Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week 36: Day 322! 15 days till Christmas!

December 10, 2013


Transfer calls came and....we guessed it! At the beginning of the transfer we thought that we were only staying for the first half together, but then we started getting really good numbers and standard\super standard and he told us he was super happy with our work. So, we guessed that just because of that, he would keep us together... BINGO. hahaha So, we're having Christmas together and New Year’s! Actually, we found out that we get like 2 days off for Christmas (from 2 pm Christmas Eve until 2 pm on December 26) and then New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! Hallelujah! Just to emphasis how happy we all were-- Fresh started crying in District Meeting when they announced that last week. hahaha. I'm excited to take a nap and catch up in my journal and SKYPE! Speaking of, I think we'll be able to Skype any time between 4 pm and like 8 pm on Christmas Day here, which is like 8 am to noon there. Oh! And I got your Christmas package! Thanks!!! (: I'm really excited to open the presents in it! Also, even better news, one of my favorite elders ever is coming here to serve with Bennett. HANCEY! I thought Judd would be the elder that I serve around the longest in my mission, 21 weeks, but I'm pretty sure Hancey will beat him! I already served with him in the MTC and Debrecen, and I'm pretty sure we'll both be here for the next 5 week transfer and the 9 week transfer too (at least), because both of our comps have been here forever. So... that makes it like… 29? Whoa. Can't even be mad though. That means that everyone in this city is from my MTC group and we're all the same mission age! There are two, (Bennett and Broadhead) from one MTC District, and Hancey and I from the other. We're stoked. It's gonna be a GREAT Christmas. (:

Also, Sister Smith (the miss
ion president's wife) called and told me to have you (mostly she said Mom) check  because she put up a picture of Kriszti's baptism. Anyway, I thought some other people might like it, because you can track most of the baptisms in the mission, and people keep asking about numbers and stuff. so...tessék!

Hm... I had lots of exciting stuff to tell you, but we had a really rough weekend...All of the really solid people that popped up have started falling through, so... here we go again! haha. Probably had the worst program of my mission on Sunday, it might be tied with the ones in Buda when that investigator called us all sinners and insulted us all, just because he's the only investigator that has made me legitimately angry. Anyway, this one was with the cute family that we were super excited for. We were walking over to the program and just picturing taking a picture with them all in white, getting baptized and we just invested so much excitement and hope in them. Anyway, we got there and tried to start the program with a prayer, but he hesitated when we asked, and we knew it was all going downhill from there... He pretty much just told us that it's all just foreign and strange to him and everything is just stories to him, he doesn't have any faith in it, and it was all more serious than he originally thought it would be. He told us that he didn't want us to waste any more time on them and as much as we tried to convince him that we would never consider it a waste, even if we got to the end of all the lessons and he still wasn't interested, he still didn't want to hear the rest of the lessons. While all of this was happening, his little daughters were busy playing with something, so they didn't realize what was happening and when we got up to leave they followed us to the door and were jumping around all excited saying "bye, see you next time, bye, bye," like cute, little excited girls. Yeah, needless to say, we almost lost it in the elevator on our way down and that was a tough night. All we want is to help that family. 

We had another cool, older guy that we just gave a pass along card to as he walked by a couple weeks ago and the weirdest thing happened: HE called US! (That NEVER happens in Hungary, even when you call an investigator or member and they miss or call, they will rarely call you back). We were super excited about him the first couple times we met, but then we realized he's not as legit as we thought. He won't really accept and kind of scoffs at the idea of receiving answers to our prayers through the Holy Ghost, feelings, and scripture reading, unless it comes from an actual voice. He prays, he just doesn't think we can ask questions. Sometimes when we're bearing testimony or talking about something, he'll just kinda laugh and it's really uncomfortable. 

The other cute girl from English class hasn't really been able to meet for a couple weeks. So… it's all just been interesting. We tracted into a lady\girl? I don't know what to call people anymore... sorry. But yeah, we did the tracting survey and asked if she was interested in talking more with us and she said she wants to meet with us consistently, like once a week at the same time. So…that was pretty cool! She also meets with a JW missionary once a week, so… this should be interesting. haha I'm hoping that she'll be able to feel a difference from when she meets with us and with the JW. 

We went to visit this super cute part member family in a little falu yesterday, because we were worried about the chance of Broadhead getting transferred out. Anyway, they fed us some soup and then they gave us a ton of mashed potatoes and two fish fillet things each, but Broadhead hates fish. She tried to eat one and made it about halfway through it until she turned to me and just whispered "Butterfield. I can't do it. Do you think you can you pound my fish?" haha I was already going to offer to eat it, the problem was just how to get it from her plate to mine. Also, I was pretty full, so she offered to take some of my potatoes instead. Anyway, it was the funniest thing, because the family is so hectic, they had like 5 kids there, running in and out of the room and everyone was running around doing stuff, so we just had to watch and make sure no one was looking and as soon as we got the chance we were like frantically trying to shovel and fling our food onto each other’s plates. hahahaha. I managed to get her fish, but she only got like a spoonful of my potatoes before we had to stop. And then we just were sitting there, laughing so hard silently, because no one had noticed. hahaha They are super cute though and they always give us little candies and things when we come over. We'll for sure visit them when we come back to Hungary! 

I was going to tell you about some funny Hungarian, winter superstitions, but I'm running out of time. Pretty much, you can't sit on benches outside, because they think you'll go sterile if you do. haha So people look at us like crazy people when we sit on them at the bus stop and stuff. I'll tell you some other ones later, if I remember! 

Let me know if you have any questions for me! Sometimes I run out of things to tell you. Hope you all have a fantastic week. I'm sure we will! Listen to lots of Christmas music. Eat junk food. Maybe read the scriptures or go to church or something. ;) Life's great, don't forget that! (: LOVE YOU ALL!


On November 1, Kriszti was baptized in Kispest by Károly.  He also confirmed her a member of the Church on Sunday, November 3.  Kriszti was introduced to the Church through a friend. She was taught the gospel by Sister Behunin, Sister Perkins, Sister Fresh, Sister Falslev, Sister Butterfield and Sister Westover. (Copied from

Panni, Kriszti, Sister Fresh, Sister Butterfield
Panni, Kriszti, Sister Fresh, Sister Butterfield

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