Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 30: 20th Birthday This Week!

October 28, 2013


Thanks for all the birthday wishes and cards and stuff, you guys are my favorite! (: People always get mad out here, because apparently I say everyone and everything is my favorite, but, really, you are. Haha. You can never have too many favorites. The good news is, I'm sure I will have a really good birthday, because I got permission to go to one of my favorite investigator ever's baptism from Buda!!! It'll actually be in Kispest though, so I get to go back to my greenie area for the first time, which will be super weird! Probably no one there remembers me, since I was only there for 6 weeks and didn't really interact too much with the branch there. Oh well, we'll see how it goes! I'm excited! (: That also means that our P-Day is actually on Friday too, but we have to email today, because everything will be closed on Friday. It's the Day of the Dead here, so it's like one of the saddest days of the year here, everything closes down (like every other holiday here) and everyone goes to the cemeteries where their relatives are. They prepare for it for weeks, buying wreaths and flower arrangements and stuff to leave on the graves for the next year. I always get weird reactions when people here that it's my birthday. Haha

I don't have a ton of time left to email, but... hm. interesting stories for the week. Yesterday we had Stake Conference up in Pest and they made a pretty cool announcement. The mission is over 5 branches in Hungary and 4 of them were made part of the stake yesterday, in preparation for a new stake sometime soon. Hopefully next year! We'll see! (: Elder Herbertson (or something) from the 70s came up and gave some really good talks! We also have a Zone Conference on Thursday (with two other zones) and Elder Texeira from the 70s is coming to that too. It'll be interesting to hear what we're trained on and stuff. (Side note - on our way to the train station Sunday morning, some guy stepped in front of our bus and so the driver stepped on the breaks and everyone flew. Luckily the old neni's on the bus with us (no one else was there, since it was like 6:30 am) caught themselves on the seat in front of themselves. There wasn't really anything in front of me, so I ate floor and my hip slammed against something, I'm not really sure what. But I have a nice bruise to prove it. (: Haha I'm just glad the old ladies didn't get something worse).

Mm… October 23rd (last Wednesday) was a holiday here, I can't really remember what for, to be honest. They have so many holidays here. Haha. Good excuses to shut the city down and cancel work. We still work. Haha Don't worry. Anyway, that was a funny day. It started out pretty rough, for a few different reasons, but then we were super busy running around and doing things. We did some service up at the new Branch house that's being built here and then we had to run home to change and go over to a member's house for lunch with the elders. We ate so much. Then, we were supposed to meet with someone else, but they got sick and cancelled, so we doorbell ditched some stuff at their house and then surprise visited another member to bring her something too. Then, we rushed over to another member's house/a new member that we teach. And she fed us too. I had to eat a whole, huge bowl of pudding. Let's just say, I've gotten really good at keeping a straight face. Still don't like pudding though. Haha! We thought we were going to die, so we just went home and laid in bed while we did language study and planned. We still don't really want to eat ever. We have gotten soo much food this week, it's crazy. Other than being fed, we also had a fridge full of food that members sent home with us. We're almost through it all. It's nice to not have to make food though. (: I don't think I've had this much food in one week in my whole mission. or even in a few weeks put together. Haha

I can't really think of too much else, sorry this is a boring one, but... hopefully I'll have more for you next week! By then, I'll be 20. Weird!

Love you all,

Sister Butterfield

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