Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week 34: Reading Jesus the Christ

November 25, 2013


It's been a great week! Sister Broadhead is the best! Honestly, we have realized that we're pretty much the same person in a lot of ways and that our life is the same. haha. It's kind of funny. We have SO much in common, it's weird. Plus, we work superrr hard together, so it's the best of both worlds. ha. We're actually planning on going to Boston next year; a few weeks after we get's a good plan. haha Another good plan? We've started taking the stairs while tracting, instead of taking the elevator to the top (in buildings that have one) and working our way down. We're making sure that we don't get fat; since I'm trying to eat through all the stuff you all have sent hahaha. We'll see how long the stairs thing works...

I still can't say that I know my way around Székes, but it's not as big as I thought it was. I definitely lied when I said it's the 4th biggest in Hungary. We can't remember who told us that, but then we found out that it's only like the 9th or something. The good news is that according to some reports, it's actually the most dangerous. hahaha. Okay no, the real good news is that I have seen more police cars driving around here than the rest of my 5 cities put together, so at least we're protected?

I can't really think of too much else about this week. I realized, that I seriously think I have ADD or something. haha I cannot sit still or concentrate in meetings, like church, to save my life. It's bad. But, it's nice because that's usually when lots of random inspiration comes about investigators... or what I'm going to email you all the next day or....what groceries I need to buy.... haha yikes. I think my mission has fried my brain. 

Oh! We got permission to go up to Buda tonight for P-day and try this new restaurant that opened! It's owned by some members who are trying to recreate Cafe Rio (there's one in Buda and one in Kecskemét), and I've heard its super good! A member is driving us up! Saying that I'm stoked would be an understatement. That's still the first restaurant we're going to when I get home... (:

Okay, that's all I can think of for now. I hope that you're all doing well. On a more spiritual side, as Christmas is coming, we, as a mission, are studying one Christlike attribute a week until New Years. The first week was Faith, last week was hope and this week is Charity & Love, if any of you would like to join in. Also, Jesus the Christ is a really good book. I know it's long, but read it! (Just push through the first 3 or 4 chapters, those are the hardest). If there's anything I know in this world it is that Jesus Christ is my big Brother, watching over me and rooting for me. I owe Him more than I can ever give Him and I am SO grateful for Him. I can't imagine making it through this life without the knowledge of Him and of a loving Heavenly Father. Really, I don't know how people do it. If you don't KNOW yet, try it out. Study about Christ and His life, try praying. I know that you will feel of it for yourself. I hope you all know that I love you all too and I miss you like crazy every, single day. Smile. (:


Sister Butterfield

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