Friday, December 20, 2013

Week 37: Day 328 -- Almost Christmas!

Day 328! Almost Christmas!

December 16, 2013


I hope you got the pictures I sent! If not, feel free to check 'em out on my blog, I'm sure they'll be up there pretty soon. (: I don't really have too much to tell you all this week. Mostly, I'm just stoked for the rest of this transfer's events. We have Zone Conference in Buda on Friday, Tuesday-Thursday off next week, New Year's and New Year's eve off the next week, a baptism in the branch the next week (the elders super cute investigator, Adri, a super solid, 20-year old girl), and then I think transfer calls are the week after that. :\

We had another funny food experience this week. haha. We were over at this house eating some freshly butchered pig and the guy just kept making us eat more and more until we were literally stuffed. He took away our plates and so we thought we were done eating, until he realized he forgot to have us try his homemade sausage... He was super excited about it, so we told him we'd try a LITTLE bit of it. He got off a huge chunk for each of us and a giant slice of bread. Anyway, luckily he left to use the bathroom and there was no one else in the room, so I just looked at Broadhead and we both grabbed our napkins and stuffed the majority in them and then stuck it all in my purse. Don't worry; we left some on our plates to be eating when he came back in. My purse smelled like kolbász for a while...

We also bought a Christmas tree this week! We were out tracting one morning and then started heading home for our lunch break, when we saw this guy by a 10-story, selling Christmas trees. We were already planning on buying one from a store, but these were cheaper, so we bought one and carried it home. Actually, mostly Broadhead carried it home, because she really wanted to and she kept saying how happy she was. It was super cute. Then, we put it up during lunch bought some lights and tinsels and it's pretty much always turned on now. Also, we simmer some oranges, cinnamon and vanilla on our stove to make it smell like Christmas (and get rid of the stupid Raid smell haha).

We STILL have cockroaches. Not as many, but they still exist... I actually found three running on Sister Broadhead's toothbrush the other day... Luckily I had an extra one in my suitcase, because we definitely threw that one out. hahah

Sorry this is a short one! Hope you're all having a good Christmas season. Shoot me an email sometime, if you get a chance. If not... maybe I'll see you in 7 months or maybe not. ;) haha

Love you all!

Sister Butterfield

PS - If anyone talks to DeAnn or Hunter, tell them happy birthday this weekend for me! (:

Carrying our tree home!

Our Christmas Tree! (Ignore the messy apartment. Haha!)
A Sign we found on the door while tracting! We thought it was funny! But it's probably not very funny if you speak German?

The cutest little girl in the Branch here! She always runs up and gives us hugs and will just stand next to us and hold onto our waist. So cute!  
Some pillows that the little girl's older brother made for us! (:
Elder Bennett likes to call them "Bum" bars.
Dead man. Corbishley is officially back in England. ):
 On our way back from the baptism in Kispest on my birthday! 3 of my comps! (:
 Pre- District Thanksgiving Lunch!

 Tracting: All Day Every Day!
We went to buy our White Elephant gifts for our Zone Conference this week and...let's just say, IDK if she'll give this away anymore. It slept between us that night and has gone a lot of places with us since then...hahaha! I think she's gone crazy! ;)

Viki surprised me and came fromVeszprém to church in Székes yesterday! Love her! She's currently working on her mission papers...I'm hoping she comes to Utah; that's her first choice!

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