Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 16: Six Month Mark!!


Well, I hit my 6 month mark tomorrow! Fresh and I are trying to decide what we should do to celebrate! We're a third of the way through! We get home a year from Wednesday according to our current return date! Crazy! I kind of feel like I'll be home for school this fall, so that's weird. haha I still have a long way to go, but it's flying by! Also, we hit our 4 months in the country mark on.. this coming Friday! Oh! and, tranfers are next week, so I'll be emailing on Tuesday instead of Monday! Weird! We all feel like this transfer just started, but we're on week 6 in our planners! Yikes!

Hm.. news for this week... We just went caving in the biggest tunnels/caves in Hungary. yeah.. i was super excited for it... and then it was like the most terrifying thing i have ever done....I never knew that I m slightly claustrophobic... Also, I almost got stuck, cause we had to go at all these awkward angles and pull ourselves up and slither sideways and backwards and stuff, and so then i almost lost it. It was super hard, because we did the most "extreme" path they had. We all have bruises everywhere and scratches even though we had body suits. Luckily, I have really, really good elders here and we all helped push each other through and up. The rocks were just all really slippery and most of our shoes were crap, so trying to pull yourself upwards while laying on a rock almost horizontally... yeah, luckily I had one of the elders behind.. underneath? me.. haha we all bonded on that excursion.......

hm other than that... Hungary.... all i have to say, is that it smells like poop everywhere (literally). Also, Hungarians don't wear deoderant. so. yeah. Enough about that. and they have the cutest babies EVER here! But i still dont want one. hahaha (at least not for a very long time). 

I have a ton of greattt pictures to send, but I dont really have time right now.. so maybe next week? We went on a transportation boat last week and got some cool pictures! haha I reallíy love my district here! Everyone's so great! Probably only like half of us will still be here next week :/ 

That crazy rude investigator that we had called to meet again, so we had the APs meet with him... Let's just say, they ended up kicking him out of the building within the first five minutes.. haha they told us that we were way too patient with him. He was awful! and he like flipped out on them! yikes! haha good thing he's gone though! He's only tried to call us once since then and we didn't answer...

Hm, we had so many great, great programs this week! We have some really solid investigators with a lot of potential and I love it! There are a few super cute girls in their 20s and ah! I love them! I really hope I stay next transfer! I had a dream last night that President transfered me out of Buda and I was SO upset with him. I'm pretty sure I told him no in my dream and freaked out. hahaha.... hm.

I cant think of much else to tell you all about! This transfer is so great! I mean, of course there's always hard things, but I really have loved it and I can't believe the transfer is over almost! Yikes. When I talk to you next week, I'll know whats happening to me.... :/

Love you all!
Sister Butterfield

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