Sunday, January 5, 2014

Letter from the Ward Clerk: Picture of Missionaries and Article on New Year's Day.

Dear All,

My name is Krisztian and I want to send a picture to you about your super missionary.

It was taken yesterday in the downtown when they eat the free tipical hungarian new year food.

Best regards,

Krisztian Tillmann

ps.: You are the best... :)

Note from Donna Butterfield: I had google translate the whole article and this is what it produced! If you are patient enough to plow through it, you will get the gist of it! And you might even get a few laughs! 
   PUBLIC LIFE  -  2014th 01 01 16:12  - 
 The Hungarian Defence Forces cooked goulash cannon room in Székesfehérvár common lentil stew. The lucky year in the 120 kilograms of lentils cooked in the traditional way Iulia soldiers. Thomas Vargha MP, Andrew Palkovics Change-mayor, the city vice mayor and city council members as the food offered on the first day of the new year. 
Galeria common lencseevésről
 Traditionally Creator intention was launched a year ago, my lucky lens offer for sale at Székesfehérvár. This year has arranged for the second time together Szekesfehervar Local Government, the Ministry of Defence and the Hungarian Defence Forces Headquarters Plaza and Alba, in happy start to the new year in Székesfehérvár ones. Since about 1000 doses of lentil stew cooked goulash cannon in the morning of the military. between the abundance, richness establishing the main dishes of lentils, beans, small grains or any food, pig and cabbage. The latter not only can not stay off the menu because of a hangover stomach receipt tion, but because of a lot of letters to be plenty of food, according to popular belief. All of these among the most traditional of the lens, which is almost every family, if not at other times, but this time for sure.Primarily consumed as a vegetable dish, but many other dishes can be made ​​from it.

Topping the stew and warm tea offered by Thomas and Andrew, Change Vargha-Palkovics mayor, the deputy mayor and the city council of several members of the arrivals. The lucky food Kótai Lieutenant Robert, chaplain blessed.
"The 2013 Year Memorial of St. Stephen's when you start thinking about it, to have a common program in which citizens of the city to meet, in addition to the lens and eating good luck, happy and successful new year to make a wish for each other. The initiative was very successful, so this year, the third annual event. "- Said dr. Andrew tan-Palkovics mayor. He added that the soldiers helped me a lot, because in addition to prepared the stew, also took part in the shipment. Székesfehérvár mayor of the city, every citizen of prosperous, happy new year to be.
Thomas Vargha Secretary of Defense noted: "The Hungarian Defence Forces and the city merged exemplary. The military kondérokban thousand doses of lentil stew cooked, serving grilled sausage and hot tea for them to arrive, and wish you a happy new year. "
Sörpadokon Alba Plaza set sitting in the tasty spooned the delicious food in the fehérváriak. The conversations also revealed they were with this one-dish luncheon reported daily bread. From the table and everyone is replete with the assurance stood up to everything done in order to be happy and abundant 2014 year.

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