Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 43: Day 370! Less than 6 months left!

January 27, 2014


Somehow I always run out of time emailing... but I'll try to include a lot. This week was good! We actually spent my comp's 5 month mark and my year mark in Budapest on splits (they were a day apart), but we didn't really do anything to celebrate. We did go to Gringo's Amigos for lunch one day though, upon my request. H-3.aha Splits were good. Interviews were good, probably the best I've had so far, but super long again. I think it was just over an hour, but they're only scheduled to be 30 minutes. Oops. haha It's always weird to be back in the city and sleep in my old apartment. I went to their Missionary Correlation Meeting too, and I think it made me miss the city less, because it's weird to be there with a completely different district; none of the missionaries are the same now. It's weird that I have less than 6 months left! It’s Kinda crazy how fast time goes on some days and how slowly it goes on other days.

Things are good here! We get along super well and we literally just laugh all the time, so it's super good. My comp kinda reminds me of Mcat, my roommate last summer, in some little ways. And I loved hanging out with her, thus I love hanging out with Sister Kovács. We have no idea if we'll be companions for only 3 more weeks or for 7... we'll see!

As for the work... throughout my mission, in every transfer and every city I've seen the cycle as it goes up and then crashes and then you have to build it up again... Unfortunately, we're at that point again. A lot of our investigators just aren't keeping commitments, are "sick," moving to other countries for work or just deciding that they interested in hanging out with us as friends, but not interested in the church... So... we begin the finding again.

On the plus side, this Saturday we should have a baptism, if all goes well with the interview. Everything is planned for it and set up, so now we just wait. Also, I don' know if you remember me telling you all about Zsuzsa, who we put on bap date in Veszpém, but she should probably get baptized this Saturday too! I'm kinda sad that it's the same day as ours here, or I would go back for it, but I'm happy that she's still planning on it!

I can't really think of too much else to tell you all... it's crazy that I'll be back in less than 6 months! I've gotten permission to start looking up and figuring out all my school stuff and it's super weird to be looking at all of that again. There's so much to look at to plan my immersion back into the real world. haha But, I still have time here and things happening over here in Hungary. I hope everything is good where ever you all are.

Have a good week!

Love you all,

Sister Megan Butterfield

New Year's Day P-day. We took tons of weird pictures, but this was our city last transfer (:

The free New Year's lunch we got, that the article was about... Don't worry, it's fruit tea, not their typical hot wine here... (: 

 A typical P-day of games last transfer. ;) (the is was the game that similar to Hand and Foot)
One of the inactive members here. She's super cute. Typical Hungarian néni. (:

We may or may not have thrown our Christmas tree off the balcony... Don't worry, we went down and dragged it to the pile. Hahaha!
The cutest member ever! She's coming to BYU (hopefully) next year. (:
Some more people from English! 

One of investigators here. she's the cutest person ever! I love her!

Some of the people from our English class here.

A combination of a few members, investigators and English class people at a little going away party for Sister Broadhead and Elder Bennett.

It's suuuper cold here now. This was the first "real snow" of the season, but most of it is gone by now. They say winter has finally arrived here, but that it doesn't usually snow very much here anymore.

 "The Sisters" in Hungarian.

It was super cold. And we were kind of bored. Hahah!

Teaching my comp some English. (:

A member came from Tatabánya to visit one of the elders and so we all grabbed lunch at the mall.

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