Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week 31: Best Birthday Ever!

November 4, 2013


So... hm. where so start. Well, I forgot to tell you when I emailed last week, but that morning we actually went and did some interesting service: We went over to our investigator’s house and helped her clean up her apartment and balcony and stuff. We brought our mini vacuum and stuff, since they don't have one and then we spent awhile helping them, well mostly just doing it all. haha It was fun, until we discovered... termites! Everywhere. Especially on the little couch that we sit on 4 times a week when we come over and teach them... yikes! Let’s just say, we cleaned the whole vacuum out and went home and took everything off and put it straight into the washing machine. My comp is still paranoid about it, haha she said they've been in her dreams like every night since. hahaha.

I have to say, this birthday might win the contest for my best birthday ever in some ways. The baptism was PERFECT. I'm so glad that I got to go down for it and see Kriszti and how happy she is! Someone actually read a book as part of his talk at it; In English it's called "You are Special", by Max Lucado. I don't ever remember reading it or hearing about it, but I bought a copy out here and we read it soo much with people. They love it! It's my favorite. Look it up if you haven't ever read it. Anyway, it was just super cute that he read it and... yeah, the whole thing was just really good. Then, I went out to lunch with a bunch of my friends in the mission that are serving in Buda and then we caught our train back to Veszprém and went out to dinner with our elders and an investigator here. It was a good p-day/birthday! People spoiled me! Some elders brought me flowers hahaha and some other people gave me chocolate. Our elders here got me toe socks and fuzzy socks, some other sisters got me a copy of the Book of Mormon in Spanish, with a Hungarian cover... I can't even remember what else. Some inactive members that we meet with every week had us over and surprised me with cake and sparkling cider and flowers and a kézi munka pillowcase thing, I really have no idea how to say that in English. But yeah, super sweet. They call themselves my Veszprém parents and they always spoil us with food and stuff to take home! They made a specialty for us on Wednesday. I almost died... It was like pig blood sausages and a couple other kinds of stuffed sausages and... bleh. Hahaha! I literally prayed the whole time I ate it.

I don't have too much time, but I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting to tell you. Next week! Speaking of, next week is transfer week, so we're emailing on Tuesday again, not Monday! Wish me luck, I'm kinda really worried about my fate. haha.

Love you all!

Sister Butterfield

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