Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 42:Day 363 (AKA - Almost a YEAR!)

January 20, 2014


Well... transfer week came... and went. haha And now my one-year week is here! It's crazy to think that Thursday is my year mark! I don't really feel like I just started yesterday anymore, but I still feel really inexperienced sometimes. I always thought that by one year in I'd have everything down. On the other hand, I also feel like my time is definitely coming to go home. I feel like SO much has happened and my life and perspective have changed. Now I want to put some of it into practice in the real world and... be able to have free time without feeling guilty. haha ;) It will be a good day when I can sleep in and not wake up to think about which programs I have to worry about teaching and which buildings there are left to tract out. Sometimes it feels like 6 months will never come, mostly just on transfer weeks though, because the time usually flies by otherwise.

There's not too much to tell you all about. Usually the work seems to take a hit whenever there are transfers, unfortunately. We had some wishy-washy investigators and some of those pretty much dropped us. A lot of people are "sick" or just "really busy." Some of them dogged programs this weekend or cancelled last minute... Luckily, Zoli is holding strong and is still on track to get baptized next Saturday, which will be super cool! With transferring so much, I have usually only been able to be a part of someone’s progress, whether finding, teaching in the middle, the final stretch and baptism, or post-baptism, but this will be the first time I've experienced teaching someone their first lesson and still being in the same city when they're baptized! It's cool! He is one that was most definitely prepared beforehand; our first program with him was December 30 and his baptism will be February 1st, so that means the whole process will be like a month and 2 days! Crazy!

Other than that, things are going. I love my new companion, Sister Kovács! Even though there's definitely a cultural difference, we have a lot in common about how we were raised and grew up, or what we didn't experience in comparison to the "typical American culture." Luckily communicating is never a problem, but it's cool that I can already feel my fluidity improving in sounding like a native and using words that young, normal people here actually use, rather than words I learn from a dictionary. We're both pretty homesick this weekend, so it was kinda hard to motivate each other, but I'm sure that'll get better. haha. We're kind of at opposite ends of our mission, I'm about to hit my year mark and only have 6 months left; a little after that, she'll hit her 6 month mark and have a year left. Crazy to hear that someone goes home in February... 2015... and other missionaries that go home in the end of 2015. Yikes. haha sounds like an eternity, if you ask me!

What else.... We get to go to Buda this week! We are going on splits from Wednesday to Thursday with the STLs and then we have interviews on Thursday with President. I'm sure those will both be great. haha At least I'm sure it'll make the week go by faster... haha

I hope you all have a good week. I can hardly wait for next Monday to hear all about it. If only we could email twice a week instead. Oh well. 6 months! Sorry this isn't the most positive of emails, it's been one of the longest of weeks. haha Miss you all!

Sister Megan Butterfield

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