Thursday, July 18, 2013

Week 15: Sister Butterfield (not butterfly)

Day 174 (AKA July 15, 2013)


So i actually had a lot to tell you all about this week, but we have less emailing time this week, because of stuff that we have planned. So... I probably won't be able to tell you all about it! So much has happened this week though! Also, for the first time in my whole life, I filled an entire journal!!!

I don't know if I ever told you about any of our investigators here... We have one that we put on bap date a few weeks ago, so his baptism will be next Saturday! We're excited for that!

Also, we met with John (We'll call him that for privacy purposes) again this week and he is so golden! He is the one that we taught on my very first day that Fresh and I were alone and B was on splits. We had a first lesson with him on our own and it went sooo well! We met with him a second time and he is SO SO golden! This time B was with us, so it was her first time ever meeting him. He came with some questions and we pretty much told him all of the commandments and he thought they were all great! The only one he has a problem with is Law of Chastity (welcome to Hungary), but he loves that we have it! It was the coolest thing ever, because he told us that he was living with his lifepartner but that when he told her that he was meeting with missionaries, she said that she wanted to too. He also said that she would love the Law of Chastity, because she really wants to get married to him, they've just been trying to save up money for it! So great! Also, he asked how long one usually has to wait before joining our church AND asked for a Book of Mormon to take to his girlfriend! The only downside is that he works sooo much, so he never has free days to meet with us, only once every two weeks! But he's SO cool!

Hm, we also met with the guy in his late 20s that told us we were all sinners and tried to expain to him the Law of Chastity and that was awful... He pretty much took over and tried to teach it to us and told us that if we're going to teach people something, we better make sure that we understand it and are living by it first. Also, he told B that her skirt (which went mid-calf) was too short, but that Fresh's was good and that shes good because she sits quietly in the corner. Ugh. He also told us that it's much worse for a woman to break the law of chastity than a man. gah. The nerve of some people. ha. we were so upset after his lesson. Needless to say, we will never be meeting with him again.

Hm. Something random, you should all try dipping boiled eggs into fry sauce. Sounds weird, I know, but its so good! I don't even like boiled eggs, but I do like that!

Missions are interesting I decided. It's weird how they work. My mindset and thinking have changed a lot in the past 6 months, as well as ideas and thoughts on the future. Don't worry, I still don't want to have kids any time soon, even after being comps with Fresh who really, really wants them. haha But, I wouldn't mind getting married. Later, don't worry, I'm still a missionary. hahaha. It's also interesting being comps with someone who is dying (going home this transfer) and experiencing her freakouts and mini meltdowns about going home. They're quite entertaining actually, Fresh just laughs for days at them. Our apartment is crazy too, it looks like a hurricane hit, because there's so much stuff that has to get done before she goes home. I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time.

Also, I miss American food, especially Cafe Rio, and beef. THey don't have beef here, i think its like nonexistant. Also, I still call Fresh and I greenies or other people in my group. LIke I'll refer to other companionships and be like oh yeah, "Sister Fox and her greenies" etc. But we're all probably going senior or cosenior next transfer, so i should probably stop that. haha

Interesting fact, for some reason everyone here knows the word Butterfly in english and what it means. This might be hard to follow, but Butterfly means Pillangó, so people always think that that's what my last name means. However, Pillangó in slang also means hooker or prostitute..... So... thats a fun one for me... Also, I have never felt so degraded or.. hm whats the word in English.. itemized? sexualized? in my whole life, even from living in South America and being the only blonde. There are some nasty creepers here, but mostly actually just the homelesss people, especially if theyre drunk. I got called "pillangocskam" this week, which means "my little(diminuative like "-ita" in spanish) hooker." so. yeah. yuck. When it's not people that are physically threatening, the elders get a huge kick out of it. We tend to get the weirdest ones when it's just Fresh and I though. Luckily the elders will show up to table with us though and kinda help us out. merp.

okay, i cant remember too much else. Hope you're all doing well! Buda's great, but super weird! I love it! Miss you all!

Sis Butterfield (not Butterfly)

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