Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Week 13: Hungary or Alien Planet?

HI! meep.

Things are so good this week! I'm sad that I'm missing the fourth of July and Katie's birthday this weekend, but we might have a party here. One of the secretaries likes to bake and is planning on making a cake for it, so I guess that makes up for it a little bit! (: There are so many missionaries serving here in the city and I love it, they're all so cool! I hope I'm here for a long time and I have a feeling that I will be! I think I'll be here next transfer, but I wouldnt be surprised if I'm not; President already made a joke about me leaving again, so I guess anything could happen! But, next transfer is only 5 weeks long and then the next one is 10..... it's going to be a nightmare. and then all transfers after that will be 9 weeks instead of 6. I think that my MTC group is just a group of guinea pigs, but hey, I don't mind it. I think it's fun, you can never guess what's going to happen next! 19 year olds one day, 9 weeks transfers the next, iPhones the next, boyfriends the next? ha. Just kidding.
But really, this week has been SO good. My companions are just goofs and we talk WAY too much. It's kind of a problem, but a problem that I like to have. I have laughed so much more in this last week than probably my whole mission put together, not counting the MTC, because that was the life. We really just laughed our way through the MTC and everyday was a party, laughing until we cried and then still some more. haha But this has been a good week and a good transfer, it's a really good change. I've had really great companions the whole time, but they've all had really hard missions and companions and they just needed someone to talk things out with, and if anyone knows me, they know that's what i do best! (: haha but its still emotionally draining, so even though they were really good transfers, i wouldnt really say that they were hilarious or SUPER funny, so I've needed this transfer. It just took a bit for me to feel better and well, we had a night of talking things out and now we all just are doing super well. Buda is just such a convenient place and I love it, I wouldn't complain if I stayed here another! I don't know if I'd love to stay for a third, because that would be 21 weeks in Buda, plus 6 in Kispest, that means 27 weeks of my mission spent in the city, but hey, whatever is supposed to happen will, I'm just excited to see more cities and the west and everything. I really love everyone serving here in the city though, all 5 elders and the APs and the secretaries and everyone are just great!
Also, our first day alone last week was so good! We managed to live through it and have a SUPER good program, we were nervous because it was our first time ever meeting with him and we didnt want to ruin it, but it was great!! This week, Sister Behunin leaves tonight and will be gone all day tomorrow and then come back at night, but then the next morning after studies she has a 4 hour long leader meeting, so we'll be out alone, and then shes with us for most of thursday but has to travel again that afternoon and will be gone all day friday.. so ya know, we'll be on our own a lot this week.. Its a little nerve-wracking but its good to not be the junior and have to figure things out on our own. We've had some great programs and new investigators this week! and also, they have YOUTH SPEAKERS here every sunday!! I think I'm on an alien planet right now. haha I dont know where I have landed myself, but its so great!

We're going to a hummus bar today too for pday, before Behunin leaves on splits! If anyone has any fun ideas or like a bucketlist thing of things for us to do while we're working or.. i dont even know, we're trying to make this a memorable last transfer for her before she dies and goes home in exactly a month from today.

I hope that you all have a good fourth of July! Love you all!
(woah, almost signed that Megan, that was weird)
Sister Butterfield (:

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