularly are women and most of them are moms!
So, sometimes we teach their kids too! (: We have some great less actives that we visit weekly and they're like my Hungarian grandparents and feed us every week and it’s so good with them! (: There's honestly not too much that I'll miss if I get transferred out in a few weeks, but I will miss them and a lot of the members here.

Fun fact: we made BLTs for Sunday dinner! (: It reminded me of home. We'll have to do that on... July 27th... Haha…or in August. They're better in America.

I hope you're all doing well! I miss you all more than you probably know! Until next week! (When I'll officially have less time in front of me than behind me)

Sister Butterfield

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