Saturday, November 16, 2013

Week 32: Transfer Call! 5th City in 6th Transfers

November 12, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Weeeeeeee. You'll never guess my transfer call! Hahaha well, I guess Katie will, because I already wrote to her about it. But... my new companion is Kelsee Broadhead!!! AKA - Polly and Mike's neighbor! Before our missions, we wanted to serve together in the MTC, but obviously that didn't happen. Then we got out here and our chances didn't look very high, plus, we've been in the same district in neighboring cities for the past 4 months. We thought we were both getting transferred this time. Nope! Her current companion is Sister Fresh (who I served with in Buda). Turns out, Fresh and I are just swapping spots. Soooo, tomorrow I will be going to Székesfehérvár, my 5th city in 6 transfers! Crazy, huh! This will also be companion #9. I'm just wringin' in the numbers over here. Haha I actually started to think the last couple weeks that I would stay here and I was really excited about it. We have so many promising investigators now and I LOVE the members here SO much, it's crazy. I actually haven't called anyone to tell them that I'm leaving yet, because a lot of them were in tears just when I brought it up in their programs lately and they thought I would probably be the one leaving. I can't break it to them. :( I will eventually, but... yikes. This is the worst part about it all. The work here still isn't ideal, and these definitely haven't been my favorite transfers, but I really love all the people here soo much.
But, I really can't be mad! I'm getting Broadhead!  I'm really hoping that we'll stay together for Christmas, but I think the chances of that are slim. There's actually a mini transfer in 4 weeks, but it won't be so mini: 2 sisters are going home and about 8 elders or something, and no one knew is coming in, so they're going to have to close some cities and call a new AP, 2 new sister training leaders and like 4 new ZL's, so it's actually supposed to be a really big transfer... :/ oh well, I'll take 4 weeks with her if that's all I can get! We've been talking about how much we wish we could just serve together somehow; not thinking it would happen, but... alas. We lucked out.
Other than that... It's been a really good week for us, work wise. We actually went on splits on Tuesday; it was really nice to see Sister Perkins again. She dies in 4 weeks, so it was good to talk to her a lot and stuff. (: I can't believe it's been so long since we served together, 6 months!  We did some interesting things this week: bandaging up a member here (we were there because we teach his mom) hand/arm, and taping cardboard to a window that he punched... etc. Getting fed a lot again, having some REALLY, really good programs and a good FHE last night with like my favorite family in the branch here, they're so adorable. They have a 19 year old son who we teach mission prep to and play soccer with every week, a 14 year old daughter and 6 year old daughter who might be the cutest little girl I have ever met in my whole life. She would NOT let me leave their house last night. Haha we just made cat noises to each other all night and she kept coming and wrapping herself around my back... well, once she tired herself out, that is. For the first half, she literally ran up and down the hallway, bouncing around and trying to get all her energy out. Haha she's crazy.

So people have asked me about statistics or what the different organizations and stuff are like in the branches here, so I decided to count it all out as I zoned out in Sacrament meeting yesterday..... haha :) and give you some rough estimates. It's really interesting here in this branch because there are so many little girls, but not many boys at all and i feel like it’s been the opposite in most other places. But…on  a good week at church there are probably about...6 girls and 1 boy in primary, 4 girls in YW and 2 in YM, 2 YSA girls and 4 YSA guys. But, like I said, that’s on a good week…
Anyway, I can't really think of much else to tell you all about. It was a super busy week, but now I can't really remember too much. I love you all!!

Sister Butterfield

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