Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 14: Homeless Crazies

July 8, 2013


Man, I don't even know what to start with! This week has been good! We had quite a bit of time on our own and it always goes super well! We've never had a problem in programs on our own. However, we always seem to attract the crazies when we're tabling on our own! Without fail, we get the weirdest people. Last Monday, Sister Behunin had been gone for less than half an hour, but we went out to get our working hours for the day and table. We set up the table and this weird guy came and stood right in front of our table. I looked down and saw that he wasn't wearing shoes, so I could tell that he was homeless. Normally, I would have offered him an English class flyer, because that's why people come up to our table. (We have a plastic table that we set up and tape a sign on it that says Free English Hour, and then we put pamphlets, BoMs, passalong cards and english class fliers on.) Anyway, he just stood there and stared at us intensely, one at a time. Luckily, I was filling out passalong cards so i looked down at them and tried to pretend like nothing was happening. Sister Fresh just tried to stare at the table. hahah. We started talking under our breath a little bit, because it was literally 5 minutes that he just stood there and stared at us. Then he walked around the table towards us and said something about our name tags. Mine was artly under my hair, but Fresh's was on her scarf, so he reached over and grabbed it, trying to pull it off her scarf. She just froze up stood there looking at me. hahaha So, I took a step closer and told him no, it's hers and he kidn of freaked out and took a step back and was like well, if no, then no! and mumbled something and walked back to the front of the table. Then, he reached to our sign andyanked off some of the tape holding it. Then... still silent, he raised his foot up towards me (I thought he was going to kick me), but then he moved it on top of the table. So we were just like Great, this guy is going to set his foot on our Book of Mormon. But, he just slowly hovered it over the whole table, doing a fankick and then put his foot back down. Then, he just stared at us again. We just stared back, trying not to laugh, and then he says (in English): "I have your families' address. Sok sikért!" (Good luck!) and walked away. We almost died laughing silently, but then he came back and stood like 10 feet away from the table and started yelling things towards us in Hungarian about our families. So yeah, let me know if any crazy homeless people show up in America at your doorstep.... ha.

After that, we decided to pack up and go somewhere else, so we went to another main place where we table. Then, this other homeless guy came up and just stared at me and started talking to me. I don't know how to describe him, but he just looks like he's going to kill you every time he talks. He was talking about Christ and how he would kill everyone for Christ and asking me if I would kill everyone and going on about crazy things like that, looking like he was going to kill me. Luckily, the secretaries came out to table right them and saw him, so they came up and stood on both sides of me, trying to get him to go away. All of the elders here are seriously my favorite. They are the greatest and i feel like I'm best friends with all of them hahah. There's another homeless guy who always threatens us sisters and we had some crazy stuff with him this week, so we won't be tabling there for a long time. If we do, it will always with the elders. Luckily when we ran into him a few times tabling this week, the elders were always with us and physically protected us. Luckily none of them had to hit him or anything crazy, but we do know thtat he has a knife and a bad temper and nasty comments, so we wont be going back there. It's just a bummer, because that's the place that's coolest in the summer.

Hm. other than that... we went to the stake presidents house with most of the elders for dinner yesterday and it was SO cooL! It was really far away, but luckily us Sisters went later, so we got a ride with the APs in their car! (: But anyway, it was this really rendes neighborhood that almost (almost) looked like Northern Utah with like little parks and real grass and happy families walking around or playing outside together and nice houses and holy cow, i didnt know that that existed in Hungary! Plus, their family is so solid and happy and loving. All their kids (the oldest is 18) were born in the church, and it seriously is just amazing to see. We all left and were talking about how stunned we were. haha

I can't think of too much else to say about the week. This transfer is flying by! I'm a little afraid of what will happen next transfer, I'm afraid that I'll still be in a trio, but it'll all work out. I love you all!

Sister Butterfield

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