Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 35: Day 314! Wait, why am I even counting! I still have 234 left! Thanksgiving!

December 2, 2013

HEY! (:

What's good! I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! (: Mine was pretty good. We had a district Thanksgiving lunch after district meeting on Thursday! Everyone brought something different, so we had: lemon-honey chicken, rolls, regular mashed potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, salad, etc. It was just Sisters Broadhead, Maxfield and Fresh, and Elders Bennett, Thomas, Swink and Corbishley! That night during our dinner hour we also went out for Nutella Palacsintas (like crepes) with the Elders and Krisztian, because Corbishley was here on splits with Elder Thomas. It was a good day over all! We also had English class, but our day was crazy before that! We went out tracting and as we got let into a building, this car pulled up and we heard all these shouts and yelling and so we went into the building, but kept the door cracked open so that we could see what was going on (it was like 4:30, so it was super dark outside). This guy was like beating up this girl in his car, who was probably like 20ish. And everyone was just walking by, not doing anything. It was one of the craziest things I've ever seen to be honest. I'm surprised she wasn't knocked out by how hard her head hit the window when he punched her face. Anyway, no more details, but you can imagine how we felt as we went into the building and thought…well... now we have to go knock on all these doors and be happy while we talk to all these people. Yeah, tracting was the last thing either of us wanted to do, but we did it anyway. We went through like half the building before we had to leave for a program before English Class. We only had like 5 minutes left and we both started walking towards the stairs, but we both started walking up the stairs for some reason and then one of us was just like, Hey, let's try one more door and then we'll go. We just kept walking and went up two floors and approached a door in the corner. Long story short, it was a young dad, who actually preferred to talk to us in English to practice, with a sweet wife and 3 cute little daughters, and we did the survey and it was PERFECT. Sister Broadhead turned to him at the end and was like, "What would you say if I told you that you could live with your family forever?" and he sat and thought for a second and he was like "Well, I'd say that would be a miracle!" So then I told him about the Book of Mormon, but we were in a hurry, because our next program called to tell us that they were at the branch house, so we set up to meet this week again and bring them a copy and he said that it's a miracle we caught them at their house, because he's usually out with his kids every night at their activities, except exactly that time on Thursdays! We're super excited for them!

In contrast with that, we had a long day on Friday. We literally got chased out of a building in the morning and in the afternoon we spent several hours out in the cold, trying to find a referral out in the middle of nowhere, who actually ended up sic’ing her dog on us. While we were in the area we looked up an RCLA who lived relatively close... AKA, we still had to walk like 30 min to their house. But they weren't home. So we walked another 30+ min to another RCLAs home and got kinda lost in the process. We were in the middle of no where and it was super dark and we were literally afraid that we were going to get jumped. Hahaha we had the phone out just in case. But then we found her, and she was busy... so we went home frozen for dinner. But it was a good day, nonetheless. We were just exhausted!

Haha, everyone keeps asking about the Cafe Rio-like restaurant. Guess what it's called! "Gringos Amigos" hahahaha! Anyway, it was actually really good! Obviously not as good as Cafe Rio, but pretty close! Or maybe I've just been out for too long. Oh well, I'm not complaining! I'll take what I can get!

The good news is that it's December and we all know what that means.... No Shave November is over! Hallelujah! Worst idea ever, hahaha Sister Broadhead and I have been dying for the past couple weeks, wanting to shave. But, I couldn't, because Maxfield and I decided to do it. Let's just say, yesterday was a good day. (: The only thing I can complain about from yesterday is what happened when we got home. Haha we sat down on our couches to do nightly planning and we were talking and then all the sudden I saw something out of the corner of my eye. There was a cockroach running away from my direction on the coach. I about lost it, haha not because I was grossed out and screaming, but only because we are so fed up with them being everywhere. Broadhead ran over and we both took turns trying to smush it. Yeah, try smushing a bud on a squishy couch. The couch will just squish in and the bug will keep running. Plus, it probably didn't help that I was using an empty water bottle and she was using the end of a pen. hahahaha. It wasn't a problem when they were in the kitchen until they started showing up in our living quarters too, like running across our dining room table, or on my couch or across the carpet or in our bathroom. We aren't really sure what to do, because it already got fumigated 2 weeks ago and they left poison. but... oh well? haha We can't really do anything about it. hahaha

Before I forget, transfers are next week, so we'll be emailing on Tuesday, not Monday!

Random things about Székes - everyone here likes to call us by our first names and it's the weirdest thing ever. I mean, I'm not mad about it, it's just strange to hear and sometimes I don't even recognize it when they're talking to me. haha. Also, the kids here (in all of Hungary) are the CUTEST things ever. I still don't want one (any time soon). Hahaha--sorry. Also, they opened a KFC in this city on Saturday! Much better here than in America, that's for sure. Okay, weird fact, everyone here loves the British X-Factor. I think that's the only TV show that I've ever heard talked about here in Hungary. They just watch it all the time and LOVE it. ?

Sister Fresh and Sister Maxfield told me that they started teaching a really cool, Peruvian investigator in Veszprém.... call me crazy, but I almost cried... RIGHT when I got transferred out, they find him... Sounds like everyone's doing well there though, which makes me happy. I put so much effort into that city; I just sometimes wish that I could have seen more of the results. Oh well. I miss that branch though, that's definitely one that we'll go to church with when we come visit!

Other than that... It's crazy how much I have learned on my mission, especially about the Book of Mormon. Okay, so Broadhead and I found this out last week: The Mulekites came from Jerusalem ten years after Lehi and his family because the Lord commanded them too, but they didn't keep any records, so we don't know anything about it, but there were three groups that came to the Americas: the Jaredites (way earlier), Lehi's family AND the Mulekites. Okay, so maybe I'm just an idiot...haha! I'm sure I learned about that at some point... some time... but we thought it was super cool. If you already knew, then... there's a nice refresher for you, if not... you're welcome! (: Haha!

Hope you all have a great week! Life's great! Remember that! I'll let you know what's happening on Tuesday!

Sister Megan Butterfield

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