Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 41: Day 357: Transfer Calls! My Companion is the only Hungarian Missionary in the Mission!

January 14, 2014


I don't have too much to tell you all about this week, but... well... we got transfer calls... haha definitely always surprised by them. I can't think of one transfer call that I haven't been totally surprised by, except my greenie transfer because I had no idea what was going on. haha (and not counting the weird half-transfer-transfers when I stayed with Maxfield and then stayed with Broadhead for the whole 9 and 10 week transfers). Anywho... I'm staying here (no surprise there) and getting... Sister Kovács!!! The only Hungarian in our mission at the moment! She's only been out for a couple transfers and she's coming to me from her greenie area, Szeged. I actually didn't even realize this, but when I got Maxfield, she was in the exact same position, coming to me from Szeged, her greenie area too. Weird. Anyway, she doesn't speak English, so... we will be speaking Hungarian... all day...everyday... The good news is that it'll help my language a lot, I'm sure! I'm pretty nervous, but I've heard she's pretty cool and down-to-earth, so I think we'll have fun! Elder Hancey is staying and getting a junior as well! All of our elders from the MTC are going to be seniors! (:

Like most other transfer days, I can't really think of much else to tell you... We had to teach the Law of Chastity this week to our male investigator... by ourselves. hahaha it was a good time. Honestly, there hit a point where I was literally just praying "Please help me to be more mature right now; I just need to make it through this program." hahaha I can't really explain why or give details about the program but... we've concluded that Hungarians have this idea, for some reason, that they should tell missionaries their entire lives and secrets, and sometimes that also means their entire sex life history, and even in programs that are not about the Law of Chastity. They're just super open and.. idk... they feel like they need to tell us their whole lives and then some. It's been an interesting year here in Hungary, to say the least. hahaha.

We also had President and Sister Smith come visit our branch here in Székes, last minute. haha They called us Saturday night to give us a heads-up and confirm the branch house address. They'd never been to church here before, but everything went smoothly and we even had 4 investigators come! We were all really nervous, especially for our Gospel Principles class, with 6 missionaries (including the Smiths) and not that many investigators, but it went well. haha Which reminds me, they brought me a little package with chocolate bars in it from the Wardens in our ward; tell them thanks for me if you see them around! (: That was super nice of them!

Anyway, I'll try to send you all some pictures soon. I hope you have a good week! Talk to you next week! (: Hopefully I'll be completely fluent in Hungarian by then. HA. That's a good one, but I can always dream! (:

Love you all!
Sister Megan Butterfield

PS - Happy 2nd Birthday, Carter! (:

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