Sunday, December 29, 2013

Week 38: 11 months! Day 335...Happy Birthday, Joseph Smith!

December 23, 2013


I can't believe it's been 11 months today! By the time I Skype with you on Wednesday, I'll have LESS than 7 months left on my mission. It's crazy. In case you didn't know, today is also Joseph Smith's birthday. I didn't do the math though, so I don't know how old he would be. Don't feel bad if you weren't aware; I didn't know either until this guy here made a big deal about how we should be celebrating his birthday instead of Christ's. Yeah...he's not completely sane, and no longer a member... Anyway. hahaha. I have that written in my planner today, so I thought I'd share: Happy birthday, Joseph Smith!

We've had a pretty good week, and it's been super busy. We had stacks on stacks (of programs, not money) planned, and then on Thursday night, we found out that the annual Christmas party had been cancelled, because the people who were supposed to be planning it, hadn't. Needless to say, we offered to step in and put together a pretty good event with only a day and a half's notice! I mean, only 5 members total showed up (YAY, branch support!), but we had a ton of investigators, friends and people from English Class show up. It just would have been nice to have more members come and enjoy it, because they all complain about the branch, lack of coordination and events and stuff, but everyone there had fun. I'd say it was a success because so many people did come and I'm positive that it was the best place they could be on a Saturday night, rather than out at other parties or on the street with all the people drinking and on holiday. We taught them how to make paper snowflakes and played signs, made them all hot chocolate and had bought tons of candy and süti (treats? dessert? IDK). We had decorated the chapel for it and the hallway and made a playlist of music to play on the big speakers. 

The day before the party (so the one day we had to plan and prep), we were actually in Buda for our Christmas Zone Conference and party. It was super good and uplifting and then we played games, had a giant lunch and did a white elephant. Pretty much, I just love missionary gatherings and it was all good. (: The train ride back wasn't as great; Sister Fresh and I had both gotten headaches during Conference and by that time they had turned into migraines, so we both just went and laid across some seats and tried to sleep while everyone else talked. Haha and then something was wrong with the tracks, so we stopped in the middle of nowhere for a good 45 min or so. But we got home and i felt better by then! (: 

It's crazy, because the longer I'm out here, the less trunky I get and the less I want to go back to the real world and face real people problems like dating and working and planning a life. haha I just love Hungary and the people here and all my friends I've made on my mission. We always talk about how it's kind of sad, because we all get to be such good friends out here and we become each other's family and think that we'll stay in touch forever and write each other every week. But then we'll all go home and we go back to our real lives at home and family and pre-mission friends and we get really busy in our new lives and we know that we won't stay as close or talk as much and our mission will just become a dream in the past. It's the hardest thing I've ever done, but it has completely changed my life and my perspective on life. A few months ago, I didn't think I'd ever say this, but everyone (who has the chance) should go on a mission!

I probably have more that I could tell you all, but I'm Skyping with you in 2 days and I talk to the rest of you every week anyway... well, most of you. So, if you wrote me, then you just got another email back from me. Shoot me any questions or concerns. Hope life is great! OH! And...MERRY CHRISTMAS! 


Sister Megan Butterfield

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