Monday, July 29, 2013

Pictures from Hungary

Sorry it's taken forever to post these, but here are some recent photos from our favorite Sister Butterfield!

"caving! the one that my head is coming out was called "the birthing canal"... it was an interesting one... but not the hardest.. the hardest part was "the sandwich" thats when i almost died.." 

"Me, Fresh, Judd, and Hatfield (the DL) in our caving suits"

"Hansen and I. the only other 19 year old in my district!"

"Judd and I with our mudd stripes!"

Sister Butterfield's legs as the bruises started showing up after their caving adventure.

A note Sister Butterfield's companion left for her in the bathroom. 

Most of the people in Sister Butterfield's district, minus one elder, the APs, and secretaries.

Sister Butterfield and her district on the boat transport

Sister Butterfield and her district leader

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